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The Caves Punishment

In the tranquil and idyllic courtyard, Amelia sat with impeccable grace on a robust wooden bench, her legs elegantly crossed, exhibiting a remarkable poise and refinement. Her nimble fingers moved with the utmost precision and delicacy as she tended to Oliver’s battered and bruised body, emanating a sense of serene composure and tranquility that enveloped the surrounding environment.


Undeterred by the deafening roar that signaled the arrival of the newest summons into the world, Amelia persisted in her healing process, exuding a stoic calmness amidst the chaotic commotion that unfolded around her. Oliver, now on the road to recovery, recounted his harrowing sparring battle, recounting every grueling detail with a vivid and striking clarity. His eyes squeezed shut, and his visage twisted in agony as he relived the intensity of the fight.


Out of the blue, Oliver’s memory jogged as he recollected the appearance of a man who had appeared before him after the intense duel. The man was lean and athletic, in his prime of mid-thirties, and sported a rugged and weather-beaten appearance. His piercing blue eyes exuded an almost supernatural aura, lending him an enigmatic and mysterious quality. His unkempt and tousled hair was a striking blend of dark and light brown strands, cascading untamed past his broad shoulders. He wore a rough and rustic sleeveless tunic, tied simply with a rugged rope at his waist, while his chest and wrist were adorned with sturdy armor. Various bracelets and bangles jingled on his sturdy arms, while his feet remained bare, exposing his tough and calloused soles to the world.


“Was it Levi?” Raphael inquired with a discerning eye.

“Yea, it was. How did you know?” Oliver questioned with intrigue.


“Well, he is a King ranked adventurer,” Raphael replied.


“Enough with the small talk, gentlemen,” interjected Richard, his tone grave and serious, “Oliver, have you fully healed?”


“Yes, I have,” confirmed Oliver, his eyes turning towards Amelia, whose hands had worked their healing magic.


“Very well then,” said Richard, nodding his head, “let us not dwell on the past. Today is a new day, and we must remain vigilant and methodical in our approach.”


With that, Richard extended his hand, gesturing for his comrades to join him. “On the count of one, we say ‘immortals’,” he declared, his voice ringing out with a sense of gravitas and determination.


The group placed their hands atop Richard’s, their fingers intertwining in a show of solidarity and camaraderie. As one, they took a deep breath, drawing in the crisp morning air, feeling the adrenaline coursing through their veins.


“One,” Richard called out, his voice resonating with a steely resolve.


“Immortals,” the group chanted in unison, their voices ringing out with an almost primal energy.


With that, the group set outinto the Center cave, their steps purposeful and their minds focused. They navigated through the winding tunnels with ease, their footsteps echoing off the rough-hewn walls.


As they journeyed deeper into the cavern, the air grew colder, and the light grew dimmer. Yet, the group pressed on, undaunted by the obstacles that lay ahead.


It was then that they saw their first hoard of goblins.


The cacophonous sounds of screeching and howling creatures filled the air, their beady eyes gleaming with a sinister glint of malice and hunger. The group braced themselves for an impending battle, their hands instinctively reaching for their weapons as they prepared to face the looming threat. However, amidst the chaos and commotion, Richard and Raphael stood resolute and unfazed, their gaze piercing through the fray with unwavering determination.


“Alright Oliver, Charles, and Luis,” Raphael bellowed with a commanding tone, his voice echoing through the din of the chaotic battleground. “This is our first test of courage, you three must take them on.”


The trio was flabbergasted and their jaws hung open in disbelief at the daunting challenge that lay ahead of them. “What?! But there are hundreds of them down there!” exclaimed Luis, as the rest of the group nodded in agreement, their faces etched with trepidation.


“Do you want to earn your pay, or not?” Raphael retorted, his voice laced with a hint of authority and urgency.


“Besides,” interjected Richard, his voice brimming with confidence “I’m here to save you three if i think yall are going to die,”


With a sense of trepidation, the group emerged from their hiding spot, bracing themselves for the onslaught of the approaching horde. As they stepped forward, their eyes met the piercing gaze of a vigilant goblin on guard duty, who wasted no time in sounding the alarm, signaling the charge of the frenzied mob.


In an instant, the goblins descended upon the group with the ferocity of a raging inferno, their grotesque bodies writhing and twisting in a sickening display of violence. The clash of metal against metal and the anguished cries of the combatants echoed through the air, drowning out all other sounds.


But amidst the chaos and confusion, something strange began to happen. Luis, who had initially frozen at the sight of the approaching horde, suddenly raised his hands, his fingers twitching with a strange, almost hypnotic energy.


