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Call from school

The sky, once the dominion of a solitary celestial body, now played host to a mesmerizing duo. Television screens worldwide were ablaze with coverage, as news anchors engaged in profound discussions with renowned celestial experts. Amidst this frenzy, one anchor sat down with a distinguished astrologist, a true connoisseur of the cosmos. Their dialogue revolved around the enigmatic trajectory of this newfound moon, a heavenly interloper whose orbit was set on a collision course with our age-old satellite.

The astrologist, with a tone both awe-struck and laden with gravity, elucidated the nuances of this cosmic event. He described the glide path of the new moon with intricate detail, painting a vivid picture of its celestial journey. With every word, the gravity of the situation became clearer – in mere days, these two lunar giants were destined to meet in a spectacular cosmic ballet.

As the news anchor listened intently, the astrologist emphasized the uniqueness of this event. He spoke of the astronomical anomalies that had led to the appearance of this second moon, and how its erratic orbit had been a puzzle to scientists since its unexpected emergence. He explained the potential consequences of the impending lunar collision, from the creation of a meteor shower to the alteration of tidal patterns on Earth.

The segment concluded with a reminder of the transient nature of such cosmic events, urging viewers to look up and witness this once-in-a-lifetime celestial spectacle. As the screen faded to the image of the two moons, distant yet imposing, the sense of wonder and apprehension was palpable, a testament to the ever-unfolding mysteries of our vast universe.

Principal Mr. Jamison, a figure of both respect and amiability among the staff at Greenwood High School, clicked off the television with a thoughtful expression etched on his face. The news of the impending celestial event had captivated the entire staff room, creating a buzz of excitement and curiosity among the teachers. As the screen went dark, he turned to face his team, his eyes reflecting a mix of wonder and responsibility.

“Quite the spectacle we’re about to witness in the skies, isn’t it?” Mr. Jamison began, his voice carrying a blend of awe and concern. He leaned back against the edge of a table, his stance casual yet commanding. “I’m curious about your thoughts. How do you think this will impact our students? And more importantly, how can we use this rare event as a learning opportunity?”

Ms. Patel, the science teacher with a penchant for astronomy, was the first to respond. “It’s absolutely fascinating, Mr. Jamison. I was just thinking about organizing a night viewing session for the astronomy club. Maybe we can extend the invitation to all students. It’s a perfect practical lesson on celestial mechanics!”

Mr. Thompson, the history teacher known for his dry wit, chimed in. “And I suppose I can contribute with a lesson on historical interpretations of lunar events. From werewolves to lunar gods, there’s plenty to explore.”

The room buzzed with ideas, each teacher bringing their unique perspective to the table. Ms. Rivera, the art teacher, suggested a creative project themed around the moon. Coach Williams playfully proposed a ‘moonlight sports day’. Even Mrs. Green, the usually reserved librarian, expressed her interest in setting up a display of space-themed literature in the library.

As the discussion flowed, Mr. Jamison listened attentively, nodding and interjecting with encouraging remarks. He was known for fostering an environment where every voice mattered, and today was no exception.

After several minutes of spirited conversation, Mr. Jamison raised his hands, signaling for quiet. “I must say, I’m impressed and heartened by your enthusiasm and creativity,” he said, a smile breaking across his face. “Let’s harness this unique opportunity to ignite our students’ curiosity and passion for learning. We’ll coordinate a series of interdisciplinary activities leading up to the event. Ms. Patel, perhaps you could spearhead this initiative, with support from everyone here.”

The atmosphere in the room, so recently alight with the vibrant energy of collaborative planning and shared excitement, was abruptly punctuated by the thunderous slam of the door. Every head turned in unison, their expressions shifting from surprise to apprehension as they took in the unexpected figure standing at the threshold – the Superintendent.

Mr. Jamison, momentarily caught off guard, quickly regained his composure. “Superintendent,” he acknowledged, his tone a blend of respect and surprise. “This is quite unexpected. To what do we owe the honor of your visit?” His eyes searched the Superintendent’s face, trying to gauge the reason behind this sudden appearance.

Without the usual pleasantries, the Superintendent stepped forward, his demeanor serious and his words direct. “Mr. Jamison, I’m here on urgent business. I’ve just come from a district meeting, and the decision has been made. We are requesting that you shut down the school.”

A collective gasp echoed around the room, followed by a stunned silence. The words hung heavily in the air, casting a shadow over the previously buoyant mood.

Mr. Jamison, ever the diplomat, responded with measured calmness, though his concern was palpable. “Shut down the school? But why? Is this related to the lunar event we were just discussing? We’ve been planning educational activities around it…”

The Superintendent held up a hand, signaling for patience. “It’s not directly about the lunar event, though it’s a factor. There are broader safety concerns being considered at the district level. The convergence of the moons has created a bit of a public frenzy, and there are worries about potential disturbances. We need to ensure the safety of our students and staff.”

