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Chapter 1: Mountain God

Chapter 1: Mountain God

On the fifth day of March, As the days began to warm and insects woke from there hibernation, a heavy rain began to fall.

Lu Heng, who was lying on the eaves of the mountain god temple, looked out over the mountains and forests in the rain. He took a deep breath and tilted his head before letting out a long howl.


The loud wolf howl echoed continuously, far into the mountain forest.

Lu Heng sat in the rainstorm and let the rain wet his fur. He closed his eyes and began to absorb the energy of the early spring when everything is being filled with vitality.

This may be a peaceful and calm scene, but if someone were to bump into it, they would definitely be scared on the spot and run away screaming.

Because the one sitting knee-deep on the roof of the mountain temple in the rainstorm was not a human, but a white wolf with a silver body.

Although this wolf appeared awe-inspiring and extraordinary, it was still a fierce beast. It was enough to make people who saw this scene turn around and run away in fear, thinking they had seen a demon.

This is what Lu Heng looked like now – a huge white wolf.

Crossed into this strange world for three days already, Lu Heng gradually received the memories belonging to the white wolf.

In the wolf demon’s vague and fragmented memory, it was originally an elite monster practicing in this Cold Feather Mountain, and after it inadvertently saved the life of a man decades ago, the villagers built a temple and worshipped it.

With the incense offerings, the white wolf became the Mountain God of Cold Feather Mountain, lying under the altar of the God to practice.

But the cultivation of spirits and mountain demons was not easy, and Cold Feather Mountain was not famous amongst the mountains and rivers. Also, the town at the foot of the mountain was remote and barren, so little incense was offered to the temple of the Mountain God.

Even though the white wolf had shown its fierce face several times and forced the mortals in the village to offer incense to it, the incense offerings were still scarce and the cultivation process was always slow.

Due to such slow practice, the increasingly restless white wolf eventually went astray, attracting heavenly thunder to the mountain, and the white wolf was roasted alive.

However, after the white wolf was killed, Lu Heng came through and came back to life in the corpse of the white wolf.

During these three days, Lu Heng did not travel too far from the Mountain God Temple.

Because after the white wolf’s soul was struck by heavenly lightning, its body also suffered heavy damage.

In these three days, Lu Heng has been lying in the Mountain God Temple, using the few incense wishes within the temple to repair his body, until today he barely regained the ability to move.

Coinciding with the day of The Waking of Insects, also the birth of all things,  this day is a great time to cultivate in the memory of the white wolf.

Lu Heng then sat cross-legged on the roof of the Mountain God Temple to absorb the vital energy that drifted around during the day, in accordance with the memory of the white wolf.

Although he was a little depressed about the fact that he had crossed over to a different world and become a demon, unfortunately, this kind of thing was not something he could resist.

There was a good saying, if you can’t resist, then enjoy it.

Although it came with various inconveniences, at the very least, this demon’s body had the advantage of a long life.

The white wolf in the mountain has cultivated for hundreds of years, so it was a standard long-lived species. To Lu Heng who died because of cancer in his early twenties, such a long life is a good thing that he could not have gained previously.

“If I practice well, sooner or later I will be able to transform into a human form, and may even ascend to heaven…”

With a bright future in mind, Lu Heng sat on the roof of the Mountain God Temple and practiced, ignoring such high-profile behavior that is so eye-catching.

Anyway, this mountain temple is too remote, and with the white wolf’s fierce reputation, there was no one whom dared to approach in the past.

However, Lu Heng heard noises approaching him in the rainstorm while he in a trance. It seemed that a crowd of people were heading towards the mountain temple.

He opened his eyes and looked in the direction where the sound was coming from.

Under the gloomy sky, the torrential rain washed everything away in the dense forest.

As Lu Heng broke away from his state of cultivation, his keen sense of hearing allowed him to hear more clearly the voices of the mortals who were heading this way.

There were many of them.

The crying of women, men complaining, and the elderly sighing… The sounds broke the peace of the forest and made Lu Heng a bit curious.

With such heavy rain, why is this group of villagers braving the rain into the mountains? Some people were blowing gongs and drums, is there a girl’s wedding passing through here?

Lu Heng thought so, leaping from the roof of the temple, and disappeared into the mountain god temple so as not to scare the group of mortals with his fierce appearance.

Soon after Lu Heng disappeared, the group of mortals finally approached the range of the Mountain God Temple.

But after approaching the Mountain God Temple, the sound of blowing gongs and beating drums stopped.

The elderly village chief is walking in the front of the procession, followed by a group of villagers draped in red. They looked quite festive.

In the middle of the procession, there was a young girl sitting on the rattan wood palanquin, with four of the same red-decorated bearers carrying it. The girl was very small, about ten years old. Now she was wearing red wedding clothes, huddled in the rattan wood sedan, with fearful eyes.

Her mouth was gagged with cloth, so that she could not even cry out, only able to emit a small sob.

