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The Nocumatus

The Nocumatus


Both of them went upto him and sat beside him and softly asked him what the matter was, at this point Teal’s eyes could not hold it anymore and tears rolled down his cheeks, increasing the concern of his friends to a greater extent. Paraiba consoled him saying, ’’We can get through any trouble together, tell us what happened that is causing you this suffering, we will help you out.’’

‘’Open this book and read the lined from the last pages you will very well know the reason of my pain and the person behind it.’’, said Teal giving a furious look to Flint.

Paraiba opened the book and started turning pages but she could see nothing except for blank white pages without even a drop of ink to be found.

‘’This book is blank, have you picked up some other book Teal?’’ ‘’This cannot be true Paraiba I saw it clearly and cannot forget that Flint’s father stabbed my father with a weapon.’’

‘’What are you talking about, my father he can never cause harm to anyone and how do you know that it was my father and the one stabbed was yours, as the entire village knows you are an orphan.’’, taunted Flint with aggression.

‘’You have a sister named Princie and your mom’s name is Seirra, I got this info from the member’s list from this book along with my family members as well and that too of Paraiba.’’

‘’Yes, that is the name of my sis and mom but my heart still denies that my father could do such an act without a reason, so stop blaming.’’ ‘’Stop it guys, this book is somehow empty now, we are short of facts here, stabbing someone doesn’t mean that they are dead and moreover this place is under a curse and last few pages that means that were the last actions that took place here, we must discover the complete story without prior judgements.’’, said Paraiba calming the situation.


‘’I can understand and agree with your reaction to this Teal and I am satisfied with what Paraiba explained and trust me I will find out the truth no matter what it takes.’’, said Flint to console Teal.

‘’Teal is presently not in the state to focus on this truth revealing notion,

it would be fair if we grant him some time to re-gather his senses and join us, until then we can’t leave him all by himself.’’, explained Paraiba shifting to a corner so that Teal does not overhear them.

‘’Of course but I partially agree with you on this, we are running out of time and I cannot sit here and wait for the truth to reach me, so you be with Teal here and make sure he is fine and I will discover the truth.’’ ‘’How can you do that alone in a place you have never been before?’’ ‘’Remember the Nocumatus, Queen Birdwing told us about, I will get all the answers there and you stay here and find out why the book is blank when it was supposed to have the journal of the events and was having that minutes ago Teal read those lines.’’

‘’Are you sure you could do this all by yourself?’’

‘’We have no other choice, I have nothing more to lose rather than this life and I get nothing out of it if I have to spend the rest of it alone. Better die a martyr than a loner. Will be back soon.’’

‘’Yes I will pray you return triumphant.’’

‘’Listen, you have been a great friend, if by any chance I don’t return, let there remain no doubt about my family involved in any suspicious activity.’’

‘’There exist no doubt till date as well, Flint this is just a chaos confusion, half-truth is a lie and what we know is not even near to be called true. We will join you once the things get in control.’’

‘’Sure, and thanks for that.’’

‘’Take care Flint.’’, said Paraiba hugging him.


It was a bright afternoon with a dark fate; nothing was failing to create another hurdle in their way. Flint called Lesotho and Sasha, told Sasha to


take care of Teal and Paraiba and to inform him if anything strange happens that indicate danger and then he sat on Lesotho and rode off towards the Dresden.

The sun showed no mercy in showering its warm light and Flint crossed the routes like a thunderbolt until they took a sudden pause at a diversion, he rode so quick that he missed the beauty of the forest paying no heed to it. Flint was hesitant in choosing one of the two paths so he decided to move forward with Lesotho’s instinct as animals have this sense of detecting perils. So they chose the left way but here Lesotho depicted a strange comportment he decelerated his pace and started to saunter. He was not to be blamed for that as the circumambient changed to the hilt. The trees were talking to them, some were bowing down and some were greeting them. The trees came across as being mystical, few were as tall as skyscrapers and others as bijou as bonsais, not many were dull and without the trace of a single leaf yet humble. A small number was of bright lush tress emitting light of several colours and several were seen by Flint for the first time, they seemed as lively as if one of them was swinging its hanging leaf as though dyed hairs. One of them said-‘’ Good to see you Mr Carter.’’


