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This could be the worst decision

This could be the worst decision

Atiksha and shivin both started talking. They were having late night calls, messages. Atiksha also convinced her father to take admission in top university of noida.One day atiksha insisted to meet shivin and shivin came to varanasi to meet her. They hanged out together went to cafe and enjoyed their precious time. One of atiksha’s relative saw them and informed this to her father.

Atiksha was totally unaware of this, she went to home. As soon as she enters her father enquired”where were you?? ”

“I was in college “she replied. “No you were not” Her father said this in very harsh tone.

What happened!! Atiksha’s mother enqired.

“You know nothing about her. She were hanging out with some guy holding hands. From now onwards she will not be allowed to go anywhere”

No one in the family was ready to listen her. A week passed but still she was allowed for anything her phone was also taken away from her.

There was no change in the environment. No one talks to her . She was no more the dearest one of the family. She was regretting her decision of the meeting. And on the other side she was also thinking that shivin must be messaging her again and again and she is unabme to even tell him what’s going on here. So she decided to escape from her home.

First love

First love

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  1. Atiksha, a simple girl make her life complicated with her descisions. The dream of flying like a bird now made her to choose between her life and her emotions, good and best. Let's see what will be her descision.....


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