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Chapter 1 Rebirth in the Interstellar Realm

Chapter 1 Rebirth in the Interstellar Realm

Yan Ziye always thought of himself as nothing more than a decoration on a tea table – a mere ornament. He was abandoned by his birth parents right after being born and had to fend for himself by stealing and hiding until he grew up. Finally, he could take a break, laze around, and get some sleep. Little did he know that when he woke up, he’d find himself alone on the planet. All the other cultivators, demon cultivators, and magic cultivators had vanished without a trace, as if they had planned it out.

Not only that, the Earth had undergone tremendous changes. What used to be rare things like cars, phones, and planes were now commonplace objects made by the ingenious humans. Yan Ziye found himself in a similar state to a country bumpkin who had entered a city. Everything he saw was a wonder.

Gradually, he adapted to this new environment and learned that because the Earth’s spiritual energy was scarce, cultivators and the like had opened up new spaces and migrated there, leaving only him behind. Despite the lack of spiritual energy on Earth, Yan Ziye was still the only one, and he had no one to compete with for it, which was more than enough for his cultivation needs. After more than a century of continuous cultivation, he finally achieved ascension, which he thought was impossible given the Earth’s depleted spiritual energy. In his moment of triumph, Yan Ziye was struck down by the Heavenly Tribulation- the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder that even the Great Luo Golden Immortal couldn’t endure. He, a little snake demon who had yet to reach Earth Immortal, was no match. He was tragically blasted apart by the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, leaving nothing but dust and ashes behind.

He thought that was the end of it, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself waking up inside someone else’s body. Yan Ziye looked at the dagger in his chest and the white clothes stained with blood and felt completely disoriented. His first impression was pain – intense and unbearable pain. He tried to operate his spiritual energy, and to his surprise, he could feel a bit of it flowing inside. Although his spiritual energy was down to a meager amount, it was better than none at all. He gathered the speck of spiritual energy and directed it towards his wound. A warmth spread throughout his body, and he immediately pulled the dagger out of his chest. The wound hadn’t even started to bleed yet when he saw a silver light flash by, and the wound started getting healed rapidly.

Yan Ziye gasped for breath as he leaned against the edge of the bathtub, trying to get back on his feet. Unfortunately, his shaky feet gave in, and he fell back into the tub, but luckily, the water cushioned the fall, and he avoided injuring himself.

He finally got out of the bathtub, feeling uncomfortable with the wet clothes sticking to his skin. He took off the bloodstained white clothes, revealing a healed wound on his chest. However, since his spiritual energy was insufficient, it couldn’t heal the wound completely, and an ugly scar remained.

Yan Ziye changed into a clean set of clothes and lay down on the bed, trying to sort out his new memories while taking a closer look at the body he was inhabiting. He realized that he was no longer on Earth but had been reborn on a planet called Shuilan. The climate here was very similar to that on Earth. It was already the year 3065 in the Interstellar Era, and there were many planets of various sizes apart from Shuilan. Due to the advancement of technology, traveling between planets didn’t take much time.

He learned that the original Yan Ziye had the same name as his, was twenty years old, and was the young master of the Yan family, one of the four families in the Nile Empire. Although the Yan family was the last-ranked family among the four, they were the richest. Yan Ziye’s grandfather was the current head of the Yan family, and his father and uncle were the only two sons in the family, which was incredible given the low birth rates in the future. Yan Ziye’s maternal grandmother and parents all died due to a war a few years ago.

After losing his parents, Yan Ziye became extremely introverted and even cowardly. No matter how badly others treated him, he never fought back, displaying a self-defeated attitude that disappointed his grandfather and uncle greatly. Added to that was his weak physique, disqualifying him as a potential heir to the Yan family. So, when Yan Ziye turned eighteen, they kicked him out of the family. Without his parents or the support of his clan, he became even more despondent, spending most of his time indoors except when going to the academy and showing no signs of a young lord from a great family.

Although his grandfather and uncle kicked him out of the Yan family, they still paid him a large amount of interstellar coins every month, perhaps as compensation or to avoid appearing as though their family had no compassion for the youth.

The reason why the original owner of Yan Ziye’s body committed suicide was that he had never felt loved. Once he moved out of the Yan family, someone approached him with a hidden motive, showing kindness to him, and he inevitably fell for it. When he confessed his love to them in public, he received a harsh rejection. It turned out that they were also male beastmen, and the original owner became a laughingstock at school. He discovered that everything had been part of a bet by the other person, and all their kindness was a sham. With an emotionally fragile heart, the former owner took his own life.

No wonder others thought of him as weak. Being ridiculed and insulted without resistance, cowering, and even choosing suicide rather than defending himself, how could anyone hold him in high esteem? Indeed, Yan Ziye did not possess the typical traits of a successful person with his physique, personality, and lack of fighting spirit.

