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Chapter 15: The Crisis Returnsv

Chapter 15: The Crisis Returns


After letting out a sigh, Chu Jiang felt that the only breakthrough was to be found in the black diary.

If this thing truly had the ability to control time… how great would it be to make everything go back to before the haunting occurred?

Well, that’s not a good way to think. Even the Slender Man couldn’t do anything to the diary. Maybe in the future, similar abilities can be discovered from it, but for now, Chu Jiang can’t do it.

Not to mention, this is the only thing on Chu Jiang that can have an impact on the barrier.

So, is there any way to connect the diary and the four of them together?

Right now, the reason why they can’t leave is because the diary belongs to the diary, and they belong to themselves. These are two separate groups.

If they can merge the two together, with the unique power of the black diary, it can definitely help them break through the barrier.

Wait, can they seal everyone inside the diary, just like the Bloodthirsty Ghost was sealed on the diary cover?

Um…no, let’s not talk about how Chu Jiang doesn’t know how to seal things now. Even if he can, if he seals others, who will seal him?

Even if Chu Jiang can seal himself, then who will throw the diary out of school?

Lastly, once they are sealed inside, how will they come out? Even if they have the special ability of the Blood Hand Ghost, it was so troublesome and difficult when they came out before. Can they really come out again after entering the diary?

Thinking about this, Chu Jiang’s thoughts in his mind were like a tangled mess, unable to be sorted out no matter how hard he tried.


As time passed, Luoxi No. 7 Middle School had completely become eerie. When Chu Jiang turned back, he surprisingly saw the third teaching building from the position of the boys’ dormitory, specifically the interior of the restroom on the first floor.

The scene inside was clearly visible, with several ghostly figures wandering aimlessly.

Looking up, everyone even saw the scene on the rooftop of the laboratory building from the restroom’s ceiling.

You see, that’s the eighth floor up there. And how were the teaching building and the laboratory building connected??

The scariest thing was that there were many, many ghosts wandering on the rooftop. When you looked over, it was crowded with too many to count. It was the kind of thing that even Chu Jiang would get goosebumps from and temporarily retreat from.

Everyone was stunned, and Liu Mingming was trying to reassure himself, saying, “It’s an illusion, it must be an illusion.”

Only Chu Jiang shook his head and said, “It’s not an illusion. What we saw is all real. It’s just that this school no longer follows the laws of physics in the real world.”

The space inside the school has become chaotic. For example, the whole school is like it has been chopped into countless blocks, and then randomly scattered.

As a result, if Chu Jiang and his group try to go deeper into the school, they may suddenly teleport from point A to point B in a strange way.

Even if someone is unlucky, with the constant changes in space, their bodies might even be cut in half…

Just at that moment, Chu Jiang felt a chill on his back. He had a very bad premonition, and even his right hand palm began to bleed on its own.

Hey, hey, this can’t be happening, right?! Just at this time?!

Chu Jiang struggled to turn around, and then he saw a tall and thin figure with a hunched back. It had eyes and a mouth that looked like three black holes. It was slowly walking towards the boys’ dormitory.

As it approached, the ground, streetlights, and dormitory buildings around it began to look old, weathered, and decayed.

Everyone heard various sounds of death, like howls and cries for help; they smelled various unpleasant scents, like blood and the stench of corpses; their bodies grew colder, numb, as if they were walking towards their graves…

The scariest part was that right now, the ghostly figure was holding a piece of black tree root in its right hand and stuffing it into its mouth, as if savoring the last bite.

When Cheng Jie and the others turned around to see, they collapsed on the ground, leaning against the crumbling trees, their faces filled with despair and fear.

Chu Jiang felt a chill in his heart. Not far behind them was a wall, but they couldn’t find a way out no matter what!

If they were any later, even if someone really powerful came in from outside, they probably wouldn’t even have a chance to collect their bodies.

Chu Jiang gritted his teeth and took out the black diary from his backpack. With only the power he currently possessed, a portion of the blood handprints, there was no way for them to survive.

Didn’t you see that even the ghost tree in the library was swallowed by Slender Man?

Chu Jiang didn’t think rushing in recklessly would lead to a good outcome. He could only hope in this unscrupulous diary.

After opening the diary, it still looked the same, the contents had not changed, and the second page couldn’t be flipped; or you could say it was hoping for Chu Jiang to die soon.

Nevertheless, Chu Jiang still opened the diary, facing the slowly approaching Slender Man, hoping to scare it temporarily, even if it only bought a few seconds.

At the same time, Chu Jiang gathered a few classmates and had them prepare to escape.

This place was not safe to stay, even if there were reinforcements coming, let them come and search for people deep in the school, hoping that Chu Jiang and the others would survive until then.

Seeing Chu Jiang holding the first page of the diary towards itself, Slender Man actually paused for a moment.

Without allowing Chu Jiang a single second of happiness, it started approaching straight again, making Chu Jiang feel like swearing.

Now Chu Jiang couldn’t even threaten the diary anymore because Slender Man seemed to have no desire to eat it, or perhaps lacked that ability.

Otherwise, when Chu Jiang was unconscious earlier, Slender Man would have had plenty of time to tamper with the diary, but the diary remained intact.

At this point, a few classmates trembled and struggled to stand up. Gao Yifei took a step forward, seemingly wanting to sacrifice himself as bait. He believed that since he had lost an arm, he was the most suitable person to sacrifice.

But Chu Jiang tightly held his hand and said, “Don’t make meaningless sacrifices.”

Earlier, these students had a chance to escape in front of Slender Man because Chu Jiang and the black diary distracted it for a long time.

But now, when Gao Yifei went over, it probably couldn’t be delayed for even a second.

It’s sad to say, he doesn’t even qualify to be bait.

Without waiting for anyone to make another move, suddenly, a strange ringing sound echoed, “Ring~ Ring~”.

This sound came from all directions, and ordinary people couldn’t determine its exact location.

The sound of the bell was the first sound, clear and pleasant, but when Chu Jiang and the others heard it, they felt extremely eerie. They felt that something was not quite right, but couldn’t put it into words.

This mysterious ringing had sounded in the campus more than once. At first, Chu Jiang thought it was a signal for Slender Man’s minions to act.

Later, he gradually realized that Slender Man seemed to be searching for this thing on the campus.

For example, right now, the ghost suddenly stopped moving towards Chu Jiang and instead turned its head towards a certain direction.

The first time it did this, it could be said that it was distracted by a sudden sound. But if it keeps doing it the second time, the meaning behind it becomes obvious.

Run! Chu Jiang didn’t dare say a word, he just looked at the others with his eyes and then grabbed their hands and ran.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I Have a Ghost Dairy

I Have a Ghost Dairy

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
If you had a diary that could predict the future.

How would you use it?

These words are written on the first page.

[Do not open this diary.]

[Unless you are mentally prepared for a terrible ending.]

These words are written on the second page.

At this moment, the black diary with two pages stuck to it is in Chu Jiang's hand. After careful consideration, he finally slowly opened the cover.


The world is experiencing a mysterious revival, with strange things and mysterious events happening everywhere. This is a story about a deceased person, it all begins with him obtaining a strange diary.


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