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Chapter 14: Cleaning

Chapter 14: Cleaning


“How interesting,” Ming Wei murmured.

Duo Fu didn’t understand, “Miss, what’s interesting?”

Of course, it was interesting.

Living souls can feed evil spirits, making them even more ferocious.

What kind of grudge or enmity required such a method to harm Madam Ming and her daughter? If this evil spirit were to be nurtured, no one in this garden would survive.

“Duo Fu, get something to pack these up,” Ming Wei pointed to the pile of small trinkets in front of her.


Ming Wei raised her eyes and looked at the Yu Fang Garden in the sunlight.

The grass and trees were sprouting, and the flowers were about to bloom; spring was becoming more and more beautiful.

“Go and tell mother that this garden needs to be cleaned,” she said slowly. “Spring returns to the earth, and all things grow. We need to sweep away the dirt for a better future.”

In the western courtyard of the Ming residence.

In the past, when Minister Ming was famous throughout the country, the Ming residence in Dongning was also built magnificently.

After the family split, the eastern part went to the eldest branch, and the western part went to the second branch.

The main courtyard of the western courtyard was originally that of Old Master Ming. Later, after his death in the war against the Qihu, Madam Ming returned to her old home with her daughter and moved into Yu Fang Garden, leaving the main courtyard.

With Old Master Ming’s death and no male heir, the second branch was to be inherited by Old Master Ming Si (the fourth son). Madam Ming’s decision was considered very tactful.

Madam Ming Si appreciated this and always prioritized Yu Fang Garden.

To outsiders, the family seemed very harmonious.

At the hour of Si (9-11 am), after Madam Ming Si finished her household chores and returned to the main room, she saw Old Master Ming Si sitting there, frowning and drinking tea.

The tea had been brewed several times and was already tasteless, but he didn’t ask for a new one, just sipped it as if it were wine.

Madam Ming Si was surprised to see him at this time and touched her chest in shock, “What’s wrong, my lord? Why are you back so early today?”

Old Master Ming Si grunted and remained silent with a wooden expression.

Madam Ming Si was a bit afraid of his demeanor and didn’t dare to speak, so she planned to go to the kitchen.

However, as soon as she got up, Old Master Ming Si called out to her, “What’s the matter with Xiao Qi (Little Seven) getting better? She was born foolish, and so many famous doctors said she couldn’t be cured. How did she suddenly recover?”

So, he was angry about this? What was there to be angry about? Madam Ming Si was a bit confused.

Compared to the other wives left in Dongning, Madam Ming Si’s life was quite comfortable.

Madam Ming Er (the second wife) and Old Master Ming Er didn’t get along, and they had barely managed to stay together for the sake of their children over the years. Old Master Ming Liu (the sixth son) was fond of women and wine, and Madam Ming Liu was weak in character, leading to endless troubles.

Old Master Ming Si had a bad temper, but he restrained himself at home. Over the years, he had no concubines or mistresses, and all three children were born to Madam Ming Si.

If there was any dissatisfaction, it was probably that the couple didn’t share their hearts.

After eighteen years of marriage and with a seventeen-year-old son, Madam Ming Si still felt that she couldn’t understand her husband’s thoughts. Even though they slept in the same bed every night, he was unwilling to say more than a few words.

Sometimes, she felt resentful, but when she thought about Madam Ming Er and Madam Ming Liu, she had nothing to complain about.

Madam Ming Si replied, “Does my lord remember that Doctor Zhong once said that Xiao Qi’s foolishness was caused by the loss of her soul?”

Old Master Ming Si nodded, “Back then, my brother had someone try to summon her soul, but it was useless.”

“It must have been because the person wasn’t capable,” Madam Ming Si recounted what Ming Wei had said, “…and that’s how it happened.”

Old Master Ming Si took another gulp of tea but remained silent.

Madam Ming Si was nervous, not knowing what had upset her husband.

“My lord…”

She had just spoken when Old Master Ming Si interrupted her, “Did Xiao Qi say all this herself?”

Madam Ming Si was puzzled, “Of course she did. How would anyone else know where her soul went?”

“Do you think she’s really not foolish anymore?”

