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The Kings Level

As the crowd around them grew more raucous, Kristoffer took a step forward, his eyes blazing with an intense fire. “If you’re not going to make a move, then I will,” he said, his voice ringing out like thunder across the arena.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Kristoffer launched himself at Luis, his muscular frame propelling him forward at breakneck speed. Before Luis could even react, he found himself slammed to the ground, writhing in agony as Kristoffer stood over him, his once-sly grin replaced with a dark and stern stare.

Turning his attention to Oliver and Charles, Kristoffer slowly began to walk towards them, his every step radiating an aura of deadly intent. In a desperate bid to save his friends, Charles charged at the seasoned adventurer, only to be met with a swift blow to the back of the head that sent him reeling to the ground in a daze.

With two of his companions down and out, Oliver found himself standing alone against the imposing figure of Kristoffer. The crowd around them roared with laughter and jeered mercilessly, their taunts only serving to fuel the young adventurer’s sense of rage and humiliation.

Just then, a voice began to whisper in Oliver’s ear, its words carrying a dark and ominous tone. “He disrespected Charles and Luis. He is making a mockery of you, and the crowd is laughing. This is your chance to prove yourself. Use your abilities, and let me out to wreak some havoc.”

With a surge of energy coursing through his body, Oliver’s vision went black, and all of his senses were cut off. He was consumed by a dark, all-encompassing void, but his mind remained sharp and focused as ever.

As the intense spar drew to a close, the adrenaline that had kept Oliver going began to wane, and he collapsed to the ground, utterly exhausted. His body was battered and bruised, his muscles aching from the ferocity of the fight. Despite his valiant effort, he had been no match for Kristoffer’s unmatched skill and experience. He lay on the ground in utter defeat, his eyes closing as he drifted off into a deep slumber.

As the crowd erupted into thunderous applause for the victorious Kristoffer, the seasoned adventurer approached Oliver’s unconscious form. In Oliver’s docile state, Kristoffer began to speak, his voice low and soothing.

“Do not be discouraged, young warrior,” he said, placing a hand on Oliver’s shoulder. “You fought well. You gave it your all, and that’s all that matters. You will learn from this defeat and come back stronger next time.”

Oliver’s chest rose and fell with each labored breath, his mind replaying the fight over and over again. He knew that he had given his all in the fight, and that was all that mattered.

“Congratulations,” Kristoffer said, squatting down to Oliver’s ear. “Now you know the strength of a king-level adventurer.”

A small smile crept across Oliver’s lips as Kristoffer took his hand in his own. Despite the pain, there was a sense of pride in knowing that he had faced one of the greatest adventurers of their time in battle. Kristoffer’s words of encouragement lifted his spirits, and he knew that he would not let this defeat defeat him.

“You have potential, young warrior,” Kristoffer continued. “Keep training, and perhaps one day, you will be able to challenge me one day .”

With those parting words, Kristoffer turned to the crowd, his sword held high in triumph. The roar of the crowd washed over Oliver like a wave, and he knew that this was not the end of his journey. There would be other battles to fight, other foes to conquer. But for now, he rested, his mind full of thoughts of what was to come.

Oliver’s eyelids parted languidly as he gradually sat upright, wincing at the searing pain that engulfed his body from the brutal brawl. With a determined gaze, he lifted his head to observe the towering figure of Kristoffer, who stood facing the jubilant spectators, his back turned to Oliver. As Oliver’s eyes traced the outline of Kristoffer’s muscular form, a new sense of resolve coursed through his veins, a fierce determination to someday attain the same level of power and proficiency.

Oliver’s eyelids parted languidly as he gradually sat upright, wincing at the searing pain that engulfed his body from the brutal brawl. With a determined gaze, he lifted his head to observe the towering figure of Kristoffer, who stood facing the jubilant spectators, his back turned to Oliver. As Oliver’s eyes traced the outline of Kristoffer’s muscular form, a new sense of resolve coursed through his veins, a fierce determination to someday attain the same level of power and proficiency.

In the midst of his ruminations, a shadowy figure suddenly materialized in front of Oliver, crouching down to meet his gaze. The man’s face was etched with a peculiar expression of curiosity, as he addressed Oliver with a low-toned voice, “Hey.” The word was weighted with intrigue and the man’s eyes glittered with interest, as if he had discovered something of great import. “Woa,” he continued, a smile creeping across his face, “Kristoffer must have really taken a shine to you. He never toys with his prey for a mere 10 minutes flat.” His words hung in the air, thick with implication.

