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Colors Of Freedom!

Outside the garage

Outside the garage

Khon and Kenzo stand alone, Basking in the battlefield.

“Mememe! It’ll be more fun tearing you apart while you’re at full strength anyway!!” Khon exclaims. A demonic smile morphs her face.

Khon launches herself at Kenzo, rearing her horns. Taking a deep breath, Kenzo allows more blood to pour from his wounds. He raises his blade as the excess blood that left his body takes the shape of the head of a beast.

“Devil Eater!!!” He exclaims in return.

Kenzo slashes his blade down as Khon is about to crash into him. The teeth of the blood-beast slam shut. Khon is incapacitated. Kenzo Wins.

Mönkhbat Jochi has been defeated by Zakuya Manya. Khon The Argali has been defeated by Yamamoto Kenzo. The remaining bikers were outnumbered and overpowered by the Denizens of The Scabiosa District that were previously imprisoned. In an overwhelming defeat for the Mönkhbat Biker Club, Dusk overcomes The Scabiosa District. The reign of the 9th Chapter Of The Mönkhbat Biker Club is no more.

The villagers have transformed the motor park from a battlefield into a festival. There are a group of men playing morin khuurs.

“This one is called ‘Colors Of Freedom’!” One of the musicians exclaim.

They strum an elegant harmony as dancers prance around the motor park. The dancers create a spectacle with their taints.

“Why would you ever want to strap a limiter on something so beautiful…” Manya watches in awe.

He continues, “Kenzo! You gonna follow me to heaven or what? I’m gonna be a Gangster, no, a Mobster!”

“I have no interest in wasting my time. I will be going to heaven on my own, I’ve got a job I need to finish.” Kenzo replies.

“Boooring…Let’s go! let’s go!”

“No! How do you even plan on getting to heaven!!?”

“Hmmm……….Good question.” Manya is deep in thought.

“You don’t even have a plan!? You really are an idiot! Gahaha!” Kenzo cackles, hardly able to breath.

Manya is startled.

“You look surprised…You alright?”

“No forget it. Your laugh just reminded me of a close friend.” Manya replies, smiling nostalgically.

“Well I guess I’ll do you a favour since you helped me out. I’ll tell you how to get to heaven.” Kenzo replies.

he continues, “This world is hollow. The surface is called heaven and the interior is called hell. To go to and from heaven and hell you must go through ‘the gate’.”

“I know all of that! How do I leave!?”

“I’m getting there..Depsite it sounding like a big door, the gate actually refers to the two giant holes in the world that lead into heaven. One is in the north pole, the other is in the south pole. To go through them you either need military grade tech. Or you need to ride Betty. Given that you don’t have access to military grade tech, that leaves you with the latter.”

“Right! Off we go!!!” Manya exclaims.

“I’m not finished idiot!! The only way to ride Betty is by going to the other side of hell! There are 4 continents in hell. Septentria towards the north, Meridiem towards south, Orentia towards east which is also where we are right now. And finally, Occidens towards the west. You would have to travel all the way from here, Orentia, to an island called Dice. It is the only way to get a ride on Betty. Not only would you have to go to the other side of the world, but you would also have to cross the Black Meridian to get to there. Then you can go to heaven.”

“Huh?..Oh..I spaced out…..Just tell me where I need to go first and I’ll figure it out.” Manya replies, a finger is up his nose.

“Your stupidity transcends me. Just go north to an island called Para!”

“Got it!” Manya confirms.

He immediately starts running north.

“Idiot comeback!! How will you cross the sea!!?”

Manya jogs back…backwards.

“Hmmmm….Well I can’t swim for that long…..”

Manya continues, “Then how are you getting to Para?”

“I don’t know either…” Kenzo replies, shame droops over him.

“Hahaha! That’s embarrassing!!”

Manya walks over to Jochi’s now tied up and unconscious body.

“He’ll take me, he can fly.” He points at Jochi’s body.

He smacks him several times, shouting in his face. Jochi awakens.

“I’LL KILL YO-…………..huh?…Where am i?”

“‘Ight listen up mohawk! You’re gonna take me to Para using your taint!” Manya orders, continuously slapping his face.

“How dare you!? As soon as I get out of here I’ll-” Jochi is promptly interrupted.

“Huuuh?” Manya has a menacing glare piercing through Jochi’s soul.

“Y-yes sir!

Moments later…

Manya hops on top of Jochi’s motorcycle form.

“Alright, Kenzo let’s get going.”

“Huh? With you?”

“Yeah. Join me!”

“I already said no!”

“Okay!! Good luck getting to heaven on your own then!”

“You really are terrible…Guess I don’t have a choice. Then let’s go!”

“Jochi! Do the thing! Hurry up!!”

Jochi is covered in bruises.

sigh Ride Like The Wind …” Jochi replies.


The trio take off.

“Thank you!! Come back and visit!!!”

“We’ll miss you!!”

The prisoners are waving from below, reunited with their families.


Military Eastern Headquarters – Bungji, Capital City of Hongzou

Eastern Commander Wukong is play fighting with his monkey, Bao. He plants Bao on his desk and blows a raspberry on his stomach.

“Sir! May I enter?” A voice comes from outside the sliding door.

Luckily, Wukong is prepared this time. He remembered to shut the door before indulging in his top secret affairs. He quickly panics and rushes to his seat.

Ahem…you may.” He replies.

The same first class soldier from yesterday enters his office.

“Eastern Commander Wukong sir!”

“You again? What is it this time?”

“General Niyesa of Yugol is here a report sir!”

“Oh Odana….Please let her in.” he replies, his face becomes flushed like a tomato.

A beautiful lady enters Wukongs office and sits opposite his desk.

“Wuuukiii! I missed you!!” She cries, squirming in her seat.

“Ah y-yes. What is it?” he replies.

“Well, I’m aware of the situation that went down in both the Sakura District and The Idini Lotus district yesterday. There has been a very interesting update…I’ll start with the good news.”

She continues, “Our camera drones have spotted them both in the Scabiosa district.”

“What!? Does that mean-”

“Yes, they had a run in with the 9th Chapter of The Mönkhbat Biker Club. However, somehow they were victorious. The Mönkhbat Biker Club is a pain since we legally cannot attack them…Tsk they were just doing as they pleased on our property. We give those Mobsters too much liberty.” She interrupts.

“Well that’s good. That also means that they have started a war with Mönkhbat Ghengis. It’ll be good if they can wipe each other out.”

“Well that’s where the bad news comes in. Mönkhbat Jochi, Yamamoto Kenzo and Zakuya Manya seem to have teamed up and are using Mönkhbat Jochi’s taint to fly to Para Island. If they keep moving at this pace, they will surely reach heaven.

“I have already ordered the entire Idini and Ebisu air forces to wait outside both sides of the gate in case they really do escape. But if it’s getting this dangerous then I will have to send a group of captains to eliminate the threat. Thank you for the update.” He replies.

“Well actually there’s one thing that I forgot to mention….They removed the limiters from everyone in the Scabiosa District before they left….”






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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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