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Chapter 2: Xiao Ai

Chapter 2: Xiao Ai

Lu Heng was a little confused.

He did not react to the sudden appearance and the departure of that group of villagers.

Originally, he heard the sound of gongs and drums in the forest, he initially thought it was someone’s daughter who got married in a stormy day, so the bridal party came to Mountain God Temple to avoid the rain.

Lu Heng then disappeared behind the altar and used the power of the mountain God to dive underground so as not to disturb this group of mortals, intending to wait for the mortals to leave before coming out to practice.

However, after listening underground for a while, he found that the group of villagers arrived and left quickly. They didn’t stay long at all before running away, and left someone behind in the Mountain God Temple.

Out of caution and curiosity, Lu Heng emerged from the underground to take a look, only to find a little girl left inside the Temple.

She wore an oversized crimson wedding dress, with her hands and feet tied to the palanquin. She desperately struggled but could not break free, and her mouth was strangled tight by cloth, so she could only make pitiful whimpering sounds. What on earth was this? Human trafficking? Or what?

Lu Heng was surprised to see a little girl who had a pale, frightened face in front of him,  and decided to calm the little girl first.

He knew his demonic body looked scary, and would frighten the little girl if he didn’t speak and pretended to be mysterious.

With a harrumph, Lu Heng said in a deep voice,

“Little girl, you do not need to be afraid, I will not eat you.”

Lu Heng’s voice was low and husky, with a faint echo that could be described as a very cool voice – similar to an evil villain in a movie.

And this handsome voice now really played a role.

The little girl who heard the wolf speak twitched and passed out, and the temple became silent.

Outside the temple, the rain was still falling.

And inside the temple, Lu Heng was slightly embarrassed.

“Why is this little girl so timid?”

Lowering his head, he got close enough to look at the little girl…. Well, it seems she had been scared into unconsciousness.

Stretching out his front paws, Lu Heng used his sharp nails to cut loose the rope tied to the girl’s body, as well as the cloth in her mouth, helping the little girl to regain her freedom.

However, at this time, the little girl could not escape.

She lay limp on her back on the rattan sedan, with her limbs rigid and face frightened and eyes tightly closed.

If not for her heartbeat, Lu Heng would’ve thought that this little girl was scared to death by him.

Hey… what kind of situation was this?

In his previous life, he was not exactly a handsome man, but he was not so ugly as to scare children into tears.

In this life, he scared a little girl to passing out and becoming unconscious, as if he was a demon who commited all sorts of heinous crimes.

Wait… demon?

Lu Heng stood by the vine palanquin, pacing and contemplating, once again flipping through the giant wolf’s vague and fragmented memories.

The wolf demon’s soul completely dissapeared after being heavily struck by the heavenly thunder, and Lu Heng only inherited some of its memory fragments when he crossed over, so he could only speculate about most of the wolf demon’s life based on its fragmented memories. But he could not know every single thing about it.

But now after carefully going through these memory fragments, he did find some useful information.

It seemed that not long ago, the wolf demon informed the villagers at the bottom of the mountain to offer something to sacrifice.

This sacrifice was related to the wolf demon’s cultivation, although Lu Heng could not recall what the specific sacrifice requirements are, but it should not be any righteous cultivation method.

Then he looked at the girl who was unconscious in front of him, and then thought of the villager’s weird behavior, Lu Heng immediately linked it with a legend – sacrificing a virgin girl to a demon?


This wolf demon had been a mountain God here for eighty years, and it asked the villagers to offer it virgin girls because of its stagnant cultivation? This practice route was something a real demon would do.

A mountain God for decades, and this was the result?

No wonder it was severely affected by the heavenly thunder, it really deserved to die.

In the mountain God temple, Lu Heng figured out everything, then once again looked down at the little girl in front of him.

She wore a slightly wide wedding dress, and even in a coma she was also curled up. She was very insecure.

What should he do to avoid scaring her into fainting again?

Lu Heng thought about it, and directly jumped on the altar and went inside the clay statue of the God 

Then he blew a breeze. After the breeze fell on the girl’s face, her expression gradually softened as her eyes were tightly closed and her brow furrowed.

And after a while, the girl slowly opened her eyes, slightly dazed after seeing the mountain God temple in front of her, and she suddenly remembered the horrible sight she saw before she fell unconscious.


The moment the girl opened her mouth in horror, she suddenly found herself able to speak.

She hurriedly lowered her head, only to find that the ropes on her body had been untied and she was no longer tied up.

And in this empty mountain God temple, although it still looked eerie and gloomy, the huge white wolf could not be seen.

Inside the empty and cold mountain God temple, there was only one living person, the girl. She shrank nervously, looking around all this with trepidation and unease, wondering what was happening.

