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Order In The Court!

Both King and Love carry their respective prisoners to jail for pre-trial detention. They both arrive at the prison simultaneously.

“So you got one as well huh?” Love asks.

“How dare you catch two while I only caught one? Are you trying to compete with my greatness?” King replies, noticing that she has Manya and the thief on each shoulder while he only has Kenzo.

They both carelessly lung the three of them inside.

“Whatever…!” she replies.

She continues, “Alright idiots! You could have gotten away with your crimes by spending a few months in the correction club. But you decided to misbehave, so now you’re under arrest. Any questions?”

The thief speaks up, “Yes well-”

“Well too bad!” Love interrupts.

“If you have a lawyer, call them. If you don’t and you want one, we’ll provide one for you. Okay I think that’s everything. Good luck. I gotta go beat the crap out of Frei.”

Both King and Love exit the room.

Kenzo is still unconscious from his fight against King. Manya pokes on his face repeatedly.

“Kenzo, Kenzo….KENZO!!”

“Huh?” Kenzo awakens.

“You wanna get outta here?” Manya asks.

“Yeah let’s go…We’re wasting our time here.”

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you.” The thief speaks up.

“Who asked for your damn opinion!?” Manya replies.

“Wait a minute, I recognise you from the news…Aren’t you-” Kenzo chips in.

“That’s right, the one and only… “Pretty Boy” Lando!” He interrupts.

“You know this guy?” Manya asks.

“He’s a famous thief, notorious for using his charms to swindle and steal.”

“That’s right, I know im pretty cool, no need to praise me”

“So you really are just a dirty thief, that’s kinda lame bro.” Manya scoffs.


“God you’re annoying, Kenzo we’re leaving!” Manya orders.

“Wait! I was being serious, if you leave now you’ll regret it, idiot.”

“Just who the hell do you think you are-”

“Wait Manya, relax. Let’s at least hear him out.” Kenzo interrupts.

“Good, so one of you is civilised. Just think about it, I’m guessing from here you plan to go to Sepentria right? Well there will be three military captains waiting for you at shore when you try to take off with the mohawk guy.”

“How the hell do you know that?” Manya asks.

“I saw the three of you when you landed, and that’s when I stole your baton.”


“The military knows they can’t attack you here, so it’s likely that they’ll wait for you at shore…Say, it’s weird for the military to go to this extent to eliminate some gangsters…Who the hell are you guys?”

“We’re asking the questions. Why can’t the military attack in the city?” Kenzo asks.

“You look smart but you’re not all that bright are you? Sin City is run by the Mobster Lucky ‘Smooth’.”

“Mobster…If I’m gonna be one of those I should probably know what it is, what does it actually mean?” Manya asks.

“Are you serious? You claim you wanna be a Mobster but you don’t even know what it is?! Your stupidity transcends me..” Kenzo replies.

Sigh…A Mobster is a Gangster that has become so powerful that the military have no way of dealing with them or containing them. It’s kind of like the term ‘Military Assured Destruction’ as they mutually agree that they are both too powerful and would surely annihilate each other if they ever fought. So, the government and the gang come to an agreement in which the gangster can do what they want as long as it does not directly affect the nations of Pangea. Thus, making that gangster a Mobster.” Lando chips in.

“Wow, are there really gangsters that powerful? This is getting exciting!” Manya trembles with excitement.

“Jeez, you’re a freak. So Sin City is really owned by Lucky ‘Smooth’?…Interesting. But that still doesn’t explain why we can’t just break out of here and figure something out.” Kenzo retorts.

“Well that’s the thing, Sin City is stupid rich. If we can get on their good side, we can use their One-Way Transport System to get to Sepentria. I wanna get off here just as bad as you do, you know.”

“So you expect us to somehow win this case? We’re guilty! And we don’t even have a lawyer, we’ll have to use a shitty one that they provide us with.” Manya replies.

“If you really have heard of me then you should know. I’m a master at manipulation. I’ll represent us as a group.” Lando smirks.

“Hmmmm. Sounds convincing enough. Let’s do it!” Manya exclaims.

Dear God, what have I gotten myself into…” Kenzo ponders.


A week later…

On the other side of town is a courtroom called Court Lucky. The Seven Deadly Sins, all gather here and join the spectators in the upcoming court case of the three people that caused a ruckus in the city. 

As Manya, Kenzo and Lando walk through the colossal courtroom, the faces of the lavish spectators pierce through them. The Jury are also not paying attention at all, some are asleep and some are doodling. At the very end of the hall lies a desk where a baby in a high chair sits patiently. 

The three of them each stand in front of their respective chairs, a very large bucket of water lies next to each seat.

“Excuse me but isn’t it quite tardy for the judge to be late?” Lando asks.

“What are you talking about? The judge is right here.” The baileff replies, pointing at the baby.

He continues, “Now come up and say your vows.”

Lando walks up and puts a hand on a record label that says “Smooth Groove”.

“Tell the truth or suffer. Do you agree?”

What kind of vow is this?!…This is nothing like the movies..” Lando ponders.

“I agree.” He says.

Manya and Kenzo each go up to say their vows as well. Afterwards, the baby bashes his little gavel against the table

“So cute!!” Lando exclaims.

“Silence!..Did you do it?”

“What? We pleaded innocent, so of course we’ll say no. What kind of case is this-”

『 Liar Liar Pants On Fire 』.” The baby interrupts, his eyes glow green.

Suddenly, Lando’s body erupts into flames.

“AAAAAAAGH!!!!” He screams.

He immediately douses himself in the bucket of water that was placed next to his seat.

“Kufufufu! So that’s how it is…Guys, sorry to let you down but, no matter how manipulative I am. We don’t stand a chance.”

“Guilty! Three years of community service!” The baby orders, bashing his gavel three times.

The bailiffs seize him and take him away. The baby then looks at Kenzo.

“You! Did you do it?”

Kenzo’s heart pounds. Three years of community service is far too extreme for him. He has a job to complete in heaven. Dreams to be fulfilled.


“We both did it!” Manya interrupts.

“But I’m not staying here for three years, you’ll have to kill me first! I did not just escape from one cage to go to another!!” Manya exclaims.

The entire crowd is drenched in shock. The juries suddenly become focused on the case. All attention is on Manya.

Ha…idiot.” Kenzo ponders.

“Before you are sentenced. There is one more question that needs to be resolved.”

The judge pulls out Manya’s Baton, grasping it with his little hands. Manya’s expression changes immediately.

“This is exquisite technology and can’t even be attained by Mobsters. This sort of technology is exclusive to royalty. How did you get your hand on such a thing?”

“What? It’s just a regular baton! My friend Jirocho gave it to me. Please give it back, I need it!”

The entire courtroom’s jaws drop.

“JIROCHOOOOOO???!!!” They say simultaneously.



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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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