The room buzzed with murmurs and confused glances. Teachers exchanged looks of disbelief and concern. Ms. Patel, the science teacher, spoke up, her voice tinged with disappointment. “But Superintendent, this event is a monumental learning opportunity for our students. It seems counterproductive to shut down the school when we could be using this time to educate and engage them.”

The Superintendent nodded, understanding her point. “I know this is disappointing, and I commend your enthusiasm to turn this into a teachable moment. However, the decision is about ensuring overall safety. We’re not just closing your school; this is a district-wide measure.”

Mr. Jamison, processing the information, turned to his staff. “I understand this is unsettling news. But let’s remember, our first responsibility is the safety and well-being of our students. We must trust the judgment of our district in this matter.”

He then addressed the Superintendent again, his voice steady. “We will comply with the district’s decision, of course. However, I would like to propose that we use this time to develop remote learning plans. Perhaps we can still engage our students with the lunar event, albeit in a different format.”

The Superintendent considered this for a moment, then nodded. “That’s a sensible approach, Mr. Jamison. I’ll convey your suggestion to the district office. We can discuss further steps soon.”

As the Superintendent left, the room was abuzz with a mix of disappointment and resolve. Mr. Jamison, standing at the helm, looked around at his staff. “I guess we must announce an early school end.”

The intercom crackled to life, slicing through the buzz of excited chatter that had overtaken the classroom. Every head turned as the measured voice of the principal resonated within the four walls, cloaked in a rare tone of urgency that commanded immediate attention.

“Attention students and staff,” the voice began, steady yet clearly edged with a note of gravity. “In light of recent developments regarding school safety and the unprecedented scientific discovery of an unknown interstellar object now in Earth’s orbit, we will be initiating an early dismissal today.”

A collective gasp rippled through the room, and the lingering tension seemed to swell. James felt a flutter in his stomach—the kind that came with the thrill of the unexpected.

The principal continued, “Please rest assured that your parents and guardians will be notified promptly of this decision. We are taking all necessary precautions in response to this extraordinary event. All faculty and teachers, we ask that you prepare the students for an orderly and calm early release.”

The message ended with a click, and for a moment, silence hung in the air as the gravity of the announcement sunk in. Then, as if the pause was a mere breath between thoughts, the classroom erupted into a cacophony of voices. Teachers sprang into action, their movements swift and deliberate as they began organizing the students, who were now abuzz with a mix of anxiety and excitement.

James watched as backpacks were hoisted onto shoulders and classmates speculated wildly about the cosmic visitor that had disrupted their day. There was a sense of confusion in the face of the students.

As they lined up at the door, James couldn’t help but feel a part of something larger than himself, a witness to a moment in history that would be etched into memory. The corridors echoed with the sound of hundreds of feet and the pulse of countless hearts beating in unison, all under the watchful gaze of a new and mysterious sentinel in the sky.

The classroom was a hive of hurried activity, but amidst the clamor, Mr. Wilkens’s voice cut through, finding its way to James. “James, your mother will be here shortly to pick you up,” he said with a calm assurance that seemed to momentarily place a quietening hand on the room’s frenetic pulse.

Outside, the school busses had formed an orderly queue, their yellow frames a striking contrast against the grey of the asphalt and the green of the playing fields beyond. They inhaled eager students in rapid succession, exhaling them at their respective homes as they trundled off, one after the other, into the uncertain afternoon.

The school’s front drive then transformed into a dance of vehicles as parents’ cars glided in and out of view. Doors opened and closed with a rhythm, each departure taking away another of James’s classmates. There was a symphony of farewells, the rise and fall of voices as parents reunited with their children, their exchanges filled with the same incredulous tone that the strange celestial occurrence had inspired in everyone.


And then there was James. He stood somewhat apart, his gaze alternating between the dissipating crowd of peers and the sky above, still half-expecting the mysterious orb to reappear. He was the last student remaining, a solitary figure on the now nearly empty school grounds. The usual noise of after-school activities and playground chatter had given way to an enveloping hush, punctuated only by the distant hum of departing cars.

Apocalypse: The Ring of Salor

Apocalypse: The Ring of Salor

Salor's Ring
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
A celestial anomaly, the Ring of Salor, emerges in the sky, shattering the moon and taking its place. As the shattered moon forms a ring around Earth, the planet is bathed in a perpetual crimson glow, altering the very fabric of life. Humanity, once the pinnacle of Earth's children, splinters into new hideous twisted, and contorted figures amidst the ruins of their cities. The remaining humans, now a minority, must navigate this brutal new world, contending not just with the new species, but also with the emergence of magic and the continual bombardment of celestial debris.


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