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Chapter 2 : The Dead Vampires Part 1

Chapter 2 : The Dead Vampires Part 1

Since Azrael’s family is one of those vampire clans and if they find out about her being a vampire? Would they punish her or kill her? I have to find out more.

The vampires are divided into different clans. Each clan has its own powers and abilities but not all members awaken powerful abilities. Also, each clan has its own territory and rules on how they treat other clans. The vampire clans are also divided by different beliefs although they can survive without human blood some clans believe that human blood is superior, Different clans have different beliefs and it is clear Azrael’s clan does not believe in inter-race marriages.

People in human cities hate vampires, but they know a bit about them. They know they are not human and that they feed on human blood and a little knowledge about their clan system over the years because of less contact with them Vampires live on a different continent many myths about them are going around Humans although Humans hate vampires because of their history ‘the Human-Vampire war’ that happened 250 years back but they still accept them as part of this world. Still some humans don’t accept a marriage between a Human and Vampire. Yes, I have heard about some inter-race Relationship stories on the internet and news, some of them went well, and some of them ended badly. I hope after this incident there are no more incidents I just hope I don’t want anything to do with Vampires except my wife.


“Give me a towel, Draco!!” Azrael shouted, peeking out from the door of the bathroom.

“coming babe!” Looking around the room, I stood up from the chair and walked towards the wardrobe. Picking up the towel, I walk towards the bathroom.

“Here, babe, your towel,” I said, handing her the towel.

“Thank you, Draco.” She said, smiling.”You want a love bite as a gift, Babe,” she asked touching her soft pink lips,

“Wait what Noo, I still can’t get over the fact that you are a Vampire I see now why you always want to bite me You!!”

“So you won’t love me if I am a Vampire,” she said looking at my face innocently

“stopp !! you know how much I love and Care about You”

“It’s a serious matter babe we might get in trouble if Vampires find out even if there is a slim chance we must have a backup plan,” I said,

“Ohh God Draco stop being so fussy ” “You know I am a strong Vampire don’t you??” she said pointing at her sharp pointy teeth.

Now that I think about it My wife is a Vampire putting my hand on my neck feeling the spot where I have been bitten a lot, Explains why she is so dominant in bed and always tries to bite my neck with those pointy teeth, and her unusually pale skin.

Azrael came out of the bathroom In a towel. She looks very sexy in a towel. I can’t keep my eyes anywhere else. I really want to touch her. I want to caress her and hold her. I want to kiss her.

I am getting very horny,

“There, babe. Your dress and socks.”

“Thank You, babe?” She said, smiling.

“I will prepare tea for you,” I said

She was looking at me and smiling while wearing a towel. I took a glance at her and then looked down. I was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

“Why don’t you undress, Draco?”

“Stop teasing will you?”

“Hihi, Silly Who will tease you if not for me?” she said looking at my face while touching her lips intimately.

Sighs “You can change I will be back with tea and something to eat.”

I went to the kitchen, walked to the stove, and got some milk, sugar, and tea leaves it took15 minutes after that I looked towards the shelves to see if there is something to eat and found some cookies, Almonds, and cashews eaten with tea. I went back to the hall and sat on a chair keeping the tray with tea and snacks on the table.

“Babe come drink some tea!”

I turned the TV on and started seeing the news that was coming.

“Breaking news!!! Bodies of 2 vampires were found near street 21 Brooker Colony the SP (supernatural police) Is already investigating the case with Vampire hunter bob”

“Our reporter is on the scene talking to Vampire hunter Bob let’s switch the screen”

The anchor switched the screen showing to the reporter with vampire hunter bob on the screen.

“Vampire hunter Bob what do you think about this situation internal fight between Vampire clans?”

A man with a black beard and long hair wearing white glasses was on the camera He looked intimidating with his big build.

“We are investigating the case Looks like an internal fight between 2 vampire groups.”

“How did they reach the city of Daenia? Do You think it’s a fault in security forces having no clue about Vampires entering illegal human territories? “

I felt a rush of wind looking to my right I saw my wife Azrael sitting next to me listening to the news.

I asked nervously “What do you think?”

“Nothing much the security around that area is very lacking no cameras installed plus with my ability, it won’t be easy to track this incident back to me”

“Why did you not dispose of the bodies? “

“I didn’t have that much time Draco”

Looking back at the tv I saw hunter bob answering the reporter’s questions one by one

“We do have a problem with other races entering illegally in our territories it’s not just Vampires. Especially runaways, criminals, and spies from nearby countries. We have been hunting them for years and this incident might help us track some of them and eliminate them.”

After hearing some more random questions from reporters I closed the tv.

And looked towards my wife she looked beautiful after having the shower I should ask her about the incident in more detail concerned I asked

“Azrael, I Have Something to ask”

“Yes, Tell me, “she said,

“Tell me more about the incident and Yes your abilities that you mention every time I want to hear about them.”

“Ohh, Did I not tell you about my abilities?” she said. looking at my confused face.


Hi, This is the Author BABU_ISHU thank you for reading the chapter I hope you liked it.

I Will keep updating the story so you can follow and add it to your favorites for more updates.

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

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Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
I am Draco and My wife is a Vampire what?? I didn't even know when how did that happen. Now she is being hunted what should I do I need to become stronger she can't handle it alone Will Draco Become a Vampire Hunter? what will happen to his wife? What path will he follow to become strong? This is the journey of Draco and his family It might include multiple main characters and multiple POV's. Other main characters are not introduced yet. (?surprise?)


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