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Chapter 2: Deceived 

Chapter 2: Deceived  

Yan Ziye was completely accepting of male-male love in this world, Why? Because he had seen it a lot on earth and had become accustomed to it. Love is love, and especially true love between men!


Since he was only going to school tomorrow, Yan Ziye decided to stay at home and start practicing.


To his surprise, Yan Ziye found that the physical structure of the orcs in this world was similar to that of the cultivators on Earth. When he began to absorb spiritual energy while meditating, he was excited to find that the spiritual energy in this world was much richer than on Earth. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any demon pills; otherwise, he could transform into his true form and train much faster than in human form. But he couldn’t ask for more now; just being able to survive was enough. He took in the spiritual energy through his body and then transferred it to his dantian. It would be a fresh start for him if he didn’t have any demon pills. 


Time passed quickly during his practice, and Yan Ziye was awakened from his meditation when the robotic butler knocked on his door. He realized that it was already noon, and the amount of spiritual energy he had absorbed was only a tiny bit, barely visible. At this rate, he didn’t know when he could cultivate to a higher level without a demon pill.


After forcing down the nutrient drink with a grimace, Yan Ziye looked at his silent robot butler and said with a hint of helplessness, “You still don’t have a name, do you? How about I give you one? Let’s call you Andy. It’s easy to remember and sounds good.”


Yan Ziye couldn’t help but admire the original owner of the robot butler. He had been with him for so many years, yet he never gave it a name.


“Beep beep beep…The 17th generation robot butler has been renamed.” After a flash of red light in its eyes, the robot butler bowed to Yan Ziye and said, “Master, Andy is happy to serve you. What can I do for you?”


Yan Ziye pursed his lips. A good name indeed. But he would need to upgrade Andy; the robot was too rigid in his movements. The two of them had lived together for so long, and Andy needed some life in its mechanical body.


The spiritual energy was denser at night, so Yan Ziye decided to rest during the day and practice at night. His beast form was that of a snake, so he should be able to transform into that form. But after trying, he discovered that he couldn’t. Some unidentified force had interfered with his ability to transform.


After a night of training, Yan Ziye’s mind was on alert, but his body was exhausted. Although his original form was strong of an orc, but he had a weak constitution. He fought to keep his eyes open as he made his way to the academy.


In this world, there were many transportation options, but Yan Ziye relied on a self-driving flying vehicle to get to the academy. At designated spots, he could use his communicator to retrieve one of these vehicles, much like a public bike on Earth. Of course, it cost interstellar coins, and he had to return it to the same station when he was done.


Although the original body was receiving a living allowance from the Yan family, he did not spend it recklessly. In fact, he was very frugal because he thought that by saving that money, he would be able to earn his own income in the future and return it to Yan’s family. He didn’t want to owe them anything. In his heart, he had already drawn a clear line between Yan’s family and himself.


Yan Ziye could understand his feelings because, in his memories, the original body’s parents were not outstanding people. Therefore, Yan’s grandfather’s attitude towards the original body’s parents was indifferent, let alone towards a grandson who lost his parents and was not outstanding at all. Although the Yan family would not harass the original body, they adopted a cold attitude, as if they were completely ignoring him, and even pretended that he did not exist. So for the original body, the people in Yan’s family were just strangers with a blood relationship. He did not want to owe them anything, even if the money was rightfully theirs. Because According to the empire’s regulations, families must provide support funds to youths under thirty years old. Yes, in this era, the average lifespan has already reached around two hundred years old, so anyone under thirty is considered a youth.


Yan Ziye’s place of residence was not far from the academy. The flight only took ten minutes. Yan Ziye was curious about his first time riding in a flying vehicle, but he managed to keep his excitement in check before arriving at the station. After swiping his communication device to pay, he was surprised that it only cost three interstellar coins. It was indeed cheap. However, the flying vehicle was too small, and the ride was not very comfortable. Despite this, he couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of exploring this planet.


After using the ride soon after I arrived at the academy, I noticed quite a few tall, handsome men walking around. Occasionally, a particularly attractive one with a red mole on his forehead would cause a stir—these were the so-called females.


Females didn’t hold a high position here originally and were often discriminated against due to their lack of combat ability, fragile nature, and weak breeding capabilities. However, things are different now. Without the so-called half-orcs, the females’ status had gradually risen. As a result, females were becoming increasingly rare, and their status was growing as well


To distinguish between males and females, apart from differences in scent, each female had a red mole on their forehead, making it easy to spot them.


At first, many of the orcs pointed and whispered when they saw Yan Ziye. However, when two females appeared behind him, everyone’s attention shifted to them, trying their best to exhibit their own beastly charm and hoping that they would get noticed.


This was exactly what Yan Ziye had wanted. He pretended to be too busy dozing off as he walked, he didn’t pay much attention to the consequences of his actions, ignoring everyone completely and kept on walking, unlike the original Yan Ziye.


Hastening his steps, Yan Ziye intended to quickly return to the classroom and get a good nap there. Unfortunately, someone had other ideas.


“Look who we have here, it’s none other than our Young Master Yan from the Yan family, Yan Ziye. You’re quite the famous figure in school now, huh? How rude of you to not even say hello when you see me.”


A handsome young man with a black uniform and blue eyes blocked Yan Ziye’s way.


Yan Ziye looked up and didn’t recognize the person from his memory, so he didn’t pay much attention. After all, he didn’t have any friends in this school as the original owner of his body. Now, the most important thing for him was to get some sleep.


Seeing Yan Ziye ignore him and walk past him, Vernor’s mocking smile froze on his face. How dare this wasteful person ignore him? Vernor was immediately enraged and stopped Yan Ziye again.


“Are you planning on killing yourself, Yan Ziye?”


