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Chapter 3: Virtue

Chapter 3: Virtue


Yan Ziye was not someone who usually took the initiative, but since he had been pushed to the breaking point, it was time to fight back. He was not the kind of person who would tolerate being pushed around. Unlike his original self, he could not simply endure every situation. As for tomorrow’s challenge, Yan Ziye thought that getting some sleep was more important for the time being, and he could deal with everything else later.


In the academy, classes were divided into A-level, B-level, C-level, and D-level, which were determined by each student’s strengths, regardless of age. Before admission, all students had to undergo a spiritual power test. As long as their spiritual power and combat strength met the minimum D-level standards set by the school, they could be admitted. However, during Yan Ziye’s admission test, although his file stated that his spiritual power and combat strength were at the lowest E-level, he knew that those results were fabricated. In reality, his spiritual power was even lower than E-level, and his combat strength was rated as O, which was why he was considered a useless student.


In order to prevent accidents, orcs and females were taught separately. Females were born physically weaker and were not suitable for combat, so they had their own special courses.


Since everyone in the class were orcs, they spoke their minds without any inhibitions. They were discussing Yan Ziye’s public confession that had happened earlier, but suddenly, the person in question appeared. Everyone’s conversation immediately came to a halt.


Yan Ziye floated like a ghost to the farthest corner of the room before slumping onto the desk motionless, just like he always did before. After giving him a disdainful glance, the orcs continued to speak loudly, without any regard for Yan Ziye, the main character of the conversation.


“Although I understand that this waste of space cannot find a female partner for himself and that liking male beastmen is normal, he really embarrassed himself by confessing his feelings in front of so many people. Being rejected is one thing, but for Yadesaitete to call him delusional, that’s just shameful for our class D.”


“That’s not fair to say. Although Yan Ziye is a waste, Yadesaitete is not a good person either. I heard that he deliberately approached Yan Ziye because he had made a bet with someone. Yan Ziye is innocent.”


“Innocent? I think he’s just foolish. He hasn’t come to class for the past two days, and I thought he might have committed suicide. He may be the young master of a powerful family, but he still needs to live up to his name. Look at him, all he does is sleep all day. Honestly, I don’t think he has any future.”


“Whatever, as long as he doesn’t affect us.”



Yan Ziye didn’t hear any of the loud discussions around him. As soon as he returned to his seat, he immediately fell into a deep sleep. Whatever the people around him were saying, he had no idea.


It wasn’t until the time for class arrived that a middle-aged man in a black uniform with long hair walked in. He had a serious expression and scanned the audience. He noticed Yan Ziye, who had been absent for two days, was still sleeping, but he was somewhat satisfied that he had actually shown up. Although he didn’t have high hopes for this timid student, he was still his teacher and felt a sense of responsibility towards him. He didn’t want any of his students to be expelled from the academy.”


“Alright, let’s begin class now. Today we’ll be discussing the applications and how to improve spiritual power,” the tutor on stage said slowly. The orc students sitting below were listening intently. At the academy, each class was crucial, and missing a single lesson could hinder one’s progress. Despite their mischievous nature, the orcs were serious during class. Except for one person who was snoring in the corner.


The class lasted only an hour, and before they knew it, the middle-aged tutor was already packing up to leave. Then, his communication device suddenly beeped. After reading the message, his expression changed. He walked swiftly to Yan Ziye’s seat and knocked on his desk.


Yan Ziye was woken up by the noise. As he opened his eyes, his vision was still blurry. He looked at the long-haired tutor next to him and gave a confused expression, not understanding why this person was knocking on his desk but not saying anything.


The tutor, Hode, raised his brow at Yan Ziye and said in a deep voice, “Follow me; I need to ask you something.” Then he turned and left.


Yan Ziye was still puzzled, trying to figure out who this person was and why he was talking to him. After looking around and seeing familiar yet unfamiliar faces, he realized he was at the Glass Academy and that this person was his tutor.


“Take a look; he was sleeping all the time; the mentor has been calling out for so long, but he kept on sleeping. He’s in for it, he might get punished now.”


“Exactly, Hode, the mentor, isn’t a gentle orc.”


“I wonder what the mentor wants with him.”


“I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it’s not good.”



The words of ridicule and mockery filled his ears, as every orc looked at Yan Ziye with a gloating expression on their face. But Yan Ziye paid them no attention, stretched lazily, stood up, and followed the mentor.


As soon as he left, the communicators in the classroom all rang at once. Usually, during class, they would turn off their communicators, only opening them after class as a source of information.


But when they opened their communicators, the orcs following the Galactic Web of the Grass Academy saw the information that had just risen to the number one spot.


