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The Amorael

The Amorael


‘’So Paraiba, we have approximately an hour to pass, what do you suggest should be done?’’

‘’I think we can have a round of a magical battle, let’s try our powers!’’, replied Paraiba with a sarcastic grin.

‘’Oh yes…..uuhhmmm but …..Oh so you are now being sarcastic.’’ ‘’Without a bit of doubt, yes, coz what else can we come up with in this dim boring square rather than chit chatting, that was indeed a dumb question Flint!’’

‘’Do you believe in that cloud story- The Nocumatus, that grants wishes?’’

‘’Queen Birdwing told us about that, she knows every inch of this place and therefore I do have faith that it might be, if not wholly accurate, slightly true.’’

‘’I was dubious about that the very moment I heard of it, something doesn’t let me trust the story, there always arises a question in my mind.’’

‘’It’s ok Flint, people have a difference of opinion, if you are not able to come at peace with the story let it not disturb the peace of your mind and forget it.’’, advised Paraiba.

‘’I think that’s a valuable piece of advice, I was unable to take that thought out of my mind, now I will try to avoid it and focus on other important stuff.’’

‘’Even if we get the way to get rid of the curse, will we be able to do that?’’

‘’Whatever it takes, even my breath, I will bring my parents back even at the cost of my life.’’

‘’Yes, I am certain about that, the pearl around your neck is worth praising, I must say I have never seen such a fetching jewel.’’


‘’Oh this, it has been given to me by my mom, my granny told me this, and as her sign of love I always have this with me.’’


They continued to converse while waiting for Teal to bring them the book. Teal went straight through the hall of the Ianclime, it was dark similar to the other parts of the castle but he saw radiance arising from a

distanced place. He followed the origin and reached a realistic sphere

shaped bookshelf, complete from every possible side. Teal had never seen such a shelf and to his amazement, there was a circle in the centre of the shelf, which was empty, which did not have any books kept in. The exterior of that shelf cropped up to be primeval yet sublime. The colours seemed to be an artist’s palette except for the white central patch everything else was flamboyant. He thought it was just a bookshelf and was about to leave but when his eye fell on the white circle, he was compelled to wait.


Teal pondered that this was unlike a feasible task; he keenly observed the patch to find a clue of getting hold of the book. He saw that there was something written on the patch but it was jumbled. He noticed

moving letters O T I R N E O S P I, he pulled out a book from the shelf but

as soon as he did this all the other books came out hanging over his head, ignoring which he converted his finger to a pen with the pen finger spell, noted down the letters and after a lot of scratching, combining, arranging he got the word- Reposition. Now he though what is to be repositioned when his glance stopped at the spine of the book, it gave the impression of incompleteness. He then took hold of all the books dangling over his head; the books started flying like a bird until he kept them on the rack. Arranging it as per the colour pattern gave an effect of the rainbow but nothing happened, then he arranged it as per the sizes it formed the image of the forest but again futile then he arranges it in chronological order it formed a depiction of Alcazar and suddenly the white centre popped out.


After a bit of scrutiny he found marks on the circle as if rotated several times, so he also did the same he rotated the disc clockwise thrice and suddenly the holder moving. It was all new for Teal to witness such a thing he stepped back and watched all the books turning around, opening to a certain page having brown shades as if a piece of a puzzle and within no time the books transformed to a door that opened like an umbrella. He entered the room and saw another limpid glass room through which he could clearly see a radiant book in the middle of the room placed on a stand. He tried to break the glass, searching for a clue, he found none, so he sat down by the room and leaned towards the glass wall to take back support but as soon as his back touched the wall, he passed through it. He then realised that it was just an illusion of being a solid wall but in fact, it was passable when only a person tried to pass it facing their back. On passing through it, he couldn’t believe his eyes; he saw a round disc of glass on which was the stand having the Amorael.


Reaching the disc, he saw, covered with red velvet bordered with brown metallic shine at the edges and written in golden letter – The Amorael.

