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Chapter 20: Master of Heavenly Thunder

Chapter 20: Master of Heavenly Thunder


The huge vortex cloud was still suspended in the sky, slowly rotating.

Within the vortex cloud, there were flashes of lightning from time to time. But there was no real heavenly thunder falling, and it seemed to be just ordinary rain clouds.

Under this thunderstorm, even Gong-Shu Jie also felt a little pressure. If the white wolf was an ordinary demon, it would have been scared to the bone and unable to move.

Thinking of this, he could not help but sigh, once again looking at the forest and river beneath his feet.

The Cold Feather Mountain was remote and inaccessible, except for the Shuisheng villagers outside the mountain, there was no one around. The mountain range was also ordinary, and it was not a famous mountain.

But with the existence of the white wolf as a Mountain God, this small Cold Feather Mountain instantly became extraordinary.

This time, Gong-Shu Jie simply wanted to make friends with this ancient divine beast, so he was no longer under pressure and his mind was also much calmer.

He sat at the top of the mountain, talking with the white wolf beside him and chatting about some interesting things within the Fire Pass Country. He also talked about some calamities he had experienced in the past. The atmosphere between them was very cordial.

Soon, the monkeys brought in the fruit wine they had brewed.

It was only two bottle gourds, so Lu Heng and Gong-Shu Jie shared one each.

“The monkeys under you are smarter than ordinary monkeys,” Gong-Shu Jie said, drinking a mouthful of fruit wine, “This wine is really delicious.”

In front of him, the huge white wolf gently tapped the gourd with its front paw, and the stopper of the gourd opened automatically, then some wine flew out from the gourd and entered the white wolf’s mouth.

Lu Heng nodded and said, “It does taste good.”

Lu Heng was not good at drinking wine, but this wine brewed from a lot of fruits was different from ordinary liquor, and the fragrance of the fruit overpowered the spiciness of the alcohol. There was a slight sweetness after drinking, even Lu Heng, who did not like to drink, found it good.

And the scene of using the thunder power to control the wine made Gong-Shu Jie’s eyes bright.

Using ordinary magic power to control things was not something to be surprised about. What surprised Gong-Shu Jie was that the power Lu Heng used was the thunder power.  

This means that the foundation of cultivation within this white wolf was not magic power at all! He could not only control thunder and lightning, but was also controlling the power of heavenly thunder!

This ancient divine beast was really extraordinary.

Gong Shu Jie’s heart was shocked, only feeling that he had opened his eyes today. In the past, he had only heard the stories about legendary beasts, but today he looked at it firsthand.

To control thunder and lightning was already very powerful, but filling it with the power of heavenly thunder means that the foundation of his Dao was thunder. In essence, compared to Lu Heng, those who refined earth aura into magic power like Gong-Shu Jie did were not at the same level at all.

Gong-Shu Jie sighed, “The power of heavenly thunder is really formidable! This Cold Feather Mountain is going to become a forbidden area for those that are evil. If these vortex clouds do not disperse, no demon would dare to approach without permission… The only pity is that the vortex clouds obscure the sunlight, making the mountain seem a bit gloomy.”

Gong Shu Jie’s words showed a subconscious emotion after he saw that.

However, he regretted saying it, realizing that his words were inappropriate.

Why can’t he control his own mouth!

But Lu Heng was not angry, nor did he feel offended. He tilted his head to look at the huge vortex cloud spinning overhead, and looked at the mountain with dull sky light under the cloud, and nodded his head.

“Indeed, these clouds are obscuring the sky too much. With a guest here, it’s impolite of me to let the black clouds overwhelm the view…… Please wait for a moment, Wuzhu.”

After saying that, Lu Heng slightly closed his eyes and sank his mind to sense. As the thunder power in Lu Heng’s body surged, the huge vortex clouds spinning in the sky seemed to be affected as well. Immediately after, the pitch-black clouds rotated and surged continuously, and among the clouds, lightning flashed.

Finally, in the middle of the spiral clouds, the black clouds slowly dispersed, revealing a gap and showing the turquoise sky above the cloud. Along the center of this gap bright sunshine came in, falling just on the peak of the cold feather mountain, and then falling on Lu Heng and Gong-Shu Jie.

The main peak of Cold Feather Mountain, which was originally gloomy, instantly became bright and sunny.

Only then did Lu Heng open his eyes and said with a smile, “So, that’s the way to treat a guest.”

The golden sunlight at noon fell on the white wolf’s body, as if every hair was shimmering and glowing.

This divine and incomparable image made Gong-Shu Jie dumbfounded, and his heart was shocked beyond words.

The “magic power” in the white wolf’s body was already very terrifying, completely breaking his perception of cultivation. But now it seemed that this white wolf can even control the thunder cloud?

It means that as long as Lu Heng was willing, he could gather thunder clouds and send down heavenly thunder anytime and anywhere?

This is not just a mere wielder of thunder! This is a Lord of Thunder!

Gong-Shu Jie was inwardly shocked and felt a little frightened.

The thunder clouds had overawed people and demons since ancient times. Regardless of the righteous or evil, demons or monsters, even the birth of treasures may lead to the appearance of thunder clouds. The fear of the thunder clouds was deep in the heart of sentient beings under heaven and earth.

Not to mention the evil people or demons, even virtuous people also had a risk of being struck by the heavenly thunder.

So from ancient times to the present, countless knowledgeable people had tried to study the nature of the thunder clouds and heavenly thunder. But all the evidence pointed to the same truth, that is, there was no specific creature that can control it – this was common sense.

But today, this common sense was broken.

Gong-Shu Jie looked at the white wolf God in awe and shock, and had a terrifying guess in his mind.

In the past, he had never heard of anyone who could control lightning, let alone that the foundation of someone’s body was the thunder power. And among those ancient divine beasts in the legends, it seemed that none of them were a white wolf in shape and can control thunder clouds……

This white wolf maybe……

Thinking of this possibility, Gong-Shu Jie could not help but sweat on his palms and feel frightened inside.

I’ll Quit Being a God

I’ll Quit Being a God

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like in the sea.
Lu Heng, who has crossed over to the other world, finds himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule.
In this strange and wild world, demons, evil and giant beasts are rampant, and humane order is almost non-existent.
These, however, are not what Lu Heng needed to think about.
What he is thinking about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls.
Besides, he actually does not want to be this God anymore...
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