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Reaffirmation of goals

Apparently, I was more tired than expected, but that was to be assumed since bandaging me gave my body the proper opportunity to start the recovery process. Hence the energy use during this period was tremendous.

So, when I woke up, I was confused and hungry, which caused me to forget where I was. Therefore, I got up carelessly, causing my head to hit the underside of the table and frightening the women in the room with me.

Anyway, I didn’t mind their concern. On the contrary, I was annoyed with them, as the fact that I had hit myself was due to the noise they made when serving the food.

With little or no empathy for their nervous postures, I stood up while rubbing my gradually growing bump and then began to eat from the portions laid out beside me. Also, I did not forget to give them a sign to calm down and continue their task without worrying about me.

”Yes, I’ve wondered about that too. In theory, they wouldn’t have to act like that since I haven’t done them any harm… Oh! You’re right. I completely forgot about that. Indeed, having caught up in stature with the adults and finding myself dressed like them, they probably didn’t recognize me”

Too bad I didn’t consider that before, for if I had, I would have made an effort to hide my anger. Besides, if it weren’t for you reminding me, I would still be offended by his expressions of rejection.

‘Well, that’s the least of it because as long as they don’t recognize me, they won’t resent me’

Taking advantage of being the only one there eating, not having to fight other guys for a piece of lean meat without much bone, I took my time to select the best cuts and fill my stomach with them until my marked belly swelled.

I really enjoyed that moment, but on the other side of the coin, a large portion of the food disappeared. Of course, that was normal. After all, I was not the same me I was when I was a mere toddler.

My body demanded more nutrition to sustain, so I had to provide it, even if it affected others.

Therefore, not wanting to waste this opportunity that could be unique, before the women left, I stopped them and took from their hands one of the trays with which they brought the meat to get an extra amount that I immediately took to the room frozen.

I still thought it was too early for that, but I decided to start my plan to store supplies.

Only partly, as I didn’t have a good place to put it, and I wasn’t planning to leave here anytime soon. However, despite all that, I felt it was the right thing to do now since some of the saved groceries could serve me on days when I was hungry due to injuries.

‘I beg to differ, my friend. Just think about it for a moment. Do you honestly think they or the giant will allow me to do the same thing I did today again? I don’t think so, for I have a feeling this thing I did will cause trouble later… Forget it, then’

Back to the matter of the food. What I have taken and will soon freeze, I will have to carry to the top of the tree secretly because I don’t want to be discovered by the barbarians since it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to steal it from me.

That’s why, while they were eating, I would use the opportunity to get out of the cave.

Having a clear objective in mind, the execution to achieve it was more than simple, for while the adults were in an uproar, I went about my business without distractions… almost without, for when I passed in front of the dining room, one of the children standing at the entrance, away from the buffet after being forcibly pushed, looked at me, or more likely, smelled what I was carrying.

What a misfortune. Not for me but for him.

I felt sorry for him, as it reminded me of how I had to deal with big ogres to eat. However, without him having a chance to come towards me or open his mouth to get the attention of others, I hit him in the head, knocking him out on the spot or killing him. I don’t know since I didn’t stand there to see what happened to him.

After walking for a few minutes, I reached my destination, the tree where I spent the nights. Then, placing the tray on the ground, on the opposite side of the clearing, I cautiously and slowly climbed up to the branch where the small space I could call home was located.

Being there, I took a couple of garments to use as a sack in which I would put the cargo once I tied it to my back, and with that done, I returned to the ground, being cautious not to slip or succumb to the pain that again plagued my shoulder and arm.

On returning to the foot of the tree, I sat down for a while to rest, trusting that the others would not yet return, and when I felt better, I went back up as I had planned.

Although there were minor complications along the way, in the end, everything went well. So, once I had stored the food in a small hole in the trunk, after covering it with several rags, I set out to lie down, as I needed it now that my wounds had reopened due to the effort.

It was not easy to fall asleep, as I was distracted by the worry that what I had brought would thaw too quickly because it was not in a suitable place. However, when I thought about using it as a snack if necessary, I finally managed to do so.

. . . . .

Obtained by chance rather than intentionally, I finally found the key I was missing to achieve the exponential growth I wanted so badly.

In a way, this came about by a method that could have been obvious from the beginning, which is why I should have done it a long time ago, but the difficulty implied in it prevented me from doing so.

Now, this was understandable. After all, no matter how you look at it, fighting the barbarians while wounded is a most challenging task, in which victory is not impossible, but an overwhelming one would be nothing more than an infinitely distant goal.

Even so, I must do it because, as if it were a fantasy race, my body improves after being severely damaged and, after healing from it, with a great deal of food.

A lot of energy is needed for the regeneration of the flesh and even more for new muscles to be generated. Therefore, if there is not enough, the second process does not occur, with absolute priority given to the individual’s survival while its growth is neglected.

So, where could I get all this if not from a fierce struggle in which my life and the lives of my enemies are at stake?

‘Maybe what you mentioned will work, but the truth is that I prefer to figure it out on my own rather than ask him for help… No, it’s not a matter of pride but of security and certainty. It is not correct for me to leave my life in the hands of others. I can’t depend on someone like that, not on something that will decide my future’

With that in mind, once I had tested my abilities at the top of the hill and devoured the provisions I had stored in the tree, after understanding what had caused my strengthening, I decided to go on my next hunt three days after the previous one.

Then, I gained new confidence in knowing what I was capable of doing, but my goal had changed. I no longer felt the urge to learn how to fight beasts. Instead, I wanted to prepare myself to face the adults, whether one versus one or several at a time.

I needed that skill since I was prevented from hiding in the dining room again due to the disaster that occurred when the barbarians battled each other because of hunger. In the end, by their violent rampage, several died.

‘I do not know the exact number of victims, as I was not present when it happened, but the marks in the surroundings show that at least four or five fell. Also, although I’m not entirely sure since I never paid attention to them, I thought I noticed that the number of the recent breed of boys has decreased’

How annoying that incident was, for it complicated things so much that it led me to take the stoniest path.

So, now I will have to work hard to instill fear in them. I will have to make the adults fear me just as the guys of my generation did while they were alive. Therefore, when I choose to fight them, I will have to achieve a quick, simple, and brutal victory in which I end my opponent’s life with ease.

‘I know, it’s kind of dirty, but I still consider it totally necessary’

Well, I just hope that the giant continues with an indifferent posture because if he decides to stand in my way, I won’t be able to do anything but cancel everything since he is too high a wall to climb for now.

Although, I’ll have to limit myself in that, as it’s not right for me to decide to murder everyone because that would decrease the daily food supply. Two or three dying should be enough.

Live in an imperfect world in search of perfection

Live in an imperfect world in search of perfection

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
We all have something we wish for. Innocent dreams or dark desires, many of which are best kept that way. After all, the dream of all life obtained in the wrong way, from one moment to the next, can turn into unbearable torture. Kyle is an ordinary guy who, for years, wanted to live in a fantasy. He longed to experience those mythical stories that books told him. He dreamed of a new life where he would magically not repeat his mistakes. Where the money he would rain down from heaven. Where he could get plenty of women. Where his deeds would be sung as mythical legends by bards in bars and street corners. Petetic and silly. His dream was madness beyond this world. But unexpectedly, he got what he asked for, but not what he wanted. He was born with nothing; he lost everything. Months full of fear, anger, and despair, to then enter a strange world. Inside an abnormal body accompanied by voracious monsters that would tear him to pieces at the slightest carelessness.


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