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The Attack of the 3 demons

The Attack of the 3 demons

In the heart of Kolkata, Aditya’s school day took a terrifying turn. Three shadowy figures, their features obscured by darkness, appeared within the school grounds. Panic and confusion spread like wildfire as students and teachers fled from the enigmatic intruders.

Aditya’s heart raced as he approached, driven by a sense of responsibility. Despite his strength beyond that of an ordinary human, he struggled to fend off the menacing attackers. The battle raged on, each movement a dance between desperation and determination.

Amid the chaos, the lead demonic figure, its voice dripping with an otherworldly resonance, addressed Aditya. “Step aside, mortal. We seek the ancient relic known as Vrigya. It is hidden within these walls.”

Aditya’s brows furrowed. “What do you want with that relic?”

The second demon hissed, its eyes glinting with an unsettling gleam. “Vrigya holds power beyond your comprehension. We are its rightful masters, tasked with its retrieval.”

The third demon remained silent, its gaze fixed on Aditya with an intensity that sent a shiver down his spine.

Determined to protect his school, Aditya retorted, “I won’t let you harm anyone here.”

His words only seemed to amuse the lead demon. “You are but a fleeting flame, mortal. Stand aside or be extinguished.”

The battle intensified, Aditya struggling to match the supernatural strength of his opponents. Frustration gnawed at him, and he wished for the abilities he once possessed as Narakasura. It was in the midst of this internal struggle that something deep within him awakened.

A surge of energy pulsed through Aditya’s veins, a connection to powers he thought he had lost. The echoes of his past life as Narakasura resonated within him, and he channeled that energy into a burst of magical flames. The flames danced around him, scorching the air and driving the demons back.

As the demonic figures retreated, Aditya’s heart pounded. He had tapped into ancient magic, but the revelation brought with it a sense of urgency. The power he wielded was finite, and he could feel it diminishing with each spell.

Just as he managed to subdue the last of the demons, the distant wail of sirens pierced the air. Police were on their way.

Aditya’s heart raced as he quickly extinguished the magical flames, adopting an air of bewilderment as the police officers rushed onto the scene. “I don’t know what happened. These… these creatures just appeared.”

The senior police officer’s scrutinizing gaze settled on Aditya, suspicion clear in his eyes. “You there! What were you doing amidst all this?”

Aditya’s pulse quickened, but he managed to keep his composure. “I was trying to help, officer. I saw the chaos and… I guess I just reacted.”

The officer’s gaze lingered, his suspicion palpable, but the arrival of paramedics diverted his attention, granting Aditya a temporary reprieve.


As Aditya retreated from the scene, his secret remained intact, but the officer’s suspicion weighed heavily on his mind. He couldn’t help but wonder what the demons had sought and what connection the relic named Vrigya had to his past life.

In the days that followed, Aditya navigated his regular routine with a sense of unease. The incident had shaken him to his core, and the newfound magic added a layer of complexity he hadn’t anticipated. The school’s hallways felt different now, carrying echoes of a battle that transcended the mundane.

And as Aditya gazed out over the city’s twinkling lights, he realized that the answers he sought were intertwined with his past, the relic, and the mystical powers he had reluctantly unleashed. He was on the precipice of a new chapter, one that would demand courage, cunning, and the acceptance of the ancient forces that had chosen to resurface in his life.

As the chaos of the battle subsided, Aditya found himself leaning against a wall, catching his breath. A fellow student, Rahul, approached, his eyes wide with a mix of awe and concern.

“Aditya, that was insane!” Rahul exclaimed. “Did you see the way those flames danced around you?”

Aditya tried to muster a faint smile, his mind still racing from the intensity of the confrontation. “Yeah, it was something. I’m just glad everyone’s safe.”

Rahul glanced around, the remnants of scorched earth and the scorched remains of demon forms scattered around. “Dude, you’re not just some regular guy, are you? I mean, I’ve seen strong guys, but that… that was like something out of a movie.”

Aditya’s gaze faltered for a moment, unsure of how much he should reveal. “I guess I was just lucky. Sometimes adrenaline does strange things.”

Rahul raised an eyebrow, skepticism evident in his expression, but the arrival of teachers and emergency personnel diverted his attention. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. We should probably go to the designated assembly area.”

As they made their way, Aditya’s thoughts circled back to his encounter with the magical powers. He was conflicted, torn between the awe of rediscovering abilities that had once been his and the realization that these powers came at a cost.

