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Chapter 3 : The Dead Vampires Part 2

Chapter 3 : The Dead Vampires Part 2

With one bag full of groceries in her hand, a stunning woman with glossy dark red hair and delicate skin left the store. She was wearing a blue dress and had light makeup applied to her flawless face.

“Tring, Tring, Tring,”

As she picked up the phone, she said:

“Jack, hello.”

“Are you on leave today, Azrael?”

“Yes, I’m on a three-day leave, and I left my application on the desk.”

“Some emergency for three days.”

“No, I used paid leaves that would have expired by the end of the year.”

“Okay, fine. I’ll see you later.”


I should call a cab, hmm?

She sensed something and put her phone back in her bag before rushing forward.

15 minutes later

She noticed a sign that read, “Brooker Colony Street 21.”

It appears to be a small, newly established colony.

After walking a little, she heard a clicking sound. She dropped her bags and started running towards an empty apartment that was still under construction.

Shit How did they find me

She reached the door, ready to kick it open.

“Wait, Miss, how about a little chat?”

Vampires, how did they find me? a sensing ability; is my luck that bad?

He said, giving her a ferocious glare, “Miss, my name is John, and this is my partner, Max.”

2 hours before this incident

“Hey!! John”

“I can sense someone’s presence.”

“Did you find that person?” he asked, licking his lips

Finally, I’ll be able to draw some blood. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any blood.

“I can track him down using my tracking ability.”

“No! It’s not a human.”

“I can feel The presence of death must be a vampire.”

“Why take the risk and waste our time pursuing a vampire?” said John,

“What if it’s a rogue vampire?”

“We could get a sizable sum from the bounty, buddy.”

Looking at Max, John paused for a moment

Blood is good, but money is important too.

“All right, just point me in the right direction.”

“I will start using my tracking ability.”

They found her 30 minutes later

“There she is!!”

“It looks like she is living like a normal human.”

“We might be lucky to have found a rogue vampire,” John remarked, licking his lips.

“Let’s Follow Her”

I hope her head is worth something. I can’t wait to get my hands on that money.

“She might have picked up on our presence,” said Max, concerned, while looking at John.

“Nah, it’s OK. She knows that we have found her, and there is a chance of her location getting leaked.”

“So, either we kill her or she kills us,” said John, rubbing his hands together.

After following her for some time, John noticed her enter a deserted street.

It looks like the time has come.

“Let’s do it!”

They nodded and began loading their weapons.

“She’s fleeing; let’s pursue her.”

Azrael looked at the two vampires angrily.

I need to finish it quickly, and it appears that I will have to rely on my abilities. They must have some kind of sensing or tracking ability. Running is no longer a viable option. It’s do-or-die time. I can’t risk having my location revealed to other vampires.

“Stop with your pretense.”

“I know what you’re looking for—the bounty on my head.”

“Hahaha, Miss, you are smart,” John laughed as he pulled his gun from his holster.

“Can you tell me your name before you die?”

“Pretty confident, are you?”

“John, stop wasting time!” exclaimed Max as he pulled out his gun.

“You can’t kill me with just guns,” Azrael said, smiling at them.

They are using guns, but it seems they only have support abilities. It’s time to put an end to this.

“They will still cause you some fatal wounds, hahaha.”

Although not deadly, guns can still cause fatal wounds to vampires if they hit their vitals and can even cause death from bleeding.

She grew her teeth and nails bigger and gave them a fierce glare before turning on an ability that made her sprint with incredible speed. moving towards the vampires with the intention of finally killing them.

“Fire! Max!”

They positioned themselves and pointed their weapons at her, aiming for her vitals.


While still moving at breakneck speed in their direction, she made an attempt to avoid the bullets by taking a small sidestep. Although the bullets were not able to penetrate deeply into her body, they scraped off and bounced, leaving small cuts that caused her to bleed.

“What the heck?!”

“What’s wrong with her body, Max?”

What abilities does she have? We are going to die unless I come up with a plan.

“Let me step back.”

“You can continue shooting.”

Max nodded “alright.”

Max kept firing at Azrael as John moved backward a little.

She will quickly arrive at our location if I don’t pin her and use mini explosives to kill her. I’ll ask Max to fight her at close range, and while she’s occupied with Max, I’ll throw the explosive their way.

He reached into his black jacket and pulled out a tiny red explosive.

Max, I’m sorry, but I have to do this. I really need the money.

“Hey! Count on me to kill her; I have a plan.”

“Engage her in close combat for a while.”

“Are you sure I can only hold her for a short while?”

Max braced himself for close combat as she approached him. His teeth and fingernails grew bigger. He took a step forward and positioned himself defensively with his hands in front of him.

Is he going to engage me in close combat? Whatever the case, why do I care?

I am close enough. Alright, let’s do it.

When Max and Azrael were about to engage, she abruptly stopped and jumped with incredible force towards Max’s head, like a monkey straight for his head.

She caught his head with her hands in milliseconds and applied force while still in the air,

Twisted!! On the chilly road, a thud was heard. Max died just like that.

She landed on the ground and looked at John, who had a deadpan expression like someone who had been robbed. He was waiting for the moment they exchanged blows to launch the mini-explosive in his hand towards them, killing both of them, but all his planning went down the drain.

He threw the explosive at her and turned around and started running.

1 … 2 …

The moment Azrael saw the explosive coming towards her, she twisted her legs and kicked it towards John.

3… 4….

I need to get away from her I – –

5… Booom!!

The explosive landed near John and went off, making his body slide for a metre and

Landing near the signpost saying, – “Brooker Colony Street 21,”

He was gravely wounded on his left leg, and he had burn marks all over his body. Blood was leaking from his wounds.

“Ahhh noo!” he exclaimed in agony.

Azreal dashed towards him, reaching for his throat.intending to kill him right away.

“No! Spare me; I won’t—

She slit his throat with her sharp nails, putting an end to his pain and agony.

The authorities must have been alerted by the sounds of guns and explosions, and they may be on their way to this location soon. I need to escape fast from here.

She looked at the scene. What a mess.

I need to dispose off those groceries, she thought as she looked around, finding her bags and throwing the ruined groceries back inside.

This incident will leak my location, and sooner or later they will find me. Is it time to reveal everything to Draco? I can’t avoid it anymore; I need to tell him. Let’s leave.

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

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Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
I am Draco and My wife is a Vampire what?? I didn't even know when how did that happen. Now she is being hunted what should I do I need to become stronger she can't handle it alone Will Draco Become a Vampire Hunter? what will happen to his wife? What path will he follow to become strong? This is the journey of Draco and his family It might include multiple main characters and multiple POV's. Other main characters are not introduced yet. (?surprise?)


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