He opened the book, the pages were bright white in colour and the words were of pure golden colour as if jewels from a queen’s wardrobe. The first page displayed the names of all the members and those who were resting in peace had the shine of their written name pass away with them. Teal then saw the names of the mages, all the members,

with turning pages he found Flint’s name as well displayed with his

family, his father Beryl Carter and other family members that of Paraiba as well. His heart skipped a beat when he saw his own name along with that of his father Orloff Edwards and his mom Ruby Edwards; he became very excited to share this with his friends. A stream of emotions rushed through his veins and without a second though he picked up the book and was about to rush out of the room. The book, losing touch with the stand, showed its effects on the ambience, the disc he was standing on started moving, the glass wall he crossed swiftly was turning solid, the books that were so full of life turned pale and the white circle turned coal black but he managed to come out and slam shut the door.


Not wasting a single second he called out loud to Paraiba and Flint and upon getting no response he casted the spell of the musical note –

’’A musical note for Flint Carter and Paraiba Harris with a message to communicate that I found the book.’’

A sweet short tune can be heard with a hidden message that only the

receiver could listen, the tune was in the form of musical symbols flying like a voyaging tone to its hearers. Teal followed the symbols and he got the idea that both his friends ended up being in the same place as the tune did not divide for two people who ought to be in two opposite directions, and if it divides, he decided to follow one of them and leave the other as a message. But luckily he had not choose any as all the symbols headed in a direction and he kept following from the corridors to the rooms then the staircase and a dim lit room where the symbols became faint. On reaching the dark room the symbols vanished, where he heard low voices coming from a certain direction, the voices becoming clear with each taken step, can be identified as being of his friends. He held the book firmly and with a determined expression he ran towards the closed door of a room, opened it wide and on application of sudden brakes to his speed, he lost balance, tripped and fell down flat with a bang, the Amorael lying open, a hand distance away.

Teal managed to get up within a fraction of a millisecond and rushed to get hold of the book when his eyes fell on the words that read-

‘’And Beryl Carter stabbed Orloff Edwards with a sharp…’’


‘’Are you all right Teal?’’, asked Paraiba concerned.

‘’Be cautious Teal you could get injured!’’, said Flint. Not receiving a response they went closer to Teal, he looked terrified on processing the datum he just read. Flint placed his hand on his shoulder and asked- ‘’What happened to you, why you appear to be this shocked?’’ Teal slid his hand from his shoulder and pointed his finger to the opened book with flickering blank pages, causing an increase to the already created


confusion. Flint discerned that the door of the room was about to close again, he hurried to block its closure and called out to Teal and Paraiba to quickly leave the room. Sensing that Teal appears to be in an abnormal state, Paraiba picked up the book, dragged Teal along with her to the exit, Flint too managed to come out within time, and they decided to head to the hall of the Alcazar. Reaching the hall Teal let go of the hold of Paraiba with a jerk and sat on the stairs, looking traumatized, Paraiba and Flint both were of the opinion that something happened to Teal, he is acting strange.


The Acasa Book 1

The Acasa Book 1

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English

In the mystical realm of Acasa, magic flowed like a river, guided by seven wise mages. They trained young magicians; ensuring magic was used for good. But a curse struck, cloaking Acasa in darkness. Three friends, Flint, Teal, and Paraiba, stood up and carried on with a mission to unveil this mysterious place. With Flint's sister, Princie, and her friend Ken, they aimed to prove their worth. Their journey revealed forgotten secrets. They faced trials, solving riddles and discovering truths. Their greatest challenge was Theodore, once a noble Guardian, now consumed by darkness. He sought Acasa's power for himself. United by friendship, the five determined to confront Theodore, learning that unity held more power than magic alone. As they march ahead they come across en-number of revelations taking them a step closer to their aim of safeguarding Acasa. As they ventured, they embodied Acasa's essence—strength, wisdom, and hope. Their story is one of courage and wonder, a tale of bonds forged in adversity. It's the legend of "The Acasa and the Guardian of the Gates."


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