Could the white wolf she saw before passing out an illusion? Why else hadn’t she been eaten?

And who untied the rope on her body?

The girl scrambled to the door and looked out.

Rain was still pouring outside the house, one can simply not travel on such a stormy day, and and she could not see any good people outside.

She could only turn back again, looking nervously at the clay statue of the white wolf on the altar of the Gods and shrinking her neck.

Did… did the Lord Mountain God help her untie the rope?

With terrified and uneasy thoughts, the girl carefully surveyed the white wolf clay statue on the divine altar, feeling this white wolf clay statue somehow was not quite the same.

It obviously looked the same as before, an ordinary clay sculpture. There was no change. But she vaguely felt this clay sculpture seemed to come to life, and the eyes of the clay sculpture was looking at her…

Little girl carefully called out, “Lord Mountain God?”

This low call sounded like weak mosquitoes, and a little farther away simply could not be heard.

But the clay sculpture on the altar of the God suddenly moved, and the clay sculpture of the white wolf let out a low laugh.

“Surprisingly, you took the initiative to call out to me… Are you not afraid of me anymore?”

The moment the clay idol opened its mouth, the girl was scared and took several steps back, and her expression became frightened once again.

But perhaps the clay statue did not look as scary as the giant wolf before, or perhaps the mountain God’s low laughter did not sound menacing, so the girl did not faint from fear this time.

Although still scared to death, the girl immediately knelt down and kowtowed desperately.

“Lord Mountain God! Please don’t eat me! Please don’t eat me!”

She desperately begged for mercy, and she could not think of any more begging words, only repeating such a phrase.

The clay statue of the God on the altar once again made a sound.

“Okay, okay, don’t kneel, I won’t eat you. I am a mountain God, not a demon, how can I eat people?”

The clay statue of the God spoke such words, leaving the little girl was somewhat confused.

She thought, “Lord Mountain God does not eat people? Then why does the village offer the Lord Mountain God a virgin girl?”

The girl’s face was bewildered. But Lu Heng was not going to explain.

Although he crossed into the body of a demon, but he had a human soul, how could he do such things as eating people?

Seeing that the little girl’s emotions had finally calmed down, Lu Heng jumped out of the clay statue of the God.

The moment that huge white wolf appeared within the mountain God temple, the girl was scared and trembled again – the impact of this huge size of demonic beast on mortals was too much.

But this time the little girl was not stunned, although scared and shaking all over, she forced herself to kneel there, because she was afraid that she had annoyed the mountain God in front of her.

Outside the house, the rainstorm gradually stopped.

Lu Heng looked down at the little girl and asked, “What is your name?”

“Little… Xiao Ai, Ai of mugwort.”

“Xiao Ai… I know,” Lu Heng nodded, spat out a wooden medal from his mouth and said, “You can go back, go back and tell the people in the village that I no longer need you to sacrifice me young boys and girls.”

“This wooden medal is my mountain God’s order, which can take you out of Cold Feather Mountain and back to the village.”

“If you follow the mountain trail with this wooden medal, the beasts of Cold Feather Mountain wouldn’t dare to hurt you. You can go back now, if you delay to long it will get dark.”

Lu Heng looked at the sky outside the house, although the rainstorm has stopped, the mountain road was still muddy. The little girl would take a long time to go back alone.

If she delayed too long, the mountain road after dark was not good.

Of course, this time the fastest way was actually for Lu Heng to personally send the girl back.

With the power of the mountain god, he could shrink in this Cold Feather Mountain, or even directly disappear. It would not take long to get out of the deep mountains.

But Lu Heng now still had a strong residual force of heavenly thunder in his body, so he was still in a state of serious injury. Without the dissolution of the thunder force in his body, he simply could not leave the mountain God temple, and he needs to rely on the accumulated wish power of the temple incense to suppress the heavenly thunder in his body.

Anyway, with his Mountain God order, this little girl can also get out of Cold Feather Mountain alone. Just a little tired on the way, the Mountain God order was enough to protect her.

With the Mountain God order to send the girl away, Lu Heng once again disappeared into the ground and continued to practice, trying to dissolve the thunder force in his body as soon as possible, to restore the ability to move freely.

It was a good time to spend all day in the ground practising.

I’ll Quit Being a God

I’ll Quit Being a God

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like in the sea.
Lu Heng, who has crossed over to the other world, finds himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule.
In this strange and wild world, demons, evil and giant beasts are rampant, and humane order is almost non-existent.
These, however, are not what Lu Heng needed to think about.
What he is thinking about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls.
Besides, he actually does not want to be this God anymore...
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