The original owner of the body was an orc, and his beast form was that of a snake, just like Yan Ziye. Perhaps that was why so many others passed on the chance to take over his body, leaving Yan Ziye to claim it for himself. In this world, there were only orcs and females. Orcs could transform between human and animal forms, while females could only remain in human form. Orcs were like men on Earth, and females were like women, except here they looked the same as men, with the added ability to give birth.

Since Orcs had stronger combat abilities than females due to their weaker physiques resulting from their genes, females were synonymous with fragility. Moreover, as the number of females decreased, they became increasingly scarce.

In fact, over a thousand years ago, another species existed: the half-orcs. They could transform into half-beasts, giving them not only strong combat abilities but also the ability to combine with the genes of beastmen, producing superb offspring. Although they had decent fighting abilities, they were still inferior to orcs. In the ensuing war over the resources of half-orcs, they were almost entirely wiped out, turning into legend.

“You were leading such a pitiful life, but now that I’m in your body, everything belongs to me.” In contrast to the former owner, Yan Ziye was the type to hold a grudge—perhaps petty, but he didn’t care.

Yan Ziye lived in a beautifully decorated and warm house left by the previous owner’s parents. Out of the living room, a handsome humanoid robot in a butler’s uniform appeared with a tray in its hand.

“Master, which flavor of nutrient do you want to drink this morning?” Although the robot looked human-like, it sounded stiff and didn’t display human emotions.

The former owner’s parents also left this robot butler, though it was not as capable or advanced as newer models. As the former owner cherished his memories of his parents, he never replaced it.

Yan Ziye looked at the multicolored vials in the robot butler’s hands and twitched his lips, forgetting such an important matter.

In this world, people only drank nutrients every day, which contained all the elements the body needed. One nutrient vial at mealtime was enough to maintain good health and save time. The only downside was that the taste wasn’t great, with little improvement despite the variety. Even though the taste of some higher-level nutrient vials was better, they were ten times more expensive than the regular nutrient vial and beyond the former owner’s budget.

After drinking the nutrient vial, Yan Ziye felt his empty stomach fill up and his body replenished with energy, making him feel much better than before when he felt weak. He suddenly missed the days when he ate delicious food on Earth. But here, fruits, vegetables, and meat were considered luxury items, and even the wealthy Yan family couldn’t afford to eat them every day. Furthermore, primitive foods that were consumed without refinement lacked the necessary nutrients for the body to absorb, so many people preferred to drink nutritional supplements rather than spend several times the money on primitive foods. To ordinary people, primitive foods were like luxury jewelry on Earth—a luxury item.

“Master, there’s a message,” the robot butler said, his eyes suddenly flashing green.

“Open it.” Yan Ziye sat on the sofa, and the robot butler held up a light screen in his hand. A middle-aged man with long hair wearing a black uniform appeared on the screen.

“Yan Ziye, you’ve been absent for two days. If you don’t come to class tomorrow, regardless of whether you’re part of the Yan family or not, get lost.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, the screen disappeared, and Yan Ziye hadn’t even had time to react.

Oops, he forgot that the original owner of the body still had to attend classes. Although he didn’t care much, the original owner was apparently very happy to be able to attend Glass Academy, where the students were all exceptionally talented. Of course, with the original owner’s physical condition, he could only rely on the Yan family’s connections to enter the academy. Although the Yan family held a high position in the Nile Empire, Glass Academy completely disregarded this because it was not under the jurisdiction of the empire. It was already very special for Yan Ziye to be admitted, but if he skipped class for more than three days, the academy would indeed expel him, which had happened before with other students.

The original owner skipped class because he didn’t dare to face the ridicule and taunts of others in the academy, but this Yan Ziye was not the same. He was not the original owner, and since he had occupied someone else’s body, he would make up for the humiliation and grievances the original owner had suffered.


Interstellar Demon Legend

Interstellar Demon Legend

Legend of Interstellar Demon
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: Chinese
As the last demon cultivator of the 21st century, Yan Ziye was reborn into a future male beastman who committed suicide after a failed lightning tribulation. What? As the young master of a large family, he actually committed suicide because his confession was denied? Is it too weak? What? You’re saying this is just pure male and female beastmen? No half beastmen? Since half beastmen were more fertile than females, did half beastmen become legends? Yan Ziye silently looked in the mirror. The upper body is a human and the lower body is the snake. In order not to allow himself to become a legend, he felt that he would still train hard and change himself as soon as possible. It is just his plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and Yan Ziye wasn’t finished with his body yet, so he was swallowed up by the demon who had been waiting for him.


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