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Don’t Mess With The Seven Deadly Sins!

“How interesting, it seems that fate has brought us together again.”

“Do I know you?” Kenzo replies.

“Oh? So now that you’re sober you have forgotten my greatness. I am ‘King’ King, the king of kings. Forget again and die.”

King turns around and looks down upon him, towering over him with his 20 foot frame.

“I shall remove your limiters so you can fight me properly, so as to not tarnish my name.”

He continues “「 Sanguis 」…

He blips from his position and ends up behind Kenzo. Suddenly, the limiters on Kenzo’s ankles and wrist break off and fall to the floor.

‘Sanguis’…That’s the same technique those military captains used.” Kenzo ponders.

“What is that technique?” He asks.

“If you beat me, I will grant you an answer..”

“I see. In that case.” Kenzo replies.

Kenzo chomps down on his forearm, drawing blood. 

『 Blood Is The Sweat Of Heroes 』”

His blood morphs into a katana and he takes a 「 Kendo 」stance.

“Kendo huh? So that must mean you’re from the Sakura District. And that crimson hair…Are you related to Chogoro?”

The name leaves Kenzo agitated. He grips the blade firmly. And charges forward.

“I asked you a question. How dare you not respond.”

He continues, “『 Don’t Jump The Gun : Bang.

A bullet wound suddenly appears on Kenzo’s arm. He starts running.

But how?” Kenzo ponders, gripping his wound.

Bang… Bang…Bang .” King repeats.

Each time he says “bang” bullet wounds appear out of nowhere. Kenzo topples to the ground in pain. 

“Good, bow. Judging by your reaction, you know exactly who I’m talking about. What is your connection with that beast?”

“Shut up!” Kenzo strains his voice.

He tries to get back to his feet.

Bang.” King utters.

The wound forces Kenzo back to the ground. He stops resisting.

“‘Shut up’? Don’t order me again.” King commands.


This time however, no bullet wound appears on Kenzo’s body.

How come..?..Wait, this entire time, he hasn’t moved a muscle.” Kenzo ponders.

Kenzo tries to get up again.

『 Don’t Jump The Gun ” King says, standing perfectly still.

He’s summoning his taint again?..So that’s it, As long as I stay still I’ll be fine.”

Kenzo doesn’t move either. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Five seconds go by and King begins to approach him.

“How interesting, so you figured it out.”

He continues “「 Sanguis 」…

He boots Kenzo’s body in the air like a football, sending him flying. 

『 Don’t Jump The Gun

His momentum stops and Kenzo begins plummeting to the ground.

Shit shit shit, I can’t stay still while i’m falling through the sky”

Bang… Bang…Bang…Bang… Bang…Bang…Bang… Bang…Bang… King repeats endlessly.

A barrage of wounds overcome Kenzo’s body as he falls to the ground. Finally, he lands and loses consciousness again.

“Already? I didn’t even get the answer to my question. Oh well..”

King picks up Kenzo’s body in between his index and thumb as if he is disgusted and carries him into the distance.



Meanwhile in the kitchen…

“Hey fatty! I need some chompers to get rid of my friend’s limiters! Where are they!?” Manya exclaims.

The workers’ jaws drop. 

“What did you just call me!? I’M NOT FAT, I’M JUST BIG BONED!!!” GLUTTONY of the Seven Deadly Sins – “Deep” Frye 

She lunges at Manya, Chomping down with her teeth. Manya dodges the sluggish attack and a void appears where she bites down. The void quickly begins convulsing before imploding in on itself.

“Look lady, I didn’t come to fight. Just pass the chompers or I’ll have to kick your ass and take them!”

Suddenly another lady bursts through the wall, kicking Frye in the stomach.

“I caught you Frye, Get to work and stop eating!!!” GREED of the Seven Deadly Sins – “Gold Digger” Love. 

She continues, “How many of those have you eaten!? YOU’RE WASTING MY PRECIOUS MONEY!!!”

“Do you want me to starve to death!? I NEED TO EAT!!” Frye replies.

Both of them pounce on each other and begin roughhousing. 

“Is that ‘Gold Digger’ Love!? Excuse me miss, I’m a huge fan!” The thief exclaims in excitement from Manya’s shoulder. 

Love and Frye immediately stop fighting and shift their attention to Manya and the thief.

“Huh? Who let rats in the kitchen?” Love responds.

“That brat called me fat!”

“…………..Did he lie?”


They immediately start roughhousing again.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Love pants.

She continues, “Let’s deal with them first. Then we can kill each other.”

Manya drops the thief on the ground.

“I’d like to see you try.” He responds.

He grips his stick, taking a「 Silambam 」stance. Sneakily, the thief hides behind Love and Frye as they both prepare to fight Manya.                                                       

“You can handle it, Love.” Frye replies, lying back on the floor. 

Spontaneously, Manya sprints towards love, clenching his stick along the way. 

“Just look at you. There’s no finesse in your movements boy. You know the cold truth of this wretched world?” Love scoffs.

Manya is now in the striking range of Love.

『 Plot Armor !” Love exclaims.

Manya slips and falls on a banana peel, landing flat on his face.

She continues, “It’s that the weak live to be conquered.”

She kicks Manya’s body across the floor.

“Kekeke. Quit talking.” Manya scoffs.

Manya picks himself up from the ground.

He continues “『 Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed 』: Divine Surge.

With all of the built up energy, he unleashes it into this attack. Mid swing, a fly flies up his throat and he begins ceaselessly choking.

“Your attacks won’t hurt me brat. I have plot armor.” 

She was using a meteor hammer to keep her long hair in a ponytail. She unties it and grips it firmly.

She continues “「 Sanguis 」!

Veins burst out of her entire body as she swings the meteor hammer around her body incredibly fast.

“Why does everyone keep saying Sangui-” Manya comments, before getting interrupted by an exponential force. 


The meteor hammer zips across manya’s jaw. She begins whipping it against his body endlessly, crushing his bones in the process. Manya becomes paralyzed from pain. 

She then ties her hair back up and picks up his body, before walking away.

“Frye! Clean up and do your job!” She orders.

“Whatever, I’m a free woman ya know!!” Frye replies

“So cool!! Say, are you looking for a partner?” The thief eagerly states, following her along. 

“Huh? You’re coming with me too idiot!”

She grabs the thief on her other shoulder and takes him with her.

“But why!? I didn’t even want to escape, they forced me to tag along” He sobs. 



Meanwhile back at the club…

I can’t believe this! Those brats caused a ruckus and now I’m paying for it!” Jochi ponders, sobbing.

He is mopping the table and now has a limiter placed on his neck.

“You’re going to be working here until you’ve earned enough to fix that damn hole your drunk friend created. So get comfy, you’ll be here for a while!!” The bartender yells.

What has my life become? First Ghengis cast me out and now I’m working at a bar? I’m Mönkhba Jochi, boss of the 9th Chapter dammit!


“Quit crying and get to work!!” The bartender replies.



Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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