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A distant dream amidst death’s door step

Amelia’s treasured childhood recollections were a tapestry of extraordinary tales, where the pages of storybooks brimmed with the most enchanting creatures that sparked her imagination. Her doting mother, with great zeal and fervor, would regale her with anecdotes of the cuddly puppies, the adorable kittens, and the mythical unicorns that had been etched deep within Amelia’s impressionable mind.

Amidst the ocean of memories and experiences that made up Amelia’s life, the sweet and melodious lullabies that her mother sang to her every night were like diamonds that shone brighter than all the rest. The tender and soothing tunes were like a warm embrace that enveloped her in a cocoon of comfort and security, transporting her to a world where nothing could harm her.

As she listened to her mother’s voice, rich with love and tenderness, Amelia felt her worries and fears melt away, replaced by a sense of serenity and calm. The lullabies were a lullaby not only to her ears but also to her soul, imbuing her with a sense of peace and contentment that stayed with her long after the music had faded away.

As she grew older and embarked on the tumultuous journey of adulthood, Amelia’s longing to become a mother intensified with a fierce passion. The memory of her mother’s gentle touch and loving gaze remained a guiding light in her heart, inspiring her to become the embodiment of maternal grace that she had always admired.

With every fiber of her being, Amelia yearned to create a family of her own, to nurture and cherish children who would bear the essence of her own soul. Her deepest desire was to craft a sanctuary of love and happiness, where her children could grow and thrive under her watchful eye. She dreamed of filling their lives with the same warmth and tenderness that her mother had bestowed upon her, and of passing on the legacy of maternal love to future generations.

The aspiration of motherhood flowed within her veins, igniting a profound longing that was fueled by an insatiable thirst for the purest and most unconditional form of love. The mere thought of holding a precious newborn in her arms, and feeling the softness of their skin against her own, filled her heart with an indescribable joy and contentment.

For Amelia, the fulfillment of her dream was not only about bearing a child, but also about cultivating an unbreakable bond that would transcend the boundaries of time and space. She was determined to raise her children with an unwavering love and compassion, so that they would never doubt the depth of her devotion and commitment to their well-being. To Amelia, motherhood was the ultimate gift of life, and the manifestation of a love that would endure beyond the passing of time.

As the nights dragged on, Amelia found solace in the only thing that had ever brought her comfort in her darkest moments: her mother’s lullabies. But as she sang them to herself, she realized that the sweet melodies now had a haunting quality to them. She remembered the lullaby her mother used to sing to her, the one that had always felt so warm and soothing, but now it felt like a cold hand reaching into her chest and squeezing her heart.

Despite the fear and discomfort, Amelia found herself singing the lullaby over and over again, almost as if she was trying to exorcise the demons that now seemed to be lurking within the song. The words that had once brought her comfort now seemed to be a cruel mockery of her desires, taunting her with the impossible dream of motherhood that would never be fulfilled.

And yet, even as she sang the lullaby through trembling lips and tear-filled eyes, Amelia could feel a strange kind of catharsis wash over her. It was as if by confronting the pain head-on, she was able to find a small measure of peace in the midst of her turmoil.

And so, every night, she would sing that haunting lullaby to herself, her voice cracking with emotion as she tried to make sense of the pain that consumed her. It was a terrifying ritual, but one that she couldn’t help but return to, night after night, as she struggled to come to terms with the hand that fate had dealt her.

As the months and years went by, Amelia clung to the fragile threads of hope that were slowly unraveling before her eyes. She tried every possible method and remedy, from herbal teas to fertility treatments, all in the desperate hope that she might somehow find a way to conceive a child.

But with each passing day, the hope that had once burned so brightly within her heart began to flicker and fade, like a candle being slowly extinguished by a gust of wind. The weight of her unfulfilled desire was an ever-present burden that seemed to grow heavier with each passing moment, until it felt as though she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Amelia’s days became a blur of doctors’ appointments, fertility tests, and endless waiting for news that never seemed to come. She watched as friends and family members became parents, their joy and happiness only serving to magnify her own pain and grief.

The once-vibrant woman who had dreamed of motherhood was now a shadow of her former self, her face etched with lines of worry and anxiety, her once-shining eyes now clouded with tears. She felt as though she was living in a nightmare, trapped in a world where the one thing she desired above all else was forever beyond her reach.

Despite the overwhelming odds against her, Amelia refused to give up on her dream. But as each passing day brought with it a new disappointment and a fresh wave of heartache, she couldn’t help but wonder if the universe was conspiring against her, punishing her for some unknown sin.

And so, she soldiered on, her hope flickering like a dying ember, but never quite going out. For even in the darkest moments of her despair, she knew that the dream of motherhood was worth fighting for, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may seem.

