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Temporary enjoyment

Temporary enjoyment

Next morning when she was packing her stuff dhriti’s mother came and asked her if she can stay for two days more. She told her that shivin will also go via that route so he’ll accompany her. She agreed for that. She was very happy….. Happy for living two days more or happy for going with shivin. 

Next to next morning they boarded the train. Shivin was sitting in front of her. He was smiling continuously while typing something on his phone. But this time atiksha had not received any message. She thought that he’s talking to someone else may be his friend. They had a normal talk during the journey. At varanasi station she deboarded the train. She had not received any good bye message, she was amazed. 

She reached home and directly went to her room. The same thing was running in her mind that why shivin had not messaged anything. 

She decided to ask him and for the first time she messaged to that profile “hey shivin hope your journey is going well, why you haven’t messaged a single good bye ?? “

She waited for the reply but her messages were not having those bule tick… She waited till night but no reply! 

She thought if shivin is ignoring her. Next morning she received a message from that profile..” Who’s this shivin?? “


First love

First love

Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: English
  1. Atiksha, a simple girl make her life complicated with her descisions. The dream of flying like a bird now made her to choose between her life and her emotions, good and best. Let's see what will be her descision.....


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