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Chapter 1: Predicting the Future?

Chapter 1: Predicting the Future?

Luoxi City, No. 7 Middle School, Library.

Chu Jiang was in a dimly lit secret room, feeling very puzzled. How could there be such a spooky place in the library?

At the same time, Chu Jiang recalled over a thousand episodes of “Detective Conan” he had watched. Words like locked room murder case, library murder case, and impossible crime all came to his mind.

Feeling along the wall, Chu Jiang turned on the light and discovered that it was a narrow, square room.


There was no dead body in the room, only a desk with a mysterious and eerie black book on it.

It looked like a diary or a notebook, with a deep black cover and a bloody handprint right in the middle. The handprint had bright red blood slowly dripping down, giving it a chilling appearance.

Chu Jiang hesitated for a moment, but decided to approach and take a closer look.

When he got closer, he noticed that there were two small notes stuck on the book side by side. The first one said:

If you had a diary that could predict the future,

How would you use it?

The handwriting was delicate and gentle, as if it came from a woman’s hands. At first glance, it felt like her warm greetings were still lingering in front of your eyes.

The second page was written with:


[Do not open this diary]

[Unless you are mentally prepared for a violent death]

The writing was crooked and twisted, suggesting the writer was very irritable and in pain. The words gave a sense of unease, as if they were trying to pull people into a deep abyss.

Chu Jiang frowned. Honestly, as a model student who grew up under the sunshine and embraced positive energy, he never believed in any ghosts or gods.

It seemed absurd that a person could be cursed to death just by a diary; and as for predicting the future, that was even more absurd.

“The Future Diary?” murmured Chu Jiang to himself. It was an animation he had watched before.


Without waiting for Chu Jiang to think carefully and analyze whether to open the diary, a faint sound of a bell came from outside the locked room.

Chu Jiang suddenly snapped back to reality, the school bell had rung.

He took out his phone and checked the time. Unconsciously, it was already 2:30 in the afternoon. He couldn’t skip this class.

Chu Jiang was currently a senior student in high school, and it was the busiest period for academics. If he dared to skip class, the homeroom teacher would immediately call his parents.

Putting away his phone, Chu Jiang hesitated for less than a second before picking up the black diary on the table.

Great, nothing had happened. Chu Jiang immediately turned around and ran up the stairs of the locked room. Time was running out.


Returning to the ground, Chu Jiang moved an old bookshelf next to it back to its original position, perfectly covering the entrance to the locked room on the floor.

Then he held the book in his hands and ran as fast as he could!

When he passed by the library entrance, Chu Jiang suddenly stopped. He raised the book in his hand to the guy behind the counter, who was wearing glasses. However, he only showed the plain back of the book.

“Boss Chen, I’ll go to class first. I’ll come back later to borrow books. Thank you, goodbye!”

After speaking rapidly, like a volley of bullets, Chu Jiang continued sprinting towards the direction of the classroom building, without looking back.

Chu Jiang and the librarian Xiao Cheng were old acquaintances, so when Chu Jiang sprinted past, he didn’t face any obstacles. It wouldn’t be so easy for a new student.


However, what Chu Jiang didn’t notice was that Xiao Cheng seemed different today. His face was pale, his eyes lifeless, like a cold corpse placed behind the counter.


After leaving the library, Chu Jiang ran all the way to the classroom building.

Today was gloomy, with heavy clouds hanging low, without a trace of sunlight.

The school was very quiet, there was no sound of wind, no cicadas chirping, and no birds singing.

This made Chu Jiang a little curious. He looked ahead and saw the classrooms in the teaching building filled with students. There were also a few classmates rushing to the classroom like him.

He looked towards the school gate and saw the security guard holding a thermos, yawning. There was no one outside the school gate. On the other side of the dormitory, some teachers were walking together towards the teaching building, talking and laughing. Everything seemed normal.


Shaking his head, Chu Jiang quickened his pace and headed to the third floor of the third teaching building, class 2 of grade 12.

He had already spotted Teacher Yu. He had to arrive before she reached the classroom.


Ten minutes later, Yu Fengmei, who looked more like a student than a teacher with her sweet appearance, was pointing at the blackboard and explaining grammar to the students.

As for Chu Jiang, he was sitting in the second to last row by the window. On the surface, he was listening attentively, but in reality, he was using the pile of textbooks on his desk as a cover while studying a mysterious diary.

This thing was very strange. The bloodstains on it looked like they had seeped out from the cover. However, when Chu Jiang touched them, he discovered that the blood was solidified, as if it was some kind of crystal.


As for the two notes above, he could easily tear them off, but he didn’t know which one was true and which one was false.

Of course, the biggest possibility is… all of them are fake.

Chu Jiang glanced to the side and saw his desk mate Li Yan dozing off, completely unaware of him. And as for the teacher, it was even more unlikely.

So after hesitating for a moment, Chu Jiang placed his finger on the diary cover.

He had always been a curious person since he was young, so even though he didn’t believe any of the hints on the notes, there was still an impulse in his heart to open and take a look.

Moreover, although it seemed like one step to heaven and one step to hell, the warning in the second note didn’t say anything about death, it just asked you to be mentally prepared.


After careful consideration, Chu Jiang finally took a deep breath and slowly opened the cover.

When flipping through the diary, it was impossible for Chu Jiang not to feel nervous. His heart rate even slightly increased.

Especially at the moment when he opened it, Chu Jiang suddenly had a strange feeling, as if the whole world had frozen for a moment.

But after he calmed down, he realized that nothing unusual had happened, it seemed like he was just too nervous and had some kind of illusion.

Chu Jiang looked around the classroom and when he was sure that no one was paying attention to him, he carefully looked at the first page of the diary.

The pages of the thick diary were a brownish-yellow color, as if they had been around for many years, and they only contained a few messy sentences:


[September 17th, the weather is gloomy]

[The school is haunted today, everyone died, I’m the same]

As soon as Chu Jiang saw the blood-red words, he froze in shock, for a moment he doubted if he was dreaming.

This feeling of doubting life mainly came from these few lines of text itself…

This was Chu Jiang’s own handwriting!


I Have a Ghost Dairy

I Have a Ghost Dairy

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
If you had a diary that could predict the future.

How would you use it?

These words are written on the first page.

[Do not open this diary.]

[Unless you are mentally prepared for a terrible ending.]

These words are written on the second page.

At this moment, the black diary with two pages stuck to it is in Chu Jiang's hand. After careful consideration, he finally slowly opened the cover.


The world is experiencing a mysterious revival, with strange things and mysterious events happening everywhere. This is a story about a deceased person, it all begins with him obtaining a strange diary.


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