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Boisterous Biker Club!

Military Eastern Headquarters – Bungji, Capital City of Hongzou

The Regional Commander of the East of Pangea has a long beard, a bamboo hat and a monkey sat on top of it. He also wears a white and yellow Hanfu, he believes this to be the pinnacle of comfort. He is a simple man, he likes to drink his tea and go about work in an orderly fashion. But every once in a while he hears extremely annoying news that ruins this order.

He is feeding his monkey fruit with a gleeful expression on his face. This is a private indulgence that he likes to enjoy when the office is quiet. Because of this quietness, he left his office sliding door wide open. Suddenly, a first class soldier meets him with the door open.

“Uuuuh… East Commander Wukong! General Kumar of Idini and General Miyamoto of Ebisu are here for a report sir!” The soldier feels like he has seen something he shouldn’t have.

East Commander Wukong gathers himself in a panic.

“Ahem. Ah y-yes let them come in.” He replies

Both of them walk in with a gloomy expression. They kindly sit on a couch that opposes East Commander Wukong’s office table.

General Kumar of Idini is wearing a green sonisha that has been modified to button up like a military jacket. He still leaves it unbuttoned however. Sat next to him is General Miyamoto of Ebisu. He is wearing his military command uniform with an untied white and blue kimono over it.

“Sir, we have news regarding the properties of Ebisu and Idini.” General Miyamoto said shamefully.

Veins are bursting out of Eastern Commander Wukong’s forehead. He already knows what this is about.

He continues, “Yamamoto Kenzo of The Sakura District-”

“And Zakuya Manya of The Idini Lotus District , have both escaped from their respective Districts.” General Kumar added.

“Goodness. There always seems to be issues coming from your nations properties. And those damn Seekers are useless.” Eastern General Wukong sighs.

He continues, “Deploy all of your air force units at once, blockade both sides of The Gate. Keep those damn thugs outside of Heaven at all costs!!”

“Sir!” The generals urgently reply.

They quickly leave the office and close the sliding door.

“Again? Why can’t this job just be peaceful.” East Commander Wukong sighs.

“Isn’t that right Bao?” He says playfully, tickling the monkey.


The Lotus District [I]

“Search everywhere!” The denizens of the lotus district panic, trying to find Manya.

Old Man Tinto is sat alone on the couch at home.

“That brat really did it. They’re so similar.” Old Man Tinto Smiles.


The Scabiosa District

Boisterous Biker Club!

Much like The Lotus District [I], The Scabiosa District has an extremely vibrant culture with maze like streets weaving through the outer city. However, The Pistil seems to have been completely overrun with Gangsters that have transformed it into a motor park. Instead of rubber farms surrounding the perimeter of the outer city like The Lotus District [I], there is a chain of gold mines running through the underground. This causes mini earthquakes throughout The Scabiosa District from the constant mining underground.

Gya gya gya! This is wicked! We can sell this monster for a large sum.” Mönkhbat Jochi – Boss of the 9th Chapter of The Mönkhbat Biker Club.

He continues, “Sedate it boys! Make sure not to leave a single scratch on this beauty!”

The Mönkhbat Biker Club – Chapter 9, a biker gang residing in The Scabiosa District are trying to hall in a fantastical Monster. It is a giant head without any skin, lips or hair, only displaying the muscular tissue underneath. Its teeth are fingers that twist and turn aimlessly with long dirty nails at the ends of them. On the forehead, giant pigeon-like wings protrude outwards, propelling it into the sky. It is completely harmless and is purposelessly trying to fly around. The biker gang have managed to wrap chains around the finger-teeth and are trying to haul it in.

Manya, still sprinting at an incredible speed, approaches The Scabiosa District. He has been running for so long that he has lost all coordination in his legs and is sent flying towards The Scabiosa District at the speed of a bullet. Unable to control himself, Manya charges straight into the Monster, shredding straight through his flesh. Chunks of brain matter explode throughout The Mönkhbat Motor Park. Upon impact, Manya immediately passes out. His body lies dormant as it rests upon the unrecognisable pile of flesh that was once a Monster.

Jochi’s jaw drops as he watches this monster erupt right before his eyes.

“S-Seize him at once!” He orders.

Everyone in the vicinity is coated in the slimy brain matter. The bikers quickly drop their chains and go to recover Manya’s body from the flesh pile.

“You got it boss!” One of the bikers eagerly reply.

Hours later

Manya wakes up in a cold dark room and is unable to make out where he is. There are a multitude of other people stuffed inside of this room, making it unbearably claustrophobic. Rows of vertical blue lights cast a gentle glow at the end of the room. The groaning of the imprisoned people engulf Manya’s hearing. Slowly , he tries to walk towards the blue lights to investigate. Upon closer inspection, it is clear that the rows of vertical blue lights are metal bars coated in Azure that are encasing everyone.

“Don’t touch that! The Azure will burn you’re skin!” A prisoner warns Manya.

Ignoring the prisoners warning, Manya yanks on the coated bars as hard as he can. They don’t budge.

“H-how are you doing that!? the prisoner exclaims, completely befuddled.

Tainted are meant to be completely powerless against that mineral!” another prisoner adds.

Now the crowd of prisoners have gathered around Manya like they’re at a freakshow.

“Yeah they are, but since I was a kid I could use my taint just fine with my limiter on, and my taint worked perfectly fine against the azure bullets I was shot with one my way here. Guess I’m just immune haha!”

“You’re laughing like that’s normal!” A prisoner retorts.

“just what are y-?”  A second prisoner inquires.

And did you say you’ve been outside?” A third interrupts.

Does that mean you’re a gangster!?” The first prisoner chimes in again.

“How many questions? Damn you guys are annoying round here.” Manya scoffed.

He continues, “Look, all that matters right now is getting out of here. I need to get to heaven as soon as possible, you guys can rot here for all I care.”

The prisoners are visually displeased.

“But if you wanna get outta here too then the only words I wanna here come out of your mouths next should be relevant to that. I’ve not got time for this shit.”  Manya asserted his dominance on the entire room.

Meanwhile in the Motor Park

Mönkhbat Jochi is lying on his back, crying  profusely.

“That brat! How dare he ruin my plans. How will the boss take me back now?  Waaaaaaaah” Jochi sobs.

A biker runs to Jochi’s crying mass to relay news.

“Boss! The kid who crashed into our monster is finally awake sir!”

“Huh? Great! Bring him up to be executed. You know what? Lets go ahead and execute Kenzo too. GYA GYA GYA!…WAAAAAAAAAAH” Jochi cackles before promptly remembering his situation and reverts back to crying.



Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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