Oliver’s eyes widened as he turned to face the stranger. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed at having been so thoroughly beaten by Kristoffer. But he was also intrigued by the man’s comment.

“What do you mean, ‘plays with his prey’?” Oliver asked, his curiosity piqued.

The man chuckled, his grin widening. “Oh, Kristoffer is known for toying with his opponents before going in for the kill. He likes to make them suffer, you know? It’s his way of asserting his dominance.”

Oliver’s jaw dropped in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that someone would take pleasure in such cruelty.

“But don’t worry,” the man continued. “You put up a good fight. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from this experience. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll even be able to take down Kristoffer yourself.”

Oliver nodded, grateful for the man’s words of encouragement. He knew that he had a long way to go before he could even think about challenging someone like Kristoffer, but he was determined to keep training and improving.

Oliver frowned, puzzled by the man’s words. “Wait, who are you?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

The man grinned, flashing a set of gleaming teeth. “They call me Levi,” he said, his eyes glinting with a mix of pride and mischief. “I too am a King level adventurer, and I run my own party. And let me tell you, kid, you are being seen by some people.”

As Levi got up and walked away with his party, Oliver’s eyes trailed up his figure, taking in every detail. He couldn’t help but notice that Levi had barely any armor on, and no shoes or socks to protect his feet. Despite that, he stood tall and confident, radiating an air of power that Oliver couldn’t ignore.

But Oliver’s attention soon shifted back to Kristoffer, who still stood at the center of the guild, basking in the glory of his victory. Oliver’s eyes burned with a fierce determination as he looked at him one last time. He refused to let this defeat define him. He would train harder, fight smarter, and come back stronger than ever before. One day, he would stand tall in this guild and city, a true king-level adventurer.

As he collapsed into a deep sleep, his final thoughts were filled with images of him training tirelessly, pushing himself to the limits, and emerging victorious in his next battle. The dream of becoming the strongest adventurer in the land kept him motivated, and he knew he would stop at nothing to achieve it.

At the entrance of the central cave, Richard, Raphael, and Amelia stood anxiously awaiting the arrival of Oliver and the rest of the group. The atmosphere was tense, and each passing moment felt like an eternity.

“Where are they?” Richard asked, his voice laced with concern, turning to Raphael and Amelia, who could only shrug their shoulders in response.

Just as they were about to give up hope, a faint sound caught their attention. They turned to see a silhouette in the distance amongst the crowds of people, limping towards them. It was Oliver and the others, battered and bruised, but alive.

Relieved, Raphael pointed at them, exclaiming, “Oh, hey, there they are!”

As they drew closer, Amelia could see the extent of their injuries and rushed to their side, preparing to administer first aid and healing magic. She was determined to do everything in her power to ease their pain and speed up their recovery.

“What happened?” Amelia asked as she began healing their wounds.

Luis took a deep breath and began to recount the harrowing events of their encounter with the King level adventurer, Kristoffer. He painted a vivid picture of the intense battle, after he awoke, describing the ebb and flow of the fight and the incredible power and skill of their opponent. As he spoke, Richard, Raphael, and Amelia listened with rapt attention, hanging on every word.

The Hollowed Adventurer

The Hollowed Adventurer

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Oliver was a kind-hearted man who yearned for a peaceful life of ease and comfort but was mercilessly forced into a a new world from death, seething with billions of lives. He was forced to face the absolute depths of death and despair with his devoted allies, battling valiantly for the slim possibility of survival. Tragically, though, each of his close pals was cruelly ripped from his grasp, leaving him to struggle with an unbearable sense of sadness and hopelessness. Oliver's once-pure spirit was corrupted and enveloped in the darkest of shadows as he went on an endless rampage through the forgiving terrain after being pushed to the verge of insanity. Oliver was forced to be awakened from his comatose state and forced to confront the harsh truths of this abandoned planet, which provided a glimpse of hope even in the midst of his darkest hour. He determined to defy fate itself, rising up against all obstacles to take his proper position in the annals of history as a real hero of the ages, armed with his newly discovered strength and resiliency. Will he be able to overcome his darkness or will he succumb to the inexorable forces of evil that are constantly threatening to engulf him?


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