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The Prisoners Are Visually Displeased!

The Prisoners Are Visually Displeased!

The biker goes down into the prison to collect Manya and the man by the name of “Yamamoto Kenzo”. As he retreats into the gold mines, despair envelops him. The deeper he descends into the depths of the prison, the deeper the anxiety burrows into the depths of his mind. the atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker almost as if the air is viscous.

At last, the biker arrives. He feels like he has just walked into the abyss of hell itself. First, he walks up to a cage with only one inhabitant. A young man sits calmly and peacefully, chains and clamps are all around his body, despite him already being locked up. His hair is a crimson red that strikes through the darkness.

“‘Ight Kenzo you’re comin’ up.” The biker commands.

He picks up a modified trash picker. It has a key strategically placed on one of the grasping jaws, allowing him to open the cell without touching it and getting burned by the Azure. He meticulously manoeuvres the jaws so that the key slides in the lock and then twists, unlocking the cell. He then extracts the key from the lock and clasps the cold Azure bars with the grasping jaws, pulling the cell open.

“Follow me. I gotta get this other idiot.” He mocks

The biker escorts Kenzo out of the jail cell and walks further down the dimly lit tunnel. Finally, they arrive at Manya’s cell.

“What the hell is going on!” he screams, terror drains the life from his face.

Manya and the prisoners have escaped. Only a few prisoners left, sitting cowardly in the corner of the cell. The cage they were in has been completely and utterly destroyed.

The biker runs down the tunnel, up through the mines and onto the surface, yanking Kenzo along with him. The culprits are standing at the entrance of the mine as the sun casts their silhouettes. They are stood confidently, holding Manya up. Waiting.

“Hey dipshit! Take me to the guy that locked me in that smelly cell with a bunch of dudes! I’M GONNA KICK HIS ASS!!” Manya furiously exclaims.

From head to toe Manya is completely covered in bandages, only revealing his eyes and mouth.

“Don’t try and act cool after the freakshow we just witnessed, damn mummy!” The prisoners are visually displeased.

“You ungrateful pieces of-“

30 mins ago in the underground prison…

“I- s-so how do you suppose we get out?”

“Well I’ve already figured out a way I can get out. It’s you guys that’s the problem. I have an idea but it’ll be really annoying. I won’t do it for free.” Manya replied

Manya took a few deep breaths, raised his arms above his head whilst locking his fingers and stretched to the sky. The prisoners were watching in complete immersion, invested in what may unfold. He then stuck one arm through the metal bars. He paused. Suddenly, he contorted and dislocated the rest of his body, shoving it through the tiny gap in between two cell bars. The prisoners were watching in utter disgust. Manya then popped out on the other side of the the cell. His shoulders, rib cage and neck were sticking out in unusual places.

“Now… I’ll let you guys out next. But you gotta take me up to the boss in return…” His voice was laced with agony.

“Th-the b-b-boss!?”

“We can’t do that” the prisoner stammered.

“Alright then, see ya” Manya replied

The villagers panicked

“Ok fine! I just wanna see my daughter again. If you guys wanna stay here, you can.” A prisoner boldly stood up.

“That’s more like it. At least one of you has some balls.” Manya retorted.

The prisoners are visually displeased.

The prisoners began to gain more and more confidence and eventually, a majority were onboard with the idea.

“Great, clap for yourselves! Everyone else who is choosing to stay, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Manya was disappointed.

Manya then regathered his mangled body, got a large run up and ran straight into the cell bars.


“Are you okay baggy pants guy!?” a prisoner shouted.

This time it didn’t seem to hurt him however. Instead, a signal pulsed through his body. He repeated this a few times.

“I think that first impact made him go crazy…” the prisoners whispered amongst themselves.

Finally Manya took another run up, this time much, much longer than the other ones. He accelerated at an incredible speed. His mangled body flailed through the air.

“EVERYBODY GET BACK!!!” Manya screamed as he charged into the cell bars.


The cell bars were torn to pieces from the impact. Manya then toppled to the ground like a ragdoll, his body was still twisted and turned from squeezing through them.

The present…

The prisoners gang up on the biker and tie him up, taking him along with them. Kenzo sees this as an opportunity. Weakened and tired, he makes a run for it.

“Hey, who the hell is that guy!? Why would you let him get away!” Manya shouts.

“Don’t be tossing out orders while we have to carry you around! anyway, he’s not with the biker club I don’t think. He’s a prisoner like us.”

The group begin to make their way to the motor park from the outer city. Carrying Manya’s mummified body, and dragging the biker along with them. As they’re sprinting towards the biker park, they find Kenzo passed out on the floor.

“It’s that guy again!” A prisoners says.

“He looks completely worn out..Let’s take him with us, he might be useful.” Manya replies.

One of the bigger prisoner heaved Kenzo’s lifeless body over his shoulder. The group continue running.

“Mr I understand that you wanna fight the boss, but how are we going to fight the other bikers. They all have their limiters removed. we’re no match…” A prisoner speaks up from the group.

The prisoners stop running and start muttering amongst themselves.

“Who cares let’s just go!”

The prisoners carefully place Manya’s body on the ground.

“Look, you feel safe because you’re immune to azure. We don’t have that luxury, we have families who need to see us alive. If you plan to just lead me to my death then we’re done here. The rest of you guys can stay and die if you want.” The prisoner continues.

The other prisoners all seem to agree with this statement and start walking away.

“Wait! I thought we had a deal!!” Manya exclaims, wriggling around in his bandages.

“Sorry baggy pants guy..”

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice speaks up.

“…It’s…It’s in the garage. The Chompers are in the garage..!” Kenzo, straines his voice trying to speak.

Everyone is alarmed by Kenzo’s sudden outspokenness.

“See? I knew it would work out kekeke!” Manya replies.

He continues, “Then to the garage!”

“Don’t give us orders!” the prisoners reluctantly change coarse, picking Manya back up.

Meanwhile at The Mönkhbat Motor Park.




What’s taking him so long!? I don’t have time for this, I need to mourn my failure!” Jochi says, impatiently tapping his toes.

He continues, “Khon!”

“Boss!” Khon replies

“Go check on him.” Jochi commands.

“On it boss!” She urgently sprints towards the outer city.

Her footsteps echo throughout the outer city. And her animal-like sounds cut through the noisy atmosphere.

“What the hell is that!!” Manya exclaimes.

“…It’s Khon.” The prisoners are petrified.

“What is a Kho-!?” Manya replies.

Before he can finish his thought a giant argali plummets from the sky. Drop kicking his bandaged body. A gust of steam knocks all of the prisoners away.

“Mememe!” Khon, cackles.

As she lands it is clear what stands before them. A giant argali stood upright, rearing her horns above the group.

“There is no way you can beat the intelligence of a human and the brawn of a argali. Mememe! That is the power of『 Bright as a Button 』!!!”

“Ouch, my head!” Manya complains.

Manya emerges from the steam discarding the bandages. All of his injuries are completely fine again.

“Baggy pants guy! You shouldn’t be moving in that condition!” A concerned prisoner shouts.

“keke..Its fine. That’s the power of my taint after all.『 Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed !”

“You guys go ahead, I’ll deal with the sheep bitch and catch up.” Manya says boldly

He catches a stick from the crowd of prisoners and firmly grips in both of his hands, taking a「 Silambam 」stance.



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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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