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A Gamer

”Hahaha! Die, you bastards! Die!”

In a bedroom, which was mainly dark because the ceiling lamp was out, the only illumination that made it possible to discern some areas was from a television set in the center of the wall next to where the entrance.

This huge appliance, measuring at least seventy inches, gave off a bright light that varied over time, which revealed the deplorable state of the place where it was arranged.

The surroundings were filthy, with used dishes strewn everywhere, on which leftovers had adhered after drying, snack bags, and numerous energy drink bottles left unfinished as they slowly dripped from their finishes, staining the floor beneath them.

The tidiness here was non-existent. However, the appearance of the furnishings revealed that this site was located within the property of a wealthy family.

With solid stone walls painted gray and lined throughout its lower half with tiles that simulated dark wood, together with a slippery floor covered by a large brown carpet, which was now stained and oily but was originally shiny and silky.

In the corners were closets and cabinets that matched the spacious family-sized bed in the middle of the room. All with precious carvings hidden behind soiled garments that someone had thrown without the slightest modesty on them.

In addition, mounted to one side was a vast glass window with thick metal bars facing outside. This was obstructed by a black curtain made of cotton, which was perhaps the cleanest garment here, for there were no marks on it that showed it had been touched in a long time, just as if its owner had not bothered to pull it aside even once.

Since it was on a second floor, the view from it pointed to a large courtyard, with a path lined by flowers, which led to the center, where a crystalline pond had formed, adorned by green leaves blown by the wind. A marvelous setting that would usually be bathed by the sun and moon, but today only thick drops of water flooded it.

The rain fell incessantly with no apparent end and was accompanied by a noisy chant of roaring lightning in the distance. An incredible spectacle, at the same time as terrifying, that kicked into the adjoining houses to visit its residents, regardless of the social status to which they belonged.

This city was filled with fearful and worried people, for this sudden storm greatly affected the traffic on the roads as well as the return of their children from school.

Even then, not everyone went through the same thing, as the man in the bedroom, indifferent to what was happening outside his sanctuary, shouted to silence the din that prevented him from enjoying his greatest pleasure.

”Fucking assholes! Die! I’ll show you that you should never have messed with me!”

With words brimming with insults, the young man, who sat on the floor as his back leaned against the bed frame, was fighting against enemies beyond a screen. He made it as loud as possible but kept his temper under control by not using the microphone attached to the headphones that clamped his ears.

While it was impossible for him to contain himself when playing, letting out all his frustration and stress in the game, he was prudent enough to measure his limits, even though this dividing line did not take into account his family, those who were the main ones affected by having to endure every day his obnoxious lexicon that only grew with the passing of the years.

”Hahaha! That’s it! Yes! Hahaha!”

He laughed like crazy, attending to that addiction that ravenously consumed his time and sanity, to the point where he didn’t even bother to tidy up the place where he resided. He had a poor attitude towards life, so it was to be expected that it would take its toll on his body.

From him, one would expect a body fattened by poor diet and no exercise, plus pimples that could be born innumerable on his face, with large balls brimming with pus, waiting to be exploited at any contact. However, the reality could not be more distant from that.

Sporting an androgynous appearance, which was further highlighted by his slender body along with his soft and delicate hands, the young man was undoubtedly a beautiful individual who, with his smooth, pale skin, instilled a righteous desire for protection but also for dirty possession.

On his head rested was red and curly hair, which, despite not having been washed for days, did not look dirty or smelly. On the contrary, as if it were a helpless animal, the urge to stroke it to enjoy the soft feel of it between the fingers was almost irresistible.

As if that were not enough, without wanting to give shape to a spot that would ruin all of the above, his face did not fall behind concerning beauty, but rather, when combined with the rest of his body, it made him stand out much more.

With a thin nose adorned with a few freckles that looked like a few stars on a moonless night, pink lips, white and unusually arranged teeth, as well as slim and well-delineated eyebrows, which were dulled as much as possible to remain modest, not wanting to get in the way of those two beautiful eyes that, as if they were diamond and emerald, revealed a beautiful heterochromia that bordered on fantasy.

Like a cat, a rabbit, or some being more tender than that, so was he perceived by his aspect. Like a sad and weak animal, with melancholy eyes highlighted by the dark circles under them, he seemed to live at the expense of others while fearing to fall into the hands of the hungry hunter.

Or that was how he would be seen if he would simply keep quiet, for to hear him speak, the fairy tale, at once, would be shattered.

”Run! Yes, run away from me, you damned fools! Run like the scum you are!”

With his fingers, which extended to the end of his long fingernails, the young man held the controller of his console, enjoying with loud laugh or getting angry as saliva was spit out of his mouth, all because of a video war game, where his high skill and dedication allowed him to wipe out hordes of fictitious enemies.

The various explosions blinded him, the firing of countless bullets deafened him, and the trembling of the object he was holding numbed his hands, but none of that was able to get in the way of his delight, one that embroidered sexual desire, even forming a bulge, almost unnoticeable, under his boxer shorts, which was the only garment that he was wearing.

His joy would not end soon, for even though it was so late, he had barely gotten up not long ago. So he planned to sink into his addiction for hours. However, it was soon destined to be over when suddenly, along with a flash of lightning that struck his backyard, his television set went off.

”Huh?!? No. What the hell!? No!”

With a high-pitched cry, the young man expressed his shock and anguish after being forcibly parted from his precious toy.

Therefore, in a quick movement, driven by the anger inside him, he stood up or tried to, since because of the weakness in his legs, he ended up back on the floor. His knees were the first to touch it, and next were his palms, which instinctively extended to prevent his head from hitting it.

His response was correct. However, the location did not help him, as one of the bottles lying next to him prevented his body from being properly supported, and due to a slip, it turned to one side, leading to the fingers of his left hand hitting one of the legs of the bed.


He screamed because one of his fingernails had broken.

Blood gushed from his wound, staining the carpet with a different color from the previous ones. Moreover, the pain seemed great since that was what his body showed by shaking as he brought his hand to the level of his eyes.


He whispered gently, exhibiting a demeanor opposite to his past and with complex emotions coursing across his face.

With a trembling gaze, he observed his skin bathed in red, looking highly distressed but not in pain.

After a while, when his shaking subsided, he closed his eyelids and brought his finger to his mouth, where he began to suck the wound with loud gulps and then licked the rest of his hand with his pink tongue, trying hard not to leave even a trace of blood.

Thus, once her goal was achieved, with a look that revealed regret with a hint of satisfaction on his flushed cheeks, he glanced in the direction where his split fingernail had been left. Thereupon, he carefully got to his feet and slowly walked towards the only door of his bedroom, from which he could still see the light coming through the gap underneath it.

Evidently, the power in the house had not gone out, so he moved to solve the problem that prevented him from continuing his long-awaited fun.

What is reflected under the rain

What is reflected under the rain

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
What's beyond the mirrors? Nothing, there is nothing and no one there. If someone told you that there is a world on the other side of this one, then he or she lied to you. Everything is a lie. It's all fake. So, if you see something strange in your reflection, forget it. Don't think or worry about something that doesn't exist. After all, that can't hurt you, but...


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