Madam Ming Si nodded, “Not only is she not foolish,


 but I think she’s even smarter than the other children in the house.” After a pause, she added, “By the way, there was another explanation for Xiao Qi’s recovery this morning.”

“What explanation?”

“They say that the Goddess Xuan Nu, whom my sister-in-law worships, manifested her spirit. Xiao Qi’s soul was retained by the Goddess Xuan Nu to serve her. Because my sister-in-law was sincere, the Goddess Xuan Nu sent her back.”

Old Master Ming Si’s hand holding the teacup paused, and he was visibly displeased, “What Goddess Xuan Nu? Nonsense and superstition!”

Madam Ming Si was startled, knowing that her husband disliked matters related to ghosts and gods, and hurriedly said, “That’s what the child said, but no one took it seriously. Perhaps my sister-in-law thought of this excuse to avoid gossip from outsiders.”

“Hmph!” Old Master Ming Si stood up abruptly, “Nonsense! You better not get involved in this. Don’t go to Yu Fang Garden for the time being, and keep an eye on the children.”

Madam Ming Si lowered her head, “Understood.” Seeing Old Master Ming Si stride out the door, she quickly followed and asked, “My lord, it’s time for lunch. Will you be coming back?”

Old Master Ming Si didn’t turn back, “No, you all eat without me.”

Madam Ming Si sighed silently.

It was always like this. Whether he was angry or happy, he never shared it with her.

A bitterness rose in Madam Ming Si’s heart, but she quickly suppressed it.

What was there to be dissatisfied with? Although her husband was not close to her, he still respected her. She had no control over external affairs, but she was in charge at home. And she had her children: her eldest son was outstanding and obedient, and her daughter and youngest son were cute and well-behaved.

She should be content.

Madam Ming Si, full of thoughts, turned to go back inside, but the housekeeper hurried over, “Madam! There’s news from Yu Fang Garden…”

Just as Old Master Ming Si stepped out of the courtyard, he heard Madam Ming Si’s urgent call.

“My lord! My lord!”

He looked at the rapidly approaching Madam Ming Si with increasing annoyance, and his tone was not very pleasant, “Didn’t I say you all should eat?”

“It’s not that, my lord!” Madam Ming Si hurriedly said, “Just now, Mama Yu came to report that they are cleaning the garden in Yu Fang Garden…”

“They can clean if they want to. Why do you care so much?”

Madam Ming Si added the second half of the sentence, “…Xiao Qi wants to tear down that wall.”

“What?” Old Master Ming Si’s expression changed, and without saying another word, he turned and headed for Yu Fang Garden.

Madam Ming Si hesitated, wondering whether she should follow, when Ming Sheng returned, “Mother? Why do you look so upset? Where is father going?”

Madam Ming Si looked at her son, who was almost as tall as her husband, and felt reassured, “Xiao Qi wants to tear down the wall your father built, and he’s angry. He’s rushing to Yu Fang Garden now…”

Ming Sheng was shocked and immediately followed.

“Sheng’er!” Madam Ming Si called out, “Don’t confront your father head-on…”

“I know!”

Ming Sheng hurried to catch up but couldn’t stop Old Master Ming Si before he entered Yu Fang Garden.

Inside Yu Fang Garden, the strong servants were following Ming Wei’s instructions to push down the wall.

The wall was thin, and by the time Old Master Ming Si arrived, they had already pushed down most of it.

“Stop!” He was furious, striding up to Madam Ming, “What is this? I had people build this wall because you said there were ghosts, and now you want to tear it down?”

Riding the Pheonix

Riding the Pheonix

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In her previous life, Ming Wei had exhausted herself in futile efforts to change the fate of her country, ultimately losing her most important loved ones. When she opened her eyes, she found herself back in time seventy years ago. The Emperor Ling had not yet ascended the throne, the fierce Hu people had not established Western Wei, ambitious figures in Southern Chu had not seized power, and Northern Qi remained strong in military might! What was she waiting for? She needed to quickly eliminate those who needed to be eliminated, deal with those who needed to be dealt with, and collect some heads! Then, she would find the destined emperor, assist him in ascending the throne, and govern the realm properly. Only then could she happily reunite with her loved ones.


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