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Chapter 15: Confrontation

Chapter 15: Confrontation


Just as Madam Ming was about to speak, a voice came from behind, “Fourth Uncle.”

Old Master Ming Si looked towards the voice and saw a young girl slowly approaching from the corridor.

This niece of his, whom he had watched grow up, was very familiar to him.

Madam Ming was considered a stunning beauty, and Miss Ming Qi (Little Seven) resembled her by seventy to eighty percent. In terms of appearance alone, no other daughter in the family could match her. However, she was born foolish, and usually looked dull and wooden. Even if she was dressed up brightly, she still seemed like a wooden doll.

Beauty lies in the bones, not in the skin. Without this charm, Madam Ming’s exceptional beauty was reduced to fifty percent on her, making her less captivating.

But the Miss Ming Qi before him now…

Her demeanor was not particularly elegant, nor was her appearance particularly gentle. She even seemed too casual and lazy, but she appeared as if she had come to life, becoming vivid.

Old Master Ming Si then realized that although his niece’s features resembled his sister-in-law more, the contours of her eyebrows were actually more similar to his brother’s.

Since he and his brother looked alike, naturally, she also resembled him.

Facing such a face, half of his anger was extinguished.

Ming Wei approached Old Master Ming Si, bowed slightly, and then said, “I asked them to push it.”

Old Master Ming Si came back to his senses and frowned, “I heard you recovered from your illness, which is a joyful occasion. Over the years, due to your illness, you haven’t learned the lessons a girl should learn. You should be catching up on your studies now. Why are you meddling in these trivial matters?”

Ming Wei smiled, “I asked them to push it because the wall is useless.”

Old Master Ming Si was angered by her words, “What do you know? It was your Yu Fang Garden that first claimed to have ghosts. Since that’s the case, isn’t it more reassuring to have it separated?”

Ming Wei sighed.

“What are you sighing for?”

Ming Wei said, “Would Fourth Uncle believe me if I said I understand?”

Old Master Ming Si paused and looked at her with a scrutinizing expression.

Ming Wei continued, “You must have heard that the reason I recovered is that my mother’s sincerity moved the Goddess Xuan Nu. My lost soul was serving the Goddess Xuan Nu all this time, so I naturally understand these matters.”

Seeing Old Master Ming Si furrow his brows, she seemed to know what he wanted to say, “Does Fourth Uncle want to say that there are no ghosts or gods in this world?”

Old Master Ming Si was cut off by her, and his momentum was somewhat weakened, “What gods and ghosts? You’re a young lady; you shouldn’t be involved in these matters.”

“Then who should handle these matters?” Ming Wei looked up at Old Master Ming Si with a smile and a composed demeanor, “Fourth Uncle has taken care of my mother and me over the years, and we both keep it in our hearts. But now, my mother and I are being driven to death, and Fourth Uncle can’t do anything about it!”

Old Master Ming Si was first stunned, then furious, “What do you mean driven to death? You’re a girl; don’t spread rumors and cause panic!”

Ming Wei smiled without answering, then turned to Madam Ming and said, “Mother, the sun is so bright. Please invite Fourth Uncle inside for a cup of tea.”

Madam Ming nodded, “That’s a good idea.” She turned to instruct Mama Tong, “Tell them to rest for now. It’s not too late to continue in the afternoon.”

Mama Tong agreed, dismissed the servants, and then ordered Su Jie and Bing Xin to prepare refreshments.

Ming Sheng finally arrived, “Father!”

He looked at his father, then at Madam Ming and Ming Wei, swallowed the words in his throat, and remained silent.

The atmosphere was a bit strange…

He suddenly didn’t dare to speak.

“Fourth Brother is here too.” Ming Wei’s expression was normal, “Then let’s all have a cup of tea together.”

Old Master Ming Si’s expression changed several times, but in the end, he snorted and said, “I’ll listen to what you have to say!”

In the small hall of Yu Fang Garden where guests were entertained, Madam Ming personally poured tea for her son and husband while saying, “It’s almost noon. Have some refreshments first, so you don’t get hungry.”

Ming Sheng didn’t dare to accept, standing and waiting for her to finish pouring before sitting down again.

