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Episode 4

Episode 4


Several days later.


The mansion of Count Pudding was very lively.


And for good reason.


A “children’s cafeteria” had been established in the Count’s family. This was a suggestion made by a hero to the Count.


At first, Count Pudding was furious, questioning why he should waste his time on such a futile endeavor for the children of slaves! However, when it was conveyed that the king’s daughter, the princess, favored gentlemen who engaged in charitable activities, the 48-year-old bachelor, Count Pudding, became interested in the idea.


The Count wanted the king and the princess to see his good deeds, so he decided to invite them to the “children’s cafeteria.”


In the beautiful courtyard of Count Pudding’s mansion, countless tents were set up, and many children were invited, including Tsuyu and Taro.


Children sat at long tables covered with pure white tablecloths, with the kind king, the beautiful princess, and Count Pudding sitting at the head table.


The Count stood up and clapped his hands pompously, ordering, “Servants! Bring the food!”


Then, from behind the tents, the Demon Lord and the hero, dressed in bandanas and kitchen aprons, appeared with food cans and ladles.


“Let’s serve the children their meal!”


“But before that!” “Mugh!”


The hero stuffed a large, hard bread into Count Pudding’s mouth and threw him to the back of the tent.


Then, he knelt before the king.


The king immediately recognized the young man as the hero.


“What kind of meal did the Count tell you this was, Your Majesty?”


“I was told it’s a regular meal for the children…”


“Princess, what circumstances do you believe these children are in?”


“Eh… they’re orphans who lost their parents to the Demon Lord…”


“Indeed, you are correct. However, these children have been exploited by nobles because they became orphans.”




The king and the princess exchanged looks, as if hearing this for the first time.


Seeing their faces, the Demon Lord judged that they were only unaware and could distinguish between good and evil.


Therefore, the Demon Lord served curry rice.


He then offered it to the king and the princess.


“I have prepared this curry rice with all my heart. Please, have some.”


“Huh?… Oh.”


The Demon Lord unexpectedly passed the curry, and the well-bred king and princess accepted it graciously.


They ate the curry and exclaimed, “Hmm, delicious!” “This is good!”


Then, Grandma Shir appeared out of nowhere and served the children as well.


The children happily began eating their curry.


Among them, Tsuyu alone wondered what this situation was all about, observing the Demon Lord.


The king and the princess quickly finished their meals.


Pleased with their hearty appetite, the Demon Lord said, “This is the children’s cafeteria curry. It’s free for children, but adults must pay a high price.”


“How much should I pay?” the king asked.


The Demon Lord replied, “I want the most ‘lazy person’ in this country.”


“‘Lazy person’?” the princess inquired.


“It means ‘treasure’,” the hero answered.


“What is the greatest treasure?” the king asked the Demon Lord.


Spreading his arms wide, the Demon Lord declared, “I want the ‘children’ here.”




The Demon Lord removed his bandana, revealing horns on his head, and the king realized that he was a demon.


“I want to welcome the children, the greatest treasure of this country, to my castle. I live alone in a large castle. There is a place to accept children who have lost their parents and homes.”


“Your Majesty! Please provide a place of peace for the children here! I, as the hero, guarantee their safety!”




The king, for the first time, realized that nobles were committing atrocities against the citizens without his knowledge.


Stunned into silence, the king eventually looked up and said, “There is one condition.”


The Demon Lord and the hero tensely awaited his words.


“Would you allow me to help with the children’s cafeteria?”




“Your curry rice is the best I’ve ever had!”


The king stood up and firmly grasped the Demon Lord’s work-worn hands.


“Thank you. I was on the verge of losing many treasures. Heroes, thank you for protecting the treasures of our country…!”


The hero made a triumphant gesture, and Grandma Shir nodded in agreement.


The children were overjoyed, but little Taro didn’t quite understand.


Hugged by his sister Tsuyu, Taro innocently asked the Demon Lord, “Big brother, why is everyone so happy?”


“You can eat curry rice every day from now on.”


Taro’s eyes sparkled as he exclaimed, “Eh! Curry rice every day!? Can I really eat it every day?”


Therefore, the Demon Lord


 replied in the kindest tone he had ever used, “Yes, I’ll make it for you forever, until you’re tired of eating it…”

The Demon Lord’s Child Cafeteria

The Demon Lord’s Child Cafeteria

Status: Ongoing Type: , Native Language: English

Once upon a time, there was a Demon Lord who was known as the most fearsome in the world. However, he was so arrogant that even his fellow demons had abandoned him, leaving him to live in loneliness.

One day, the most unassuming hero ever arrived and easily defeated the Demon Lord. Instead of killing him, the hero made a request.

The request was for the Demon Lord to run a "Children's Cafeteria" together. The Demon Lord, who had never cooked before and was known for his short temper, faced a dilemma. Could he really run a children's cafeteria?

Stay tuned for the complete story in four parts. Part two will be released on January 31st!


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