The senior police officer’s stern gaze from earlier still haunted him. Aditya knew that his magical display had raised suspicions, and he had to be cautious going forward. The revelation of his true nature could have far-reaching consequences.

Days turned into weeks, and the incident at the school slowly faded from the public eye. Aditya maintained his facade of a regular student, attending classes, engaging in conversations, and doing his best to blend in. Yet, the memories of that day’s battle and the newly reawakened magic continued to weigh heavily on his mind.

One evening, as Aditya sat alone on his balcony, the city’s lights glittering in the distance, Rahul joined him. The two friends shared a moment of quiet before Rahul broke the silence.

“Aditya, I can’t stop thinking about what happened that day,” Rahul admitted. “And I can’t shake the feeling that you’re hiding something.”


Aditya’s heart skipped a beat, but he masked his anxiety with a nonchalant chuckle. “What are you talking about, Rahul?”

Rahul leaned in, his voice low. “I saw the way you looked when you fought those creatures. There was something… different about you.”

Aditya sighed, realizing that he couldn’t avoid the truth any longer. He glanced at Rahul, his eyes revealing a mixture of uncertainty and trust. “Okay, fine. I guess I owe you an explanation.”

And so, beneath the starlit sky, Aditya shared his secret with Rahul. He recounted the memories of his past life, the battle as Narakasura, and the powers he had tapped into that fateful day. Rahul listened in rapt attention, his disbelief gradually giving way to understanding.

“Wow,” Rahul breathed. “That’s… incredible. And here I thought I was just friends with a regular guy.”

Aditya smiled wryly. “Well, I’m still the same person, just with a bit of a twist.”

Rahul chuckled. “Twist indeed. But you know what? It kind of explains why you’ve always been so different from everyone else.”

Aditya nodded, a weight lifting off his shoulders. “Thanks for understanding, Rahul. I’ve been grappling with this for a while, and it feels good to share it with someone.”

Rahul clapped Aditya on the back. “No problem, man. Friends stick together, no matter what. Just promise me one thing: no more demon battles at school, okay?”

Aditya laughed. “Deal. I’ve had enough excitement for a while.”

With a sense of relief and caution, Rahul goes back to his house. He had succeeded in concealing his secret, but the events of that day had opened a floodgate of uncertainties. The magic he had tapped into, remnants of his past life as Narakasura, now flowed within him as a finite resource. His mind swirled with questions about its origin, its limits, and the connection it held to the ancient relic named Vrigya.

As he walked through the city’s bustling streets, Aditya’s thoughts churned. The very powers that had once defined him as a formidable force in his past life were now a fragile and fleeting gift. He couldn’t ignore the truth any longer: he needed to find a way to restore and regain his magic, to access the full extent of his abilities.

The weight of his destiny hung heavy on his shoulders. The police officer’s lingering suspicions were just one facet of the challenges he faced. The true nature of the demonic attackers, the relic they sought, and the implications of his rediscovered magic were threads that wove an intricate tapestry of intrigue and danger.

That night, Aditya’s mind refused to rest. He poured over ancient texts, searching for clues that could offer insight into the relic known as Vrigya and the source of his newfound abilities. The more he delved, the clearer it became that the answers lay in a realm that bridged the past and the present.

Days turned into weeks as Aditya’s determination deepened. He sought out experts in arcane knowledge, those who held fragments of information about relics of power and the ancient forces that shaped them. Each revelation added a piece to the puzzle, and Aditya began to discern the path he must tread.

One evening, on a moonlit rooftop overlooking the city, Aditya’s thoughts coalesced. He realized that to regain his magic, he had to seek a connection to his past life, to embrace the essence of Narakasura and the wisdom it held. The relic Vrigya, he believed, was a key to unlocking this connection.

Aditya’s gaze hardened with determination. He had faced formidable challenges before, both in his past life and in his present one. And just as he had once waged battles against forces of darkness, he was now prepared to confront the mysteries that lay ahead.

As the city’s lights shimmered in the distance, Aditya made a silent promise to himself. He would uncover the truth behind Vrigya, regain his magic, and ultimately, stand against whatever forces sought to disrupt the balance between his past and present. The journey ahead was fraught with uncertainty, but armed with newfound purpose, Aditya was ready to face it head-on.

The King of Hell Reborn

The King of Hell Reborn

Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Narakasur, one of the strongest demons of Mahabharat era was killed by Lord Krishna and Satyabhama, who once ruled the # worlds finds himself reborn as a Human in 2023. He faces challenges coping with the modern era until a mysterious attack by an unknown being forces him to take on a new role


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