“What? Yan Ziye wants to fight with Vernor? Is it for real or just a joke? Isn’t he just looking for death?”


“Vernor is a powerhouse in both mental strength and combat, ranked in the top ten in class B. Who does Yan Ziye think he is? How dare he act so recklessly? Did he eat something and go crazy?”


“What are you all looking at? Haven’t you noticed that Yan Ziye is doing this for the females? Look at this information, because Vernor discriminated against weaker females in front of two females, Yan Ziye couldn’t stand it and challenged him to a fight. Finally, this useless piece of garbage did something that a male orc should do.”


“Even the two females present at the time confirmed this news. My goodness, is Vernor planning to be single for the rest of his life? Even if he really discriminates against females, he shouldn’t say it in front of them!”


“Is the mentor looking for Yan Ziye just for this matter?”




Each mentor in the academy has his or her own independent office. After following H to his office, Yan Ziyue was asked by Hode with a solemn expression, “Is it true that you want to fight Vernor?”


Yan Ziye’s gaze became confused for a moment, “Vernor?” This name sounded familiar. A fight? It seems that an annoying fly bothered him early this morning and said something about fighting him. It should be him. After thinking about who Vernor was, Yan Ziye nodded and replied casually, “It seems like there is such a thing.”


“What seems to be is, and what isn’t just isn’t. What kind of attitude is that?” Hode looked at the lazy, boneless youth standing in front of him, who could collapse at any moment, feeling a bit strange. Although he didn’t pay much attention to this student, as a mentor, he still knew a little bit about his students. This student was usually very weak, lacking the blood of an orc, and didn’t know how to fight back even when bullied.


The last time he called him over for questioning, he didn’t even dare to lift his head. But now, he actually dared to speak to him with such a casual attitude, and the weak and bullied aura was gone, replaced by a hint of nonchalance. Recently, news of him confessing and being rejected by other orc has been making waves in the academy. Could it be because of this that he had such a big change and ran recklessly to challenge Vernor to a duel?


As Vernor’s former mentor, Hode knew exactly how powerful he was. Although he couldn’t compare to the two A-level students in the academy, he was still one of the top ten students in the B-level with strong skills. And who was Yan Ziye, Hode knew best. Yan Ziye and Vernor were like night and day and couldn’t be compared. Now Yan Ziye wants to duel Vernor. Doesn’t he know that the loser of a duel must fulfill the demands of the winner? Although duels cannot result in death, many students have been forced to drop out due to losing a duel. So unless there is some deep-seated animosity that can’t be resolved, students wouldn’t take the risk of stepping onto the duel platform so easily.


Now that Yan Ziye is proposing a duel, he’s simply courting death. Could it be that he couldn’t handle the blow of being rejected in love, so he’s giving up on himself? 


As Hode looked at Yan Ziye’s face, which resembled that of his good friend, he couldn’t help but feel softened by the child’s situation. After all, he was still young and wouldn’t have ended up like this if he hadn’t lost his parents. It was Hode who had allowed Yan Ziye to enter his class because of his friendship with Yan Ziye’s father. However, after Yan Ziye fell into despair, he hadn’t paid attention to him anymore. Hode realized that he had a responsibility in the matter and had failed to fulfill his duty as a mentor.


As Hode imagined the scenario in his mind, he had the urge to scold Yan Ziye, but hesitated and softened his serious expression. He waved his hand at Yan Ziye and said, “Forget it. I’ll handle this for you. Don’t be so impulsive in the future. You can go now.”


As a mentor, Hode wasn’t supposed to get involved in student affairs, but he couldn’t help but intervene for the sake of his friend. Yan Ziye was puzzled by Hode’s sudden change of heart, from looking like an accuser to showing him sympathy and pity.


Leaving the office, Yanziye couldn’t quite figure out why Hode, his mentor, had offered to help him resolve the conflict. Was it because he had time-traveled and his luck suddenly changed?

Interstellar Demon Legend

Interstellar Demon Legend

Legend of Interstellar Demon
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: Chinese
As the last demon cultivator of the 21st century, Yan Ziye was reborn into a future male beastman who committed suicide after a failed lightning tribulation. What? As the young master of a large family, he actually committed suicide because his confession was denied? Is it too weak? What? You’re saying this is just pure male and female beastmen? No half beastmen? Since half beastmen were more fertile than females, did half beastmen become legends? Yan Ziye silently looked in the mirror. The upper body is a human and the lower body is the snake. In order not to allow himself to become a legend, he felt that he would still train hard and change himself as soon as possible. It is just his plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and Yan Ziye wasn’t finished with his body yet, so he was swallowed up by the demon who had been waiting for him.


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