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Love At First Sight!

Immediately the civilians panic, running for cover.

Discarding Lando, Manya lunges on top of the monarch and brings him to the ground.

“H-heh is this where I die?” The monarch ponders.

Suddenly, a barrage of bullets fires at the stage. Shielding the monarch, Manya picks up a nearby rock and flings it at the direction the shots are coming from. The shooting stops.

“Kenzo!” Manya yells. 


“Right!” Kenzo replies.

In haste, Kenzo bites his forearm and draws blood.

『 Blood Is The Sweat Of Heroes 』: RYUU!!!” He exclaims.

The blood from his forearm rapidly forms a dragon, with Kenzo sitting on its head. It claws up Lando before flying towards the stage and getting Manya and the monarch too. Finally, the blood-dragon sores into the distance.

“The monarch has been kidnapped!!” The civilians scream whilst still panicking and looking for cover.

Meanwhile, Manya, Kenzo, Lando and the monarch are soaring through the sky on the blood-dragon.

“I’m at my limit…” Kenzo whispers.

As these words leave his mouth, the blood-dragon loses its shape and the four of them begin plummeting to the ground. The note left by King slides out of Manya’s pocket. As it floats through the sky, it is stolen by the wind.

『  When It Rains It Pours 』…” Lando whispers.

A thick black cloud appears in the sky. Moments later, it begins raining pillows, hitting them as they plummet to the floor below. 


The four of them land on the floor with only the accumulation of pillows on the floor to break their fall.

“Well shit…What now..?” Kenzo pants, as the four of them lie on the pile of pillows.

“I’ve got no clue!! Kekeke!!” Manya cackles.

“I know, we should all just lie here and die…” Lando whimpers, tears streaming down his face.


“…?” Kenzo and Manya both turn to him in confusion.

“Oh, don’t mind me, this is just the side effect of my taint. It reminds me of how useless I really am. You guys should just go ahead, you don’t need a loser like me slowing you down.” Lando sobs.

“Well this has been great but I’m gonna head back to The Chamomile District [V]. Thanks for your help.” The monarch adds, before pulling a navigator out of his pocket and walking away.


“Not so fast.” Manya replies.

The monarch stops walking.

“I didn’t get your name, what is it?” Manya asks.

“Mozzarella Bogdan.”

“Bogdan, you know a guy called King?” Manya replies.

“Oh you must be a fan of his. Yes, that’s my brother.”

Manya reaches into his pocket and rummages round. He then checks his other pocket. Suddenly, his relaxed demeanour vanishes as he frantically digs his hand into each pocket.

“I LOST IT!!” Manya shouts.

“If that’s all, I really need to head back. They likely think I’ve been kidnapped.”

“Shit, shit shit. WHERE IS IT!?” Manya continues to panic.

Sigh…you had one job. Let’s look around the area, maybe it fell out of your pocket.” Kenzo adds.

“Good idea.” Manya replies.

Manya, Kenzo and Bogdan look around, as Lando remains on the pile of pillows, crying.

Minutes of searching later…

“You guys!! Over here, come quick!” Bogdan shouts.


Manya, and Kenzo rush towards him. Their faces go pale upon witnessing what they find.

“It’s a girl…” Manya says.

Meanwhile on the pile of pillows…

Hearing Manya’s words, Lando suddenly stops crying and sits up straight.


Suddenly, he springs on his feet and sprints towards them, faster than he has ever run in his life.

“I heard someone say there’s a girl, where is she!?” He shouts as he approaches them.

“Oh Lando you’re done crying!  We found-”  Manya says.

“Tsk..move out of the way!” Lando interrupts.

Long pastel pink hair, innocent silver eyes, soft rosy skin. It’s love at first sight. She lies lifelessly in the snow. Blood is oozing out of her skull, staining the snow crimson red. 


“We need to help her!” Lando shouts, blinded by love.

Kenzo kneels down placing  two of his fingers on her neck, then on her wrist.

“Careful with her!” Lando shouts.

“She’s still alive.” Kenzo says.

Lando sighs in relief.

He continues, “I can tend to her wounds, But I need proper equipment and we would need to get her out of the snow, I don’t even know if we can make it in time. It’s a pain in the ass, I say we leave her. ”

“Yeah let’s go.” Manya agrees.

“No…I won’t leave.” Lando replies as a serious look morphs his face.

Manya looks at him. Then looks at the girl. Then back at him. Then back at the girl. Then back at him.

“UUUUGH fine!” Manya sighs.

Sigh…I really don’t have time for this.” Bogdan ponders.

“Alright let’s go then.” Bogdan replies.

“Go where?” Lando asks.

“You wanted to help her right? Look I really don’t have time for this so let’s hurry.” Bogdan replies.


He pulls out his navigator and begins jogging.

“Don’t fall behind!” He shouts.

Manya and Kenzo follow along as Lando lifts the girl on his back, before jogging along also.

Meanwhile, on the west shore of Para Island…

“I reckon they ain’t gonna show up.” Captain Buffalo says.

“I already sent the message to HQ. They should respond soon.” Captain Mann replies.


Suddenly, a drone whizzes towards them. It lands right at their feet and opens up, unleashing a letter.

“Hm, faster than expected. East Commander Wukong works quite efficiently.” Captain Mann says as he opens the letter.


He begins reading, “Ahem…‘Yamamoto Kenzo, famously known as “Blood Samurai Kenzo” And Zakuya Manya are no longer on Para Island as they have made use of Albert Apfel’s One Way System technology to quickly escape and are now in Sepentria. Meaning, they are now out of our jurisdiction. You will be picked up and taken back to heaven as soon as possible. You will then join the forces Blockading the gates of hell if they manage to leave.’”

“We have truly failed,

the enemy got passed us,

in failure we go.


We shall return home,

so unsuccessful and weak,

The enemy wins.” Captain Yamato replies.

“Don’t what that means but that there letter got me feelin’  shitter than shit!” Captain Buffalo chips in.

“Although I have a lot of respect for the east commander, I cannot accept this. This is a matter of pride.”

Captain Mann begins writing a letter and places it in the drone. The drone closes back up and whizzes off.

“I have informed him that we will not be leaving Hell so he shouldn’t bother sending the ride back. We will go to Dice Island, and when they eventually show up, we will kill them on sight.” He says.



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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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