Flint was stunned at this gesture; he thought to himself how they know my name, why are they bowing to me. Again, a voice spoke up –‘’ Great choice of the route, the malign energies, deadly shrubs, stinging tress,

killer plants, the scrunch punch ivies and creepers would have squashed

you to death, you picked life over danger.’’ Flint was terrified after acquiring this datum and he thanked Lesotho for saving him from that sitch.

As they moved forward, they came across nominal looking trees but the animals roaming around were exceptional. He have never seen in his entire life such a scenario, fishes that have finny legs and were crawling on the land, various sizes, colours and shapes, serpents flying over their head, a cluster of butterflies belonging to Queen Birdwing’s race.

Unicorns and twinicorns- a unicorn with two heads and white wings with

a rainbow-tinted mane, dragonets and hatchling trying to blow out fire,


tiger-like cats on trees, enormous white elephants, running around with baby elephants. Insects, comparatively larger swimming around in the water bodies possessing modified wings that were attached as fins. This place and every creature residing seem to challenge the rules of nature. Coming out of the trance Flint got off from Lesotho’s back and his eyes exploring the creature that were harmless and not at all furious rather gently bowing down and giving way to Flint. He reached the mountain base and started climbing with a partial focus, as his eyes could not let go of the beings. Reaching a certain distance, he felt that the rock beneath was moving and with the next jerk he lost balance and fell off just to provide him with a further bolt from the blue, a dragon flew which camouflaged with the rocks and Flint disturbed his sleep boarding on it as an uninvited guest.


Flint was daunted to even stand near the mount, moreover the surface now seems slippery and arduous to clamber. Now that he was in a perplex condition of how to get on top of a steep, sliding slope,

something touched his back like a soft poke. He turned just to get

startled again, a twinicorn tossed Flint like a baker’s tortilla and he landed on its back. Flint regained his senses and one of the twinicorn heads asked him, as if offering a ride-

‘’Ready young boy?’’, and before he could deny or assert to the asked question, the twinicorn took a couple steps backwards and dashed with full celerity towards the mount and just when they were about to smash their heads on the alp the flight took off. This horrified Flint so much that he did not even scream until the take-off and after that, the forest echoed with his voice.


This shriek reached the ears of Paraiba as well. She got perturbed and told Sasha to check what’s wrong. She was willing to go herself but then she could not leave Teal all alone and she also had to find a way to

convert the blank Amorael into its previous form. She consoled herself

that Flint is capable to take care of himself so this might not be a danger


signal but these were merely to solace her mind. Sasha at once obeyed and flew away in the direction of the voice, in utmost hurry but still it was a long distance for her to traverse.


Flint, after a certain point stopped shouting and enjoyed the ride, the range of view and delight he was experiencing was beyond explanation. The flora and fauna was alike the measurement of grains and the forest

as that of a palm, Flint was now almost feeling the clouds past his face.

Two more flaps and they reached the top, the twinicorn tilted to a side and Flint slid down its wings, the top was rather flat than being pointed, as though leaving a place for something.


The Acasa Book 1

The Acasa Book 1

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English

In the mystical realm of Acasa, magic flowed like a river, guided by seven wise mages. They trained young magicians; ensuring magic was used for good. But a curse struck, cloaking Acasa in darkness. Three friends, Flint, Teal, and Paraiba, stood up and carried on with a mission to unveil this mysterious place. With Flint's sister, Princie, and her friend Ken, they aimed to prove their worth. Their journey revealed forgotten secrets. They faced trials, solving riddles and discovering truths. Their greatest challenge was Theodore, once a noble Guardian, now consumed by darkness. He sought Acasa's power for himself. United by friendship, the five determined to confront Theodore, learning that unity held more power than magic alone. As they march ahead they come across en-number of revelations taking them a step closer to their aim of safeguarding Acasa. As they ventured, they embodied Acasa's essence—strength, wisdom, and hope. Their story is one of courage and wonder, a tale of bonds forged in adversity. It's the legend of "The Acasa and the Guardian of the Gates."


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