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Chapter 6: Furious Mountain God

Chapter 6: Furious Mountain God


In the dark forest, the wind was howling, and the path was rugged.

While the villagers were walking on the trail with torches, they were very careful for they feared that they would fall off a cliff and die.


This section of the mountain road was very dangerous because the road was narrow and was next to a cliff. Even the hunters who usually went into the mountains from time to time were a bit frightened to walk this road in the dark at this time of night.

What’s more, tonight’s Cold Feather Mountain was spooky everywhere, so that everyone was frowning, with heavy heart.

In the night sky above them, thunder and lightning flashed as if silver snakes danced wildly.

One after another huge lightning cut through the sky, and each time the earth would be reflected in a tragic white.

In the past, if there was such weather, it would have rained heavily.

However, tonight was different. The sky was full of lightning and thunder, but no raindrops fell at all. Furthermore, they realized that the farther they went into the mountains, the more intense the lightning and thunder in the sky was.


It seemed that there was something calling thunder clouds in the night sky somewhere in Cold Feather Mountain…

This horrible speculation surfaced in people’s minds and soon turned into a whispered muttering.

“Tonight’s thunder is a little abnormal… Could it be that the Mountain God is angry? Will he send thunder to smite us?”

“Pooh! Wang, what nonsense are you saying! How dare you say such things?”

“That’s it! Wang, do you want to die?”

“This thunder and lightning is certainly not the Lord Mountain God’s anger, and the Lord Mountain God will certainly forgive us.”

“That’s right, we are not wrong. The Lord will definitely forgive us.”


“Blame it on this selfish little bitch who is afraid of death! She was obviously chosen, and she ran out on her own. Is this not a deliberate attempt to harm us?”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s all this little bitch’s fault.”

The villagers were talking, and from time to time they turned around to glare at the girl in the middle of the procession.

The girl in the big red wedding dress was tied, and then carried up with a long stick through the knots in the rope on her hands and feet. She was like a pig to be carried to the market for sale, quite miserable.

But no one from the villagers expressed sympathy for her, instead they were full of resentment towards her. If not for the fear of Lord Mountain God, the villagers would have vented their anger on this damned little bitch already.

And the girl, who was resented by the villagers, had stopped resisting at this time.


She looked dumbly at the sky above her head, looking at the huge lightning that appeared from time to time in the night sky. Originally she was very afraid of thunder, but now she found that she was not afraid of these terrible thunder sounds anymore.

Clearly she had explained the situation to everyone, and it was Lord Mountain God sending her back, why did the people just not believe her? They even scolded her with those vicious words… It was not that she fled for fear of death, but Lord Mountain God let her go back.

And on her way back, the Mountain God also asked the monkeys to send her food, afraid that she was hungry. How could such a good God be the man-eating monster that everyone said?

The girl’s heart was full of grief and anger, thinking the adults must have been wrong.

At first she tried to argue, but it didn’t matter. No one would believe what she said.


Even if she kept telling everyone that Lord Mountain God did not want sacrifices and did not eat people, no one believed her. Instead, people thought she was lying and even sealed her mouth.

“Are they the village adults?”

The girl looked at the night sky with lightning flashes in bewilderment, and her expression was somewhat bewildered.

Growing up in the village since childhood, she was familiar with everyone around her. In the past, everyone was amiable, even if occasionally she got into trouble, the adults just shook their heads and generously forgave her. They really were very nice people.

But today, the girl found that all this has changed.

Those adults who always smiled gently and treated her well have all changed. Their faces could not see smiles, and their once gentle expressions had become vicious. Their eyes were full of resentment, and their originally familiar faces had become incomparably strange.


She seemed to have come to a strange village, surrounded by a group of strange people.

If only this was all a dream…

The girl thought sorrowfully, and her dull eyes looked at the sky above her head.

Boom –

The sound of loud thunder roared through the heaven and earth.

And in the night sky, there was a huge thunderbolt that suddenly cut through heaven and earth, viciously striking down in front of the mountain.

Seeing that huge thunderbolt strike down, the villagers on the mountain road were terrified.

Because that thunderbolt was too big, much thicker than ordinary thunder, and it struck the mountain directly…


“That seems to be Mountain God Temple!”

Someone recognized that direction and let out a frightened shout.

This statement made everyone’s expressions look bad.

On this kind of stormy night, there was actually lightning falling in the direction of the mountain temple, and it happened on the day that girl secretly escaped …

“Village Chief……”

The villagers looked nervously at the old man in the group, trying to gain insight.

The one who had the most contact experience with the Mountain God was the old man in the village. Now that this strange and unpredictable thing happened, everyone subconsciously looked at the old man.

But at that moment, another lightning struck down in the sky. It was bigger than the previous one, just like a huge pillar of light that blasted down on the mountain.



The deafening blast almost shook the villagers unconscious, they even felt that the earth was shaken by the lightning. The terrifying sight directly scared the villagers, and all of them fell limp and trembled.

Even the villagers who grew up in the mountain had never witnessed lightning striking the mountain so close – and it wasn’t even a normal lightning strike! How could there be such a large lightning strike!

The villagers were incomparably frightened, while the old village chief at the front of the procession clutched the walking stick in his hand tightly.

Everyone stood on the trail in fear, fearing that the next bolt of lightning would strike down on their heads, or possibly something even worse would happen. They waited for a while, but the mountain calmed. Not only did no third lightning bolt strike down, even the wind seemed to have subsided.


The old village chief gave a hard pause with his walking stick and said in a hoarse voice, “Go! Take the girl to the Mountain God Temple as soon as possible! We can’t delay any longer. I’ve never seen the Mountain God so angry! If we are late, something big will really happen!”

The old village chief’s words startled all the young men.

In the village, the old man’s words were the law, and no one dared to question them. If the old village chief said so, it meant that the matter had really reached a very serious point.

No one dared linger. The villagers immediately ran up the mountain path. Even if the mountain road was dark and rugged, and even after witnessing the horror of lightning, no one dared to slow down at all.

They took turns carrying the elderly village leader, carrying the girl in the big red wedding dress, and ran wildly and difficultly through the rugged mountain roads.


Finally, when everyone was panting and almost on the verge of running out of energy, they saw the Mountain God Temple standing in the jungle.


I’ll Quit Being a God

I’ll Quit Being a God

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like in the sea.
Lu Heng, who has crossed over to the other world, finds himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule.
In this strange and wild world, demons, evil and giant beasts are rampant, and humane order is almost non-existent.
These, however, are not what Lu Heng needed to think about.
What he is thinking about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls.
Besides, he actually does not want to be this God anymore...
PS: If you are an aggregate site, you can copy and paste chapters from this site. I will turn a blind eye to it. But don't remove my postscripts in the chapters for it's way too offensive.


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