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Heroes. Valiant warriors that shook the world. With unwavering resolve and ridiculous power, they were beacons of hope for the weak, yet harbingers of despair for the wicked. However, those glorious days are but a fond memory.

The Lotus District [I]

In the Lotus District [I]. Culture and flair fills the atmosphere as the suffocatingly narrow and maze-like streets weave through the colossal towers of stacked buildings and housing, luring you from the Outer City into The Pistil. In one of these houses resides a certain troublemaker and his great uncle.

10 years ago in the Lotus District

Bonk! “Screw you old man!” Cried Manya, rubbing his head.

“You damn brat! How many times do I need to tell you to stop sneaking out on your own, It’s not safe!” Old man Tinto exclaimed, his face warped with rage.

“I hate it here, its like a cage! All we do is work and die! When I grow up I’m gonna break through The Gate and go straight to Heaven!” Manya boldly and furiously replied, his hands balled up and eyes squeezed shut.

Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Old Man Tinto knocked him on the head three more times.

“Wahahaha! you should think before you speak brat, growing up won’t make you a god! Wahahahahahahaha!” Old Man Tinto howled, holding his stomach.

Bonk! He knocked him once more.

He continued, “Anyway, stop joking like that, you’ll get us in trouble! We already have enough on our plate hiding your Taint since your Limiters don’t seem to work. Don’t make things harder then they have to be! Now go to bed brat!”

Manya tauntingly stuck his tongue out and ran under his covers. Shortly after, Old Man Tinto sat and sighed as he watched him gleefully, before heading to bed also. The house was small and cramped with moonlight rays creeping through the tapestry. Only consisting of a couch, two futons and a kitchenette, the couch slouched meekly on the floor with obvious home made repairs stitched onto its leather. The kitchenette hid in the corner with freshly used pots resting on the stove, a rusty sink void of plates and a drainer only containing two. The two futons laid perfectly clean and neatly on the floor, where Manya and Old Man Tinto rested.

The following morning, panic was brewing in the Lotus District. The word spread like wildfire.

“Gangsters! Gangsters are here!” The denizens of the Lotus District yelped, frantically trying to warn everyone.

Manya awoke from his slumber hearing the cries of panic from the crowd flocking outside. Old Man Tinto was overseeing in the rubber farm, leaving Manya home alone again. Hearing the chaos Manya poked his head out through a tiny circular window looming above the kitchenette. Flocks of people running from The Pistil, screams of panic, children not much younger than him crying in fear. All of this made Manya dangerously curious.

Following his usual routine, Manya geared up ready to sneak out yet again. He wore cream harem pants , a common clothing for men in the lotus district, and a green vest with a graphic of sunglasses embroidered onto it. His clothes were worn and unclean, as his vest sat on his body the wrong way round with the right strap falling off of his left shoulder. Manya wore an oversized backpack, almost the size of him, and picked up long twig before jumping out of the window.

The fall was absurdly long, the air pulled on his cheeks and harem pants as he sored through the air, plummeting onto the floor below. Finally, he landed. His face smacked into the concrete and his body took the full force of the long fall. his body went limp and lifeless staying there for a moment before his body twitched and a signal pulsed through his body. He jumped backed on his feet and beamed.

In the blink of an eye, Manya was sprinting towards The Pistil, drowned in curiosity. He had only heard of gangsters through rumours, they are said to be ruthless savages that go from district to district reeking havoc. It is even said that they go to Heaven whenever they want. But the most scary rumour is that they have somehow removed their Limiters. Meaning there tainted abilities are free for them to use. The power they weald must be disastrous.

Finally, Manya arrived. The booming plaza that was once the pistil was now barren. The air was thick with the smell off mischief. A cold sweat overcame him as the aery silence only gave way to the sounds of the environment. The wind howled as he ventured deeper into The Pistil, almost like nature itself was egging him on. And there they were. Three beasts stood tall in The Pistil.

One of the Gangsters stood nine feet and five inches tall, he had a massive round frame with gigantic hands. He was dressed in an all white buttoned up suit with black leather shoes. His bald head glistened in the blistering sun as his black sunglasses shielded him from the light, disguising his eyes. He had two fat cigars stuffed up each nostril and one in his mouth. His smile took up each corner of his face, almost as if he was laughing at our weakness. No Limiters were to be found on this one.

The second Gangster was six foot six, she had a curvy and feminine figure that loomed over The Pistil. She was wearing a red lace satin dress with red nails, red lipstick and black high heels. She had a blonde curled bob and an elegant aura exuding off of her. No Limiters were found on this either. The person she was clinging to was the final Gangster of the trio, and perhaps the most intimidating.

He was seven foot three, he was lean like a tiger and his red eyes had a menacing glare. His suit blazer and tie were a bloody crimson, in contrast to his shirt and pocked square which were white as snow. He had a black belt holding up his pants with a golden dragon on the buckle. His hair, shoes and gloves were some of the darkest blacks Manya had ever seen. But none of which were what made him stand out, it was simply his presence alone. It was enough to send shivers down the spine of Manya and was the reason everyone fled. And just like the others, No Limiters were found on him either. Despite this, brave little Manya pressed on.

“Hey!” Manya exclaimed.

The group of Gangsters had made themselves at home, they setup a couch and a table and were playing cards in the middle of the street.

“Hey!!” Manya exclaimed again.

This time it seemed to get there attention. The Gangster in the red suit got up from his seat and approached Manya, this time his aura completely engulfed the environment. Manya couldn’t move a muscle as this giant neared closer. The man crouched down to Manya’s level and got in his face.

“That’s not a very nice way to introduce yourself to a stranger.” he uttered.

Manya was completely terrified, he couldn’t move a finger nor utter a word.

“bffft” A snigger came from the couch.

“Bahahahahahaha! Leave that damn kid alone boss, Bahahahahaha!” The round man was in tears.

“Gahahahaha!” The man in red burst into laughter as well.

“So immature..” The lady sighed.

The suffocating aura suddenly disappeared.

“My names Jirocho” He said, wiping he tears.

“The big fat guy is called Bobby, and the demon lady is Kate. Don’t worry they’re harmless.” He reassured Manya, patting him on the head.

“Demon? how mean.” Kate elegantly replied.

Manya quickly smacked his hand out of the way.

“Go away! We don’t need Gangsters!” Manya was trying to look tough but it was clear he was trembling.

“No worries we’ll leave as soon as possible, we just have some small business to attend to. I’m here to see a man named Zakuya Tinto, Have you heard of him?” Jirocho had a sinister smirk plastered on his face.



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Superhumans, known as the "Tainted," have been segregated from the rest of society and reduced to mere property, the districts they inhabit serve as isolated realms of labour and oppression. These Tainted individuals possess extraordinary abilities, labeled both as a curse and a threat by the "pure" humans who control them. Amid this stark divide, Zakuya Manya dares to challenge the chains that bind him. Join him as he conquers the world.


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