Yawning, Yan Ziyue lazily glanced at the person blocking him and replied, “What do you want? If you have nothing to say, I will hurry to class.”


“Class? With you being a total waste, you can’t possibly graduate from this school, even if you attend for another hundred years. I think you’re only good for loafing around and waiting for your death,” Vernor sneered at Yan Ziye with full contempt on his handsome face. He couldn’t stand Yan Ziye’s existence, as he believed that Yan Ziye, among so many family descendants in the imperial city, was a disgrace to their status as the elite of the city. 


Yanziye, severely lacking sleep, was becoming impatient. He raised an eyebrow at the person in front of him. “If I want to waste my life away, that’s my business. What are you babbling about? Don’t bother me unless you have something important to say. Actually, don’t bother me at all. I need to sleep… no, I need to go to class.” Yan Ziye was not known for being a civilized person, especially when faced with nuisances like mosquitoes and flies.


“You… Yan Ziye, are you feeling brave today? If you dare to talk to me like that, then we should have a duel. I will beat you up to show you your place!” The academy had a rule that if students had any disputes, they could not fight privately. Instead, they had to challenge each other to a duel, and if both parties agreed, they would settle the dispute in the arena. If a student fought privately in the academy, regardless of whether they were the heir to a powerful family or a prince from another country, they would be expelled. Although Vernor was very angry, he didn’t forget the rules of the academy.


Normally, if the other party challenged you to a duel, there was no special reason to refuse. Refusing would not only be disrespectful but also be considered a show of weakness. For the Orcs, who valued solving problems through force and face-saving, ninety-nine percent of them wouldn’t refuse.


But Yan Ziye was the remaining one percent.


“No,” Yanziye said, on the verge of falling asleep. If he had enough spiritual energy, he would have flown back to the classroom to sleep. Why should he waste time fighting someone he doesn’t know? “I don’t want to.!”


“You dare to refuse? You’re a coward! You’re just a waste of space. You’re not even as good as a female. This is a disgrace to all the orcs in this world.” Vernor was surprised that Yan Ziye refused and started to insult him.


 ‘Not even as good as a female?’ Yan Ziye suddenly twisted his lips. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the two females who had passed by and then stopped and turned to look at them. Something reminded him, and the impatience on his face vanished instantly. He pursed his lips, looking determined as he called out to Vernor, “Yes, I admit that I’m useless, and I can’t accept your challenge. But you can’t publicly insult females like this. What do you mean I’m not as good as a female? Do you discriminate against females? How could you? I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to challenge you. Even if I know I’ll lose, I still want to give you a lesson for discriminating against females like this, you Orc!.’


With an air of righteousness and a willingness to die, Yan Ziye left the bystanders stunned.


What? Did he discriminate against females? When did he say that? Also, Yan Ziye talked about not challenging Vernor first, not the other way around! He even acted like he was defending females, which was simply turning black into white.


Vernor was about to argue, but Yan Ziye gave him no chance.


“Tomorrow, we will go to the arena to fight for the honor of protecting females. Even if I lose, I will still be proud. If you don’t show up tomorrow, I will look down on you even more, humph!,” Yan Ziye coldly snorted and pushed past Vernor, walking away.


Vernor was still trying to process what had just happened when two females standing nearby took out their communicators and quickly took pictures of him.


“Hmph, can you believe there are still orcs who dare to discriminate against us females? I don’t think he wants to live anymore. Let’s put his picture on the interstellar network and warn other females to add him to the blacklist for the selection of husbands,” one of the females said.


“Yes, they are discriminating against females. The empire clearly forbids it, yet someone dares to do it right in front of us. It’s unforgivable. I remember there was another beastman who discriminated against us females before, and he’s over a hundred years old now and still hasn’t found a mate. Let him taste the bitterness of not being able to find a female,” the other female chimed in.


The actions of the two females were swift, and they had already posted the information online before Vernor could even try to stop them.


“Wait, two beautiful females? That’s not what I meant. I didn’t mean to discriminate against you. Please let me explain,” Vernor pleaded, but the two females had already turned a deaf ear to his words. “


Vernor rushed over to the two females, hoping to explain himself, but they completely ignored him. Vernor was determined not to give up because if the females thought he was discriminating against them, he would surely be single for the rest of his life. As he reached out to grab the two females, he was stopped by the other observing beasts.


“This is outrageous, not only is he discriminating against females, but he also dares to lay his hands on beautiful females? Even if he is the offspring of a noble clan, he cannot do such a thing.”


“Absolutely, a despicable orc like him is not worthy of beautiful females.”


“I think he’s not even as good as Yan Ziye, who may seem like a waste, but look how he stood up for the females just now.”


“Indeed, I used to think differently, but now I see that Yan Ziye might not be so bad after all.”


“Everyone, stop him. Don’t let him have a chance to harm the females,”


“This matter must be reported to the academy. It is intolerable that there are people who discriminate against females within the institution.”



Trapped by the group of orcs, Vernor was about to puke blood. He hated Yan Ziye even more now. “Yan Ziye, just you wait,” he thought to himself.

Interstellar Demon Legend

Interstellar Demon Legend

Legend of Interstellar Demon
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: Chinese
As the last demon cultivator of the 21st century, Yan Ziye was reborn into a future male beastman who committed suicide after a failed lightning tribulation. What? As the young master of a large family, he actually committed suicide because his confession was denied? Is it too weak? What? You’re saying this is just pure male and female beastmen? No half beastmen? Since half beastmen were more fertile than females, did half beastmen become legends? Yan Ziye silently looked in the mirror. The upper body is a human and the lower body is the snake. In order not to allow himself to become a legend, he felt that he would still train hard and change himself as soon as possible. It is just his plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and Yan Ziye wasn’t finished with his body yet, so he was swallowed up by the demon who had been waiting for him.


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