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Blood Samurai Kenzo!

Blood Samurai Kenzo!

“Get baaaack here!!” Khon charges at the group heading to the garage.

Manya pivots his foot and sprints in front of Khon. Blocking his path, Manya tanks the momentum. Khon’s horns pierce Manya’s chest. Khon leaps into the air with Manya impaled on his horns.


Khon slams Manya back into the ground. He stomps on Manya’s body several times before chasing after the group again.

“Tsk…I got carried away” She says.

Manya gets straight back up. Blood sprays out of the two holes Khon created in his chest. The wounds are steaming as they rapidly heal.

“Thanks, for stuffing me full of energy. You just made my job easier, Honk.” Manya straines.

He charges at Khon. A deafening crack echoes through the outer city as he breaks the sound barrier. He unleashes all of the stored kinetic energy on Khon in one blow. He whacks` Khon across the head with his stick, spinning Khons jaw.

“It’s Khon…not Honk.” Khon whispers as her consciousness begins to fade.

“Yeah whatever Cone!” Manya replies, running off into the distance.

Manya finally catches up to the group of prisoners in the garage. It is a long industrial building with columns of lighting hanging from the ceiling. Rows and rows of chopper motorcycles are lined up in an orderly fashion. At the far end of the building, a maintenance section with wheels and spare parts encases the prisoners.

Manya sneaks around the premises trying not to alert them.


the prisoners jump in shock as Manya playfully sneaks up on them, imitating an argali with his fingers on his head like horns.

“Not funny…And we can’t get the chompers.” a prisoners voice wobbles, startled by the scare.

The chompers are in a thick azure safe. It appears that whoever left it tried to hide it yet humorously left a giant label saying “CHOMPERS” right above it. Kenzo seems to have slightly recovered and is searching for the keys along with the prisoners.

“Red-head! What’s your name!?” Manya yells from the other side of maintenance section.


Manya walks over to Kenzo.

“Look I’m working with the other prisoners but not you. If you’re gonna be like that then I can deal with you right now.” Manya says.

“…Yamamoto Kenzo.” He sighs.

“Kenzo huh? You seem strong! I’m going to heaven, join me!”


Kenzo stares at him with an annoyed expression before turning and walking away. Completely ignoring Manya’s proposition.

“Kekekeke! What a funny guy.. He’ll join me no matter what!”

Manya then walks over to the safe and tries to smash it open. Kenzo is watching the scene in perplexment as Manya handles the azure with his bare hands.


Suddenly, a familiar laugh reverberates in the distance. The sound of an army approaching accompanies it. It is getting louder as they get closer and closer to the garage.

“She’s back!!!”

Hysteria breaks loose.

“Everyone shut up! I can destroy the box but I need time to store energy to get enough power. Someone needs to cover for me!” Manya commands.

“Are you crazy!? She’ll kill us!!” The villagers are panicking.

“How long do you need?” Kenzo asks.

“Keke! I like you. I need one minute!” Manya replies.

“If you take too long I’ll kill you and figure it out myself”

“Deal! Now hurry up!!” Manya agrees.

Kenzo runs out of the garage.

“Listen up everyone! If you wanna survive this I need one favour!” Manya is getting the remaining prisoners attention.

“What!? Say it fast!” The panic has now become a frenzy.

“Beat the crap out of me!!!” Manya replies.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!??” The prisoners shout unanimously.


Outside The Garage

Kenzo is sat on the ground as Khon marches towards the garage. behind her is a herd of twenty other argali marching in unison.

20 seconds remaining…

“So you escaped too Kenzo? How could you get captured anyway, your father would be ashamed! mememe!” Khon taunts.

“That man is not my father!!!” Kenzo says furiously.

He charges at Khon as his chains drag across the floor.

“Get him!” Khon screams.

The herd of argali all sprint towards Kenzo. They pounce on top of him, pinning him down.

10 seconds remaining…

Khon stairs into Kenzo’s eyes.

3 seconds remaining…

“How unbecoming of a Yamamoto…Tear him to shreds!” She orders.

2 seconds remaining…

The argalis gnaw on Kenzo’s flesh. Blood is everywhere.

1 seconds remaining…


Suddenly, Manya zips into the herd of argali’s on a chopper. He crashes into them sending them flying.


Using the chompers, Manya tears through Kenzo’s azure chains like butter.

『 Blood Is The Sweat Of Heroes 』” Kenzo mutters.

The Blood From his wounds erupt out of his body and harden into a katana. He clenches the handle firmly, taking a「 Kendo 」stance.

“Finally!…Banzai!!” He yells.

In one motion, the argalis in the premises are torn to shreds.

“COOOOOOOLL!!” Manya’s eyes twinkle.

he continues “We’ll leave her to you then!”


Manya and the prisoners ride to the motor park with the stolen choppers. They all have their limiters removed as well.


The Mönkhbat Motor Park


“Gya gya gya! That must be them!” Jochi says proudly.

he continues, “Boys! Prepare the firing squad!”



“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” screams echo from outside.

“Tsk…What could it be?..” Jochi ponders.

He looks down at the motor park from his room. His jaw drops. The motor park has become a battlefield. And they’re completely outnumbered.

“Mooooohawk, I seeeee youuuuu!” Manya shouts from below.

“I’LL KILL YOU!!!” Jochi exclaims.

“This damn brat….How dare he!?”

『 Ride Like The Wind 』!!!” Jochi screams.

His hand merge together, forming wheels in the front. His feet do so too at the back. His body revs like an engine.

“Now die!!”

Defying gravity, he drives on the air, straight into Manya’s stomach. Blood ejects from Manya’s mouth as the front wheel slams into him. He doesn’t absorb the impact as it catches him off guard. Jochi transforms his hands and feet back to normal. He tackles Manya to the ground. Manya absorbs the slam, and releases the force back with a kick to the jaw. Manya gets back up and retrieves his stick from the floor. He retreats back a bit and takes a 「 Silambam 」 stance. He channels every last drop of remaining kinetic energy into the stick.

“Divine Surge!”

The stick zips across Manya’s body, vanishing and appearing on Jochi’s face. The blow cracks on impact. Jochi is out cold. Manya Wins.



Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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