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Chapter 1 : My Wife is A Vampire?

Chapter 1 : My Wife is A Vampire?

I am Draco. I live in the city of Daenia with my wife, Azrael. I married her two years ago when I was studying for my medical degree in a college. My wife Azrael is a nice lady; she is 6 years older than me, and she is working in a trading company as a manager in the city of Daenia. She is a very simple girl; she is a perfect wife. I was always attracted to her, and I wanted her in my life, so I took her hand in marriage, and we are as happy as ice cream…..

Well, that’s a lie; she is a “VAMPIRE.”

Yes, a vampire I didn’t even knew she was a vampire until a few days ago, when she came home all beat up with blood all over her face.

Then she confessed it to me. I was so shocked, I can’t even describe it.

Few days ago

I was relaxing after coming back home from work .

” The president has gone for a new bilateral meeting to improve relationships between elfs and humans to promote trades …”

“Ahh So tired I need a Holiday” said Draco while stretching his arms.



I walked to the door grabbing the knob I opened it

looking up I saw my wife

“WHAT happened to you Why are you injured!!”

She was covered in blood and her lips were dried with pale face like a dried raisin. I was shocked seeing her like this and I was concerned for her didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry Draco I will explain” she sighed

And entered the house

I supported here from the shoulder walked to the chair in our hall and sat down.

I Ran towards a table kept in our hall opening a rack looking for first aid box , since I work in a hospital I always keep a toolkit for these kind of situations.

After finding the box I ran towards I started applying the medicines and bandages although there was not a major injury but there were multiple small cuts.

After applying the aid I asked

“How did this happen accident?? why Didn’t you call me!”

“No Draco I was attacked” she whispered

Grabbing the chiar tightly I shouted “WHAT did you say By whom burglars??”

“No Vampires”

I Opened my eyes wide trying to comprehend the words she said.

“Wait , Why would Vampires attack you?”

“I need to tell you something Draco” she said while staring at me

“What?” I said confused

“Draco I am a vampire”

Those words were like a high voltage shock to me What did she say Vampire what ?

“Don’t joke around Babe I am really concerned for you”

She sighed and said “It’s True I am a Vampire A runaway hiding from my family”

“I am really Sorry Draco I fooled you all this time”

“No wait for real- – Uhh I mean how what?”

” I am hiding from my family. They arranged my marriage with another vampire so so I ran away and started living as a normal human “

She told me her story

I was so confused that I did not know what to do next. She was my wife for more than 2 years, and she was a vampire, and she’s telling me about it now. I was so confused that I just stood and went away and sat down on the bed . She came next to me and hugged me.

“Draco, please try to understand me. I had no plans of marrying you but I fell for you I really Love You . “

“You don’t know how scary vampires can be, especially my family; they won’t spare us if they see that I’m married to a human. I had to keep it hidden.”

I just pushed her aside and started thinking confusedly about what to do next. Such a thing was not possible for me to believe—was she really a vampire and all that ? She consoled me a bit more, but I could not comprehend it.

Then I saw her and sat next to her and asked

“What happened?”

“How did the vampires find you then?”

She then told me her side of the story.

“Draco Two days ago, I was coming back home after buying groceries when I was attacked by two vampires.”

“I was not scared because I am a vampire too and I fought them although I did get Injured a little in the fight.”

“Then what happened?” “How did you escape?” Draco said Looking intensely at the Azrael

“I am much stronger than you think, Draco; Although Vampires , they were just some spies sent to human territories without much abilities.”

“I was able to defeat them,” she said while holding Draco’s hand.

“Will they come back for you?”

“No Draco I took care of them. They must have been scouting the area and found me somehow one of them must have a sensing ability , but their deaths will alert other vampires since no normal human can kill a vampire.”

“We will have to move out of this area as soon as possible before the vampires find us.”

“No, Draco, they won’t find us this easily; those scouts were only able to find me by luck since one of the vampires had sensing ability; not all the vampires had abilities, and the abilities have a very low chance of manifesting in a vampire; if I use my abilities, then even some strong vampires won’t be able to identify me,” said Azrael, having a proudly having smug on her face.

“They won’t find us Draco. “

“I am going to wash myself away from this smell of blood. It stinks.”

Noticing her wounds that were healed I got shocked is this Super healing .

“Alright Azrael “

“Let me get your dress” I said while moving towards the wardrobe.


Then she went towards the Bathroom….

I am scared about the consequences of this incident.What if her ability is not that effective since she did get caught once? Normal humans can’t defeat a vampire other than vampire hunters; wait what about hunters What if they find her?

hat If she gets killed by the hunters or if her family finds out about her whereabouts, then I will lose her forever.

I can’t imagine my life without Azrael. She is the only thing that I cherish in my life. She is my life, my heart, my soul, and everything.

She is an angel coming down to earth for me. What should I do to help her out?

First I need to understand more about her family and which vampire clan they come from. The world is full of different races and that the continent is divided among them, but normal humans still don’t interact much with other races. We do get news about them and have pictures of these other races in our books and courses in schools and colleges, plus I have seen some of them as tourist or getting caught on tv especially orcs since humans are in conflict with orcs on border issues, but vampires live further away from human territories and their population is smaller too. Plus, we have vampire hunters, an army, and the Supernatural Police, which are some government-controlled agencies that protect us from attacks from these races, so these races do not enter human territories in mass and only some tourists, scouts, government agents or ambassadors to facilitate trade with humans.

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

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Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
I am Draco and My wife is a Vampire what?? I didn't even know when how did that happen. Now she is being hunted what should I do I need to become stronger she can't handle it alone Will Draco Become a Vampire Hunter? what will happen to his wife? What path will he follow to become strong? This is the journey of Draco and his family It might include multiple main characters and multiple POV's. Other main characters are not introduced yet. (?surprise?)


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