As if by magic, the room around them began to twist and contort, the walls and floors shifting and turning like a living, breathing entity. It was as if they had been transported into an otherworldly realm, where the laws of physics and reality were subject to the whims of some unseen force.


Oliver and Charles, who had initially been charging forward to meet the enemy, suddenly found themselves surrounded by a maze-like labyrinth, the goblins now trapped within its twisting halls. With each step they took, the walls around them seemed to shift and move, creating new pathways and dead-ends that disoriented the creatures and left them vulnerable to attack.


With a newfound sense of confidence and purpose, the two warriors charged forward, their weapons flashing as they struck down goblin after goblin with ruthless efficiency. And through it all, Luis remained standing at the center of the chamber, his eyes closed in concentration as he continued to manipulate the very fabric of reality around them.


As the battle concluded, the trio walked back to Richard and the others, happy with the success of killing the goblins. The triumphant trio made their way back to Richard and the others, their faces flushed with victory and their hearts still pounding from the adrenaline-fueled battle. As they approached, the group let out a cheer, relieved and grateful to see them return unscathed.


Raphael clapped them on the back, a proud smile on his face. “Well done, boys. You proved yourselves today.”


Oliver, Charles, and Luis beamed with pride, basking in the glory of their hard-fought victory.


But just as they were about to bask in their triumph, a new sound filled the air – a deep, rumbling growl that seemed to shake the very foundations of the chamber. The group froze in terror, their hearts sinking as they realized that their ordeal was far from over.


From the shadows emerged a towering beast, its massive form casting a dark shadow over the group. Its eyes glowed with a malevolent gleam, and its razor-sharp claws glinted in the dim light of the chamber.


Richard stepped forward, his sword at the ready. “Stand back, everyone. Let me handle this. I do need to train too,” He said with a grin.


With a determined look in his eyes, Richard charged forward to meet the beast head-on, his sword flashing in the air as he struck out with deadly precision. The beast roared in anger, lashing out with its massive claws as it sought to crush the valiant warrior.


But Richard was too quick for it, darting in and out of its reach as he struck out with lightning-fast attacks. With each blow, he weakened the beast, chipping away at its defenses and wearing it down.


And then, with a final, mighty blow, Richard struck the beast down, its massive form collapsing to the ground in a lifeless heap. The group let out a collective chear, grateful for the heroism and bravery of their leader.


“Alright lets go look for the next goblin hoard,” Richard said. “First, you three pick up their drops.”


“Alrighty,” the three of them said


They walked over to the corpses of the goblin bodies, cutting through their flesh to extract valuable loot and treasures. Oliver deftly picked the pockets of the fallen goblins, snatching up any coins or trinkets he could find. Charles looted their weapons and armor, salvaging any usable pieces to sell or repurpose later on. And Luis carefully examined the corpses, searching for any hidden treasures or secret compartments.


As they worked, they chatted and joked, their spirits high from their recent victory. While they filled their pockets and bags full with loot, the group set out once more, their eyes scanning the darkened halls for any sign of the next goblin hoard. As they rounded a corner, they were suddenly set upon by a group of goblins armed with deadly crossbows. The group scattered, diving for cover as the goblins fired off shot after shot.


“Alright you three, do your thing once more,” Richard said, sending the three in once more.


The three friends set off into battle once more. They easily defeated the goblins and returned to the guild, where they sold their loot and received their payment. They continued their routine of training until noon, eating dinner, and going to bed early.


As time passed, their training became more intense, and they pushed themselves to the limit. They would wake up even earlier in the morning to hit the gym, with Richard now joining them in their training sessions. After their morning workout, they would enter the center cave to practice their combat skills.


Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. The six friends, Richard, Amelia, Raphael, Louis, Charles, and Oliver, continued their daily routine for two long years.

The Hollowed Adventurer

The Hollowed Adventurer

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Oliver was a kind-hearted man who yearned for a peaceful life of ease and comfort but was mercilessly forced into a a new world from death, seething with billions of lives. He was forced to face the absolute depths of death and despair with his devoted allies, battling valiantly for the slim possibility of survival. Tragically, though, each of his close pals was cruelly ripped from his grasp, leaving him to struggle with an unbearable sense of sadness and hopelessness. Oliver's once-pure spirit was corrupted and enveloped in the darkest of shadows as he went on an endless rampage through the forgiving terrain after being pushed to the verge of insanity. Oliver was forced to be awakened from his comatose state and forced to confront the harsh truths of this abandoned planet, which provided a glimpse of hope even in the midst of his darkest hour. He determined to defy fate itself, rising up against all obstacles to take his proper position in the annals of history as a real hero of the ages, armed with his newly discovered strength and resiliency. Will he be able to overcome his darkness or will he succumb to the inexorable forces of evil that are constantly threatening to engulf him?


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