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Chapter 4: The Increasingly Terrifying School

Chapter 4: The Increasingly Terrifying School


Gao Yifei and Han Feixiong fell silent; Cheng Jie’s face turned pale, and he stubbornly kept pressing on her iPhone, but no matter what, the call wouldn’t go through.


After Li Yan’s unsuccessful attempt, he could only angrily curse, “The phone signal is almost gone, what the heck is this, still calling itself high-tech??”

Chu Jiang was startled, he looked at his phone again, previously it had full bars, but now it had only one bar left!

How many seconds has passed??

This is a very bad change, the attenuation of the phone signal means the connection between the school and the outside world is getting weaker and weaker.

After running out of the classroom building, Chu Jiang looked up at the sky. The sky was even darker than before when he bumped into the security guard.

By the time his phone completely lost signal and it became dark, it was likely that the school would be completely sealed off, maybe even no longer in the human world. By then, even if they could escape the school, would they survive?


Running, Chu Jiang didn’t mention this kind of judgment that would only make people more desperate.

As they ran towards the back door of the school, he asked, “Did I stand up in class earlier, saying that I wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the infirmary?”

Li Yan and the others shook their heads in confusion, “No.”

That means that everything changed after he opened the diary…

Could it be that the reason the school is haunted is because he opened this diary? Did he release the ghost himself? Or is the diary itself a ghost?

Chu Jiang didn’t impulsively throw away the diary. He had previously experienced something similar to “time rewinding” or “time restarting.”

Based on Chu Jiang’s guess, this was likely brought to him by the diary. It allowed him to foresee, in a short amount of time, that he couldn’t go through the main entrance of the school, that he would encounter ghosts, and that he would be killed by the ghosts.


Of course, it’s also possible that the time wasn’t changed, and the diary just directly put the future information in Chu Jiang’s mind.

After Chu Jiang’s brain accepted this “future memory,” he will mistakenly think that time has restarted.

In any case, this strange diary is now Chu Jiang’s biggest hope of turning the situation around.

Considering that the back door might also lead to getting lost, Chu Jiang took the diary out of his backpack.

This thing doesn’t seem to have changed much, it’s just the blood stains of the Blood Handprint, which have already flowed down to the bottom of the cover, as if they are about to drip onto the ground.

To be safe, Chu Jiang didn’t touch it with his hand, he just continued to open the diary.


The content on the first page hasn’t changed, so Chu Jiang took out a ballpoint pen again and tried to write on it. He wanted to change the future!

The result… he failed.

Chu Jiang couldn’t leave any trace on it, even if he dipped the ballpoint pen in the blood on the cover and tried to write on the paper.

It’s like the ending of everyone dying, it was destined and couldn’t be changed.

After failing, Chu Jiang immediately started the next test. He wanted to turn the page and see what was on the second page.

Anyway, if there was a curse, he had already fallen victim to it and didn’t care about one or two pages.

But what made Chu Jiang upset was that he couldn’t turn the page.


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t turn that page. It was as if Chu Jiang’s life had ended on this day, and he had no future, so naturally there was no next page.

Frustrated, Chu Jiang put away the black diary and continued running forward.

It seemed that he couldn’t rely on this thing for now, so he had to rely on himself. He hoped that if he encountered danger later, the diary could “restart” for him.

The others all saw Chu Jiang’s attempt, but they didn’t understand and felt that the diary was a bit creepy, so they didn’t dare to ask too much.


Gradually, the school became dark, and screams began to echo from the teaching buildings and laboratories.

Chu Jiang and his group had no idea what was happening, but they could see that the school was descending into chaos. As they turned around, they noticed students running out from every building.


Something didn’t feel right. Not all the buildings were supposed to have the security guard, and the changes were happening too quickly.

At first, teachers and staff members from the disciplinary office tried to maintain order in each building. The school even turned on the PA system, urging all students to stay calm and avoid stampedes, assuring them that rescue teams were on their way.

However, soon enough, screams for help, confusion, and panic spread uncontrollably like a plague.

It seemed that someone had died, and not just one person. Many students, driven by their survival instincts, desperately rushed out of the school.

This was different from natural disasters like earthquakes. During an earthquake, people still had some idea of what was happening and had a sense of what to do.

But now, most people had no clue about what had occurred. All they knew was that someone had died, and it wasn’t just one or two individuals.


As panic ensued, people unintentionally trampled over each other, especially when there were sudden deaths happening right beside them…

Chu Jiang felt a bit scared when he saw this scene. If it wasn’t for the warning he got from the black diary beforehand, at this moment he would be squeezed in the crowd with the other classmates.

By that time, he might not die at the hands of ghosts, but in the crowded hallway.

He didn’t know how the students in Class 2 of Grade 12 were doing. According to reason, they received Chu Jiang’s warning and should be the first group to notice something unusual.

And as Chu Jiang and his group escaped, others would also start to have some ideas. So this class should be the first group of people to evacuate from the teaching building.

As for whether they can survive afterwards, it depends on themselves.


Chu Jiang withdrew his gaze. He no longer had the strength to care about the life and death of others.

Cheng Jie was crying, but she didn’t make any sound, just covering her mouth.

The other three didn’t say a word. They followed behind Chu Jiang, bypassing three or four buildings, bypassing the playground, and could already see the back door from afar.

But while running, the people in front unexpectedly stopped at the same time. Only Cheng Jie, who was directly behind, accidentally bumped into Chu Jiang from behind.

She took a step back and asked with a choked voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Run!” Chu Jiang turned around and grabbed her wrist, they started running when Cheng Jie realized in horror that there were a few “people” floating towards them from the back door.


No, they couldn’t be called people, they were more like ghostly figures.

They looked like dark shadows, with twisted bodies and no facial features.

And all three figures had something in common, their bodies were partially broken; they either had a big hole in their chest, a missing section in their arm, or half a shoulder had disappeared.

Cheng Jie was so scared that tears welled up in her eyes, she just held onto Chu Jiang’s hand tightly and ran with gritted teeth.

At this moment, they all heard a creepy ringing sound, “Ring, ring~”

As the ringing sound echoed, the chasing shadows suddenly opened their mouths, the cracks extended all the way to their ears, making them look like they were grinning fiercely.


The ghostly figures were engulfed in black mist, they flew even faster, getting closer and closer to the living, as if eagerly wanting to drag them into the depths of death…


I Have a Ghost Dairy

I Have a Ghost Dairy

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
If you had a diary that could predict the future.

How would you use it?

These words are written on the first page.

[Do not open this diary.]

[Unless you are mentally prepared for a terrible ending.]

These words are written on the second page.

At this moment, the black diary with two pages stuck to it is in Chu Jiang's hand. After careful consideration, he finally slowly opened the cover.


The world is experiencing a mysterious revival, with strange things and mysterious events happening everywhere. This is a story about a deceased person, it all begins with him obtaining a strange diary.


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