As Amelia trudged through the tangled and thorny paths of her life, she often retreated into the sanctuary of her thoughts, finding solace in the horrid melodies of her mother’s lullabies. They had become a soothing balm for her aching heart, a beacon of light in the dark and stormy sea of her troubles.

Despite the cruel twists of fate that had denied her the joy of motherhood, Amelia clung to the memories of her childhood, holding fast to the warm embrace of her mother’s love. And though the future may have seemed bleak and uncertain, she knew that she could still share that love and warmth with others, like a radiant beacon that illuminated the darkness around her.

As she went about her daily routines, Amelia found countless opportunities to spread love and kindness, either at her job as a nurse or whether it was by volunteering at a local shelter, comforting a friend in need, or simply offering a kind word or gesture to a stranger.

In the absence of children of her own, she had become a surrogate mother to the world, nurturing and caring for all those who crossed her path. Her love was a boundless and bottomless well, a source of inspiration and hope for all who had the privilege of experiencing it.

And though the weight of her unfulfilled desire still lingered, like a stubborn thorn that refused to be dislodged, Amelia refused to be defeated by it. For she knew that the love and warmth she had to offer were too precious to be squandered, too powerful to be dimmed by the darkness around her.

And so she sang, her voice ringing out like a crystal bell, carrying the message of love and hope to all those who were willing to listen. Her mother’s lullabies had given her strength and comfort as a child, and now, as a woman, Amelia had become the living embodiment of that same love and warmth, a shining star in the firmament of life.

Amelia’s soul was torn away from her mortal vessel with a violent jolt, her essence propelled into a dizzying abyss of nothingness. As she traversed the veil between life and death, a myriad of images and sensations coursed through her being, filling her with both awe and terror. The scenery around her shifted and warped, revealing a realm of indescribable beauty and wonderment that defied all earthly comprehension.

Her heart was heavy with regret and unfulfilled longing, knowing that she would never be able to experience the joys of motherhood. Yet, as she journeyed through the afterlife with her loving husband Luis, she was greeted by an unfamiliar figure who introduced himself as Exaldera. He had taken on the guise of a tall, strapping young man with a heart-stoppingly handsome visage. His chestnut brown hair was styled in a manner that exuded effortless charm, and his piercing green eyes glinted with an otherworldly aura.

Exaldera moved with a fluid grace that hinted at his exceptional physical prowess, and his refined taste in fashion and interior design was apparent in every subtle detail. His voice was deep and resonant, conveying a sense of authority and wisdom that commanded respect. As he spoke, Amelia felt a strange sense of familiarity wash over her, as though she had known him in a past life.

“Hello, my daughter,” he said, flashing her a charming grin. “I have some bad news. Heaven is no longer open to humans; unfortunately, you cannot enter.”

Amelia was suddenly transported into a vast gathering of souls, all of whom were naked and bewildered. She looked around, taking in the strange and unfamiliar faces of those around her. Noticing she wasn’t a spirit, she swiftly covered her body as soon as she was offered clothes. She swiftly accepted, grabbing and changing. soon she met up with her husband, who too, was in their group.

Finding out they both had adventurer abilities, they joined The Silver Blade guild and joined a party called the immortals

Feeling a tingle in their fingers, they looked over to the doors of the side lobby. Then, she saw him – Oliver – for the first time in three long years. And at that moment, she knew with absolute certainty that he was the child she was destined to have. He bore an uncanny resemblance to Exaldera, with the same chiseled features, captivating green eyes, and effortless poise.

Tears of joy and sorrow streamed down her face, which Amelia swiftly wiped away.

The Hollowed Adventurer

The Hollowed Adventurer

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Oliver was a kind-hearted man who yearned for a peaceful life of ease and comfort but was mercilessly forced into a a new world from death, seething with billions of lives. He was forced to face the absolute depths of death and despair with his devoted allies, battling valiantly for the slim possibility of survival. Tragically, though, each of his close pals was cruelly ripped from his grasp, leaving him to struggle with an unbearable sense of sadness and hopelessness. Oliver's once-pure spirit was corrupted and enveloped in the darkest of shadows as he went on an endless rampage through the forgiving terrain after being pushed to the verge of insanity. Oliver was forced to be awakened from his comatose state and forced to confront the harsh truths of this abandoned planet, which provided a glimpse of hope even in the midst of his darkest hour. He determined to defy fate itself, rising up against all obstacles to take his proper position in the annals of history as a real hero of the ages, armed with his newly discovered strength and resiliency. Will he be able to overcome his darkness or will he succumb to the inexorable forces of evil that are constantly threatening to engulf him?


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