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Sin City!

The trio will arrive at Para island very soon. Meanwhile, the military have been made aware of their current situation. Three military captains have been injected into hell. The upcoming events that will unfold will surely define the future of the world.

“Yahoooo!!” Manya exclaims.

The trio are soaring through the air. Kenzo is sitting at the back with his legs crossed, meditating. He is completely unfazed by his surroundings. Meanwhile, Manya is standing up, balancing on Jochi. His arms are wide open and he is embracing the night sky.

“Why the hell are they so comfortable while I’m working my ass off! I’ll kill them both when I get the chance…” Jochi ponders.

“GYA GYA GYA!!!” Jochi cackles.

“What’s so funny…?” Manya replies.

“Oh nothing, nothing.”

“Just get us to where we need to go. That job description does not involve making noise..” Kenzo chips in.

Suddenly, Jochi’s engine stops. In the blink of an eye they are plummeting to the ground, slicing through the air.

“AAAAAAAAGH!” Jochi screams.

“YAHOOOOO!!” Manya shouts.

“…..tsk..” Kenzo hisses

Manya is having the time of his life as he plummets to the shore. Kenzo on the other hand is very annoyed that his meditation has been interrupted. Despite the seemingly impending doom, both of them are completely unfazed.

“What the hell did you do…?” Kenzo asks.


“Calm down…That just means we made it.” kenzo replies.

Kenzo chomps down on his forearm, releasing blood.

He continues, “『 Blood Is The Sweat Of Heroes  : Tengu.

The leaking blood sprouts out of his arm and manoeuvres it way around his back, erupting into large wings. Kenzo floats carefully to the shore. Meanwhile, Manya and Jochi simultaneously faceplant into the ground. The baton in Manya’s pocket flies into the air on impact. Jochi passes out.

Suddenly, someone speeds past, snatching it. The baton vanishes out of thin air. Absorbing the impact, Manya leaps back onto his feat.

“Get over here!!!”

Manya redirects all of the energy into his legs and sprints after the thief. Like magic, A thick, black rain cloud forms over Manya’s head. One by one, knives start pouring out of it. As Manya dodges each blade, the thief escapes.

“Shit! That’s the baton Jirocho gave me!” Manya shrieks.

“J-J-JIROCHO!? LIKE ‘OYABUN’ JIROCHO!!?” Jochi screams in shock.

“Weren’t you just asleep?” Kenzo replies.

Jochi immediately passes out again.

“Forget that right now! I can’t leave this place without that baton!!”

Suddenly, footsteps resonate throughout the island. A beastly aura exudes from their direction.

“Such brilliance indeed.
Stumbled upon their presence,
We’re guided by fate.” Captain Yamamoto – 1st Division Captain of the Ebisian Army.

“I reckon they dub anyone a varmint these days, don’t they?” Captain Buffalo – 1st Division Captain of the Columbite Air Force.

“Why on earth did the commander group me with such peculiar characters?” Captain Mann – 1st Division Captain Of the Idinian Navy.

“Manya WAIT!!!…Something…IS COMING..!” Kenzo exclaims, trembling.

“I need my baton!” Manya replies.

Manya continues running anyway.

「 Sanguis 」!” Captain Buffalo exclaims.

“Huh?” Before Manya can gather the situation-


Manya is drop kicked to the ground.

So fast!” Kenzo ponders.

Kenzo Bites his forearm, drawing blood.

『 Blood Is The Sweat O


Before Kenzo can use his taint, suddenly Captain Mann claps both of his ears. He then kicks up the sand on the ground into his eyes.

I-I can’t hear! I can’t see!!” Kenzo panics.

With ease, Kenzo and Manya are utterly destroyed.

“The man with strange hair,

lies hopelessly on the ground.

I should kill him now.” Captain Yamato remarks, pointing his blade at jochi’s body.

“Do not engage! We’re of strict orders to allow Mönkhbat Jochi to escape.” Captain Mann replies.

So that’s how it is…” Kenzo ponders.

Suddenly, Kenzo lunges at Captain Mann.

“Futile…「 Sanguis 」.” Captain Mann responds, veins pulsating out of his entire body.

Captain Mann draws an Urumi from his back. Rapidly, he begins whipping the long whip-like blade around his body. It moves so fast that it disappears. The ground beneath his feat convulses as he shoots into the air. He darts around Kenzo, whipping his blade across his skin. Cuts seem to appear out of nowhere as he moves faster than perceivable to the human eye. As more cuts tear through Kenzo’s skin, the blood begins to form a pool beneath him.

『 Blood Is The Sweat Of Heroes  : RYUU!!!

The blood bursts off of the ground, forming a dragon. The dragon claws up Manya and Jochi with Kenzo lying on its back before flying off.

“Kenzo what are you doing!? Let’s fight!!” Manya exclaims, trying to wriggle free of the dragon’s claws.

“Idiot!! They’ll kill us! As we are right now, we’re no match for military captains.”

“Shut up!! I never lose!”

“This is serious! We need to get off this island!!”

“And how do you suppose we do that? Jochi can’t even use his taint..”

“Yeah….We’ll have to see if anyone can help us…”

“Huh? We’re in the middle of nowhere how the hell can we-“

“We’re not. After all, Para island is also known as the city of Gangsters – ‘Sin City’ .” Kenzo interrupts.

The timing is divine. Immediately as those words leave Kenzo’s mouth they see it. Below on the ground, neon lights illuminate the night sky with vibrant hues that dance along to the rhythm of the music. As they land, it’s as if they’re on a whole other planet. Giant skyscrapers erect from the ground, encasing wonders and wealth. Supercars zoom across the giant highways, exuding luxury and class. This place is nothing like the dirty, poor districts that they came from. This is Sin City.

Kenzo continues, “I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”

“Kekekeke! Not too bad! This’ll definitely do.” Manya replies, in awe of his surroundings.


Meanwhile at shore…

“Darn it all, we done lost ’em!” Captain Buffalo curses.

“No matter, they’ll be in the city by now. Although we legally can’t attack them there, we can meet them on the opposite shore on their way out.” Captain Mann replies.

“Very good thinking.
Then we shall venture onwards,
and wait patiently.” Captain Yamato replies.

“Oh boy, I can’t wait! Mah holster is itchin’.” Captain Buffalo agrees.



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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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