Old Master Ming Si had no interest in refreshments, his eyes fixed on Ming Wei from start to finish, determined to get an explanation from her.

Ming Wei turned to her mother and said, “Mother, I


‘d like to have Eight Treasure Duck for lunch. Could you please check the kitchen?”

Madam Ming hesitated, wanting to refuse, but seeing Ming Wei’s pleading eyes, she nodded, “Alright.”

Although only a day had passed, she clearly felt that her daughter was different from before. Just now, even when Old Master Ming Si was so angry, Little Seven didn’t show any weakness in front of him.

She couldn’t do that herself.

So, she decided to trust her.

Once Madam Ming left, only three people remained in the room.

Old Master Ming Si still radiated coldness, sitting there with a stern face.

Ming Sheng was a bit uneasy, first giving Ming Wei a look, then nervously watching his father.

But Ming Wei showed no reaction, just leisurely sipping her tea.

After the tea was refilled three times and she still hadn’t spoken, Old Master Ming Si finally couldn’t hold back, “What exactly do you want to say?”

Ming Wei smiled, “I thought Fourth Uncle wasn’t interested in this matter!”

Old Master Ming Si said coldly, “Don’t think that just because you’re a junior, you can act recklessly. Your sudden recovery is still unclear! Who knows if it’s really your lost soul that returned, or if it’s possessed by some wandering ghost!”

Ming Wei raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Old Master Ming Si’s expression turned colder, “What, am I right?”

Ming Wei calmly replied, “Fourth Uncle misunderstood. I was just wondering, didn’t you say you don’t believe in ghosts and gods?”


Ming Wei quickly continued, “Alright, let’s talk about the important matter first. It’s not good to keep Fourth Uncle waiting for lunch and make him hungry.”

“…” Old Master Ming Si’s face darkened even more. Who was the one dragging things out? It was as if he was the one unwilling to get to the point!

Before he could show his displeasure, Ming Wei went on, “Does Fourth Uncle want to know why I said earlier that my mother and I are being driven to death?”


Ming Wei smiled lightly, “Isn’t it obvious? Such a ferocious spirit is placed blatantly in Yu Fang Garden. The family refuses to invite a mystic, isn’t that the same as wanting my mother and me to die?”

He thought she would reveal something new, but it was still the same issue!

Old Master Ming Si frowned and tried to suppress his anger, “This is not something you should interfere with. Whether or not to invite a mystic is up to your Second Uncle to decide. That wall was built for your mother and you, don’t confuse things!”

Ming Wei looked at him with a smile.

Old Master Ming Si felt uncomfortable being smiled at like that, “What, do you have some twisted logic?”

“You misunderstood, Fourth Uncle.” Ming Wei spoke softly, “I just realized that although Fourth Uncle verbally denies believing in ghosts and gods, you actually believe in them deeply. It seems I misunderstood Fourth Uncle, and I apologize.”

Old Master Ming Si became furious, “What nonsense are you talking about? Where did I show belief?”

“Didn’t you?” Ming Wei raised her eyebrows in surprise, then slowly took something out of her sleeve and placed it on the table.

It was an ordinary paper package, but a bit of red was visible inside.

Old Master Ming Si suddenly stood up, pointed at Ming Wei, and said angrily, “You’re just messing around!” He grabbed the paper package and was about to leave.

A voice came from behind, “Does Fourth Uncle want to refill the cinnabar? There’s no need. Actually, I didn’t dig out the cinnabar; this was just prepared by Mama Tong.”

Old Master Ming Si stopped, unsure whether to advance or retreat.

Riding the Pheonix

Riding the Pheonix

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In her previous life, Ming Wei had exhausted herself in futile efforts to change the fate of her country, ultimately losing her most important loved ones. When she opened her eyes, she found herself back in time seventy years ago. The Emperor Ling had not yet ascended the throne, the fierce Hu people had not established Western Wei, ambitious figures in Southern Chu had not seized power, and Northern Qi remained strong in military might! What was she waiting for? She needed to quickly eliminate those who needed to be eliminated, deal with those who needed to be dealt with, and collect some heads! Then, she would find the destined emperor, assist him in ascending the throne, and govern the realm properly. Only then could she happily reunite with her loved ones.


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