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Chapter 5 : Scary Dream

Chapter 5 : Scary Dream

”Hi Draco”

”I had been searching for you. How are you doing?” Azrael spoke with misty eyes.

”I am doing good, babe.”

Draco said under his breath as he followed her unsteadily,

Suddenly, he came to a stop, as if someone had grabbed him from behind and pulled him off his feet. What’s happening? Draco whispered to himself as he was being dragged away from her,

He then heard her voice.

”Babe, where are you going?”

”I am unable to make any movements. It’s as if someone is dragging me behind.”

Strange noises began to surround him all of a sudden. Sounds that make no sense together, like a baby screaming and animals growling, are all jumbled together.

As he was dragged across the white floor and towards the darkness, the force that was being applied to him kept getting stronger. Finally, he started screaming.

”What’s going on? Stop dragging me.”


After a few seconds, he jolted awake in his room, feeling terrified and sweating profusely. The most terrifying dream he had ever experienced He had the impression that he was being dragged through complete darkness while being harassed by strange sounds and being separated from his wife.

Woah, that was one strange dream.

When he took a look around, he noticed the clock. After looking at the clock, he realised that he still had one hour before he had to report to work. He cast his gaze toward his wife, who appeared to be dozing off in the most peaceful manner.

She’s so sweet when she sleeps; her face is all rosy and innocent.

He got up with the intention of waking her up, but he couldn’t because she appeared too peaceful to be disturbed.

15 minutes later

Ting ting ting, thwack pop

After looking in the direction of the popping toaster, he took out two slices of toast, spread some butter on them, added some tomato ketchup, pepper, cheese, and potato paste, and then prepared a sandwich. He took the sandwich and walked out of the kitchen.

For my lunch, I’m going to stop by the canteen in the hospital and get something to eat.

He walked to a study table in the hall, pulled the chair out, opened his laptop, and began searching for something.

I understand it a bit. Aura Manipulation: This means that she has the ability to control the energy that circulates around in her body, which is also referred to as her aura. According to the text, this is a rare ability to awaken, but if you do, you will be able to increase your strength by many times while lowering how much energy you consume. Oh, some humans are known to awaken this ability as well. I’ve always been curious about how humans awaken these abilities, but all I’ve ever come across are false claims, such as consuming vampire blood or meat in order to do so; however, those who have attempted to put these claims into practise have failed miserably.

Why do they keep this information so secretive? Will it not be beneficial to humans?

He inspected the clock on the laptop in order to determine the current time.

I don’t want to go, but work calls. I still have half an hour. I need to wake up Azrael. I should get going.

He walked towards the bedroom, approaching Azrael and saying,

”Baby, I am going. Time to wake up!”

He shook her gently and said, “Wake Up! And Good Morning”

”Babe, please let me sleep a little longer.”

”You can sleep as much as you need to, but before you do that, please come with me to lock the door.”

”I am coming,” she groggily said, taking a big yawn.


Draco moved toward the door and stood in order to wait for her to stand, and as soon as he saw her stand up , he began moving down the hall in the direction of the exit.

She questioned him by looking in his direction , “Did you eat anything?”

”Yeah, I made a sandwich, and I’m considering eating lunch at the canteen,” he said.

”Why? You could have made something to eat.”

”Don’t worry about it; I’ll just get something to eat at the canteen.”

”The food in the canteen isn’t even close to being healthy,”

”It’s just this once, babe.”

”You could have woken me up, and I would have made you something.”

”I didn’t want to bother you with this.”

”It’s not a bother!”

”I assumed you were sleepy and stressed.”

”Sleepy Yes!! Stressed NO!”

”I am not stressed; it is you who is stressed,” she said, poking him on the head.

Draco scratched the back of his head and said,

”Whatever, I searched about your powers, and they look pretty cool.”

”Did you just notice that I am a cool person overall?”

He touched her face, and he exclaimed, “Hahaha, you are definitely cool.”

He soon arrived at the house’s exit. He turned when he got there and saw her lovely face.

After that, he gave her a passionate kiss on the lips before saying.

”Goodbye, Love You.”

”Bye, Babe, have a nice day!”

Closing the door Azrael turned around, rubbing her face a little, and looked around the house.

Not showing any signs of being sleepy at all.

Then, she moved her hand towards a window and then peered out of it, checking to see if Draco had gotten into the car. When she saw him get into the car in the parking lot and drive away, she turned around and looked at this house, in which she had accumulated many wonderful memories. She started walking, reaching the bedroom, and saw all of the pictures hanging on the wall and on the side tables. She reached towards them, picked them up, and cleaned them with her hands. After that, she walked back towards the hall, sat down on the dining table, and looked at the kitchen, the refrigerator that they had brought last summer, the utensils that were kept on the dining table, the locked door of the storeroom, and the television and laptop that were kept on the table in the hall. After Looking around for a bit, she picked up her phone and started typing some numbers.

After sometime, she connected with someone and said,

”Hello, I need to cash out all of my money.”

”Are you certain about this customer?”

”Yes!” She nodded her head.

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

How To Become a Vampire Hunter

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Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
I am Draco and My wife is a Vampire what?? I didn't even know when how did that happen. Now she is being hunted what should I do I need to become stronger she can't handle it alone Will Draco Become a Vampire Hunter? what will happen to his wife? What path will he follow to become strong? This is the journey of Draco and his family It might include multiple main characters and multiple POV's. Other main characters are not introduced yet. (?surprise?)


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