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bhujangasur’s surprise

With the echoes of celebration fading into the night, the heroes readied themselves for the journey to Hampi, their hearts fueled by a resolute purpose. As dawn broke, they bid farewell to the grateful tribe, their spirits united by a shared quest that extended beyond their individual ambitions.

Hampi welcomed them with its sprawling ruins, each stone a testament to a glorious past. The city was a canvas of history, and among its echoes, Aditya sensed a distinct aura—a presence that resonated with the energy of the nidhis. The heroes combed through the ancient structures, unraveling the mysteries veiled by time.

As they explored, a chance encounter led them to a wise old sage who spoke of the nidhi’s guardian—a formidable being named Bhujangasur, a serpent-like demon who guarded the treasure with unrelenting vigilance. Aditya’s resolve remained unshaken; he was prepared to face any adversary in pursuit of the nidhi’s power.

Their search led them to a hidden temple within the heart of a sacred grove. There, they confronted Bhujangasur, his serpentine form coiled with an air of supreme confidence. Aditya’s hand rested upon Nandaka, the sword of Vishnu, its hilt pulsating with an ancient resonance.

Bhujangasur’s attack was swift, as his massive coils lashed out with lightning speed, his body an intricate dance of sinuous movements. Yet, Aditya’s mastery of Nandaka’s power allowed him to parry and counter with equal finesse. The blade cleaved through the air, creating waves of energy that disrupted Bhujangasur’s attacks.

As the battle raged, Pranav summoned the force of thunder, arcing his arrows with primal fury. The heavens themselves seemed to respond to his call, streaks of lightning illuminating the battlefield. Veer’s newly honed combat skills were a force to be reckoned with; his resolve to protect those he cared for infused his strikes with a raw determination.

Amidst the clash of elements, Padma wielded her spiritual abilities, awakening the dormant spirits of the temple. Ancient statues and relics came to life, joining the fray with an ethereal grace. Yet, Bhujangasur’s mastery of his serpentine form proved a daunting challenge, as he continued to summon shadowy replicas to bolster his defense.

Aditya’s eyes gleamed with determination. With a swift flourish, he invoked a new spell—Flaming Meteor. His hands extended toward the sky, and a meteor of fire hurtled toward Bhujangasur, its intensity rivaling the sun itself. The impact reverberated across the temple, sending shockwaves through the air.

Bhujangasur’s serpentine form writhed in agony as the flames enveloped him. The shadowy replicas flickered and dissipated, his control over them faltering. Aditya pressed his advantage, the ancient sword guiding his movements. Bhujangasur’s defenses began to crumble under the relentless onslaught.

With a final, powerful strike, Aditya’s blade cleaved through Bhujangasur’s form, severing the connection between his physical and ethereal selves. As the serpent’s body disintegrated into sparks of light, the temple trembled—a profound sense of liberation filling the air.

Aditya lowered his sword, his breath heavy yet triumphant. The power of the nidhi resonated within his being, an energy that held the promise of unending possibilities. But even as victory was claimed, Aditya’s mind was consumed by the looming enigma—the true nature of Vrigya, its ominous potential, and the nefarious forces that sought to wield it.

The heroes regrouped, a collective resolve radiating from their gazes. The journey to obtain the nidhis continued, each victory revealing new layers of the intricate tapestry they were woven into. The destiny that lay ahead was clouded by uncertainty, yet Aditya knew that with each step, they inched closer to unearthing the truth that could reshape their world.

The King of Hell Reborn

The King of Hell Reborn

Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Narakasur, one of the strongest demons of Mahabharat era was killed by Lord Krishna and Satyabhama, who once ruled the # worlds finds himself reborn as a Human in 2023. He faces challenges coping with the modern era until a mysterious attack by an unknown being forces him to take on a new role


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