By the girl’s side, in addition to an old woman who gave her an umbrella to prevent her from getting soaked, she was not accompanied by any relatives. There was only all those nervous-looking young and strong men dressed in red.

Such a wedding procession came to a halt, before they entered the Mountain God Temple.

What appeared in front of the villagers was the mountain God temple located in the middle of the woods . The temple was not tall, and had no outer wall, it did not look dilapidated for the villagers repaired it every year. But even so, it could not dispel the temples eerie and horrifying atmosphere.

And associating it with the ferocious bloodlust of the occupying demon… a few youths with slightly weaker guts started to panic.

Among them, the only one that could probably remain calm is the old village chief.

“Move fast! Do not annoy the Lord Mountain God!”

After the old village chief’s serious whispered command, the four bearers hurriedly carried the vine palanquin hung with a big red wedding cloth into the open door of the mountain God temple.

There was little light inside the temple. Facing the door on the altar, the clay statue of the deity was not a human deity, but a wolf, a fearsome looking wolf.

The rainstorm outside the house increased, and the rumbling of thunder cut through the sky. From time to time the miserable white light shone on the altar, seemingly more on the clay sculpture of the wolf, that was fierce and hideous to behold.

The group of bearers simply did not dare to stay any longer, so they put down the vine sedan and then ran directly outside, leaving the vine sedan and the girl together in the mountain God’s temple.

Outside the temple door, the villagers had quickly completed the process of killing the chickens and slaughtering the sheep.

Fishy red blood gushed in the mud in front of the temple, staining the muddy water.

After the old village chief and his party recited the words to the direction of the mountain God temple, they did not dare to stay any longer after seeing the sedan chair was put down.

This mountain God was unpredictable, nobody knew what would happen if you lingered.

Anyway, the virgin girl had been sacrificed, and they also sacrificed the chicken and goat, the villagers no longer dared to nor wanted to stay any longer. They dragged the body of the goat that was slashed through the throat, carrying the corpse of the rooster that was still convulsing and quickly left the vicinity of the mountain temple, soon disappearing into the surrounding mountains and forests.

With the departure of the villagers, the small temple in the mountains once again fell into an eerie dead silence, only the rainstorm outside the house was still ongoing.

The girl on the rattan chair looked at the gloomy mountain temple in front of her, shivering in fear.

She tried to escape, but her hands and feet were tied. She simply could not break free.

A cold wind blew, the girl fiercely shivered, feeling that something in the darkness seemed to be watching her.

That kind of eerie sight made her scalp tingle and a chill went down her spine, and her limbs stiffened from fear.


A desperate whimper emanated from the girl’s throat.

She shook her head desperately, struggling desperately to escape, but could only shake the rattan sedan, making it creak.

Instead, this creaking sound seems to have alarmed the temple, even if the rain is pouring outside and thunder roaring, the girl on the rattan chair clearly heard the low breathing sound coming from behind the clay statue.

That low breathing seemed so heavy that it could not have come from human beings.

The girl’s little face was completely pale. She looked at the clay statue of the white wolf on the altar in despair and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing out.

“Woo… father… mother… who will save Xiao Ai, who will save Xiao Ai…”

The girl kept crying out in her mind, yet her mouth strangled by the gag could only whimper. That frightened and desperate whimpering in this deserted mountain looked so pitiful and helpless, but it was simply impossible for someone to save her.

And the low breathing behind the divine altar began to move.

A terrifying black shadow slowly peeked out from behind the idol.

Inside the gloomy mountain temple, the girl vaguely saw the shadow’s claws, and the fierce and overwhelmingly huge fangs…


The girl struggled harder, tears of desperation having wet her chest and wedding clothes.

What kind of monster was lying behind the altar!?

It looked like a wolf, but its head was bigger than that of the biggest bull in the village.

Those eyes that reflected an eerie light in the dark, like ghost lights floating in the dead of night, gazed straight at her.

The girl’s body twitched in terror, and urine spilled out from her red wedding dress.

However, the giant wolf behind the statue did not seem to have any compassion as it came out from behind the altar. Although it was in a normal standing position with all of its four limbs on the ground, the height to the ground from the bottom of its head was already more than two meters.

“Such a huge beast! It probably would swallow me in one bite…”

When looking at the monster’s entire body, a surprisingly weird thought emerged in the girl’s heart.

Boom –

Outside the house, there came a booming sound of thunder from the sky.

The giant white wolf was standing inside the temple, and the lightning reflected the entirety of his body. At this time, he just lowered his head, watching the girl on the vine palanquin: her big red wedding dress and those terrified, quivering eyes. Then he tilted his head again and looked in the direction of the villagers.

He was a little confused.

What is going on here?


I’ll Quit Being a God

I’ll Quit Being a God

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like in the sea.
Lu Heng, who has crossed over to the other world, finds himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule.
In this strange and wild world, demons, evil and giant beasts are rampant, and humane order is almost non-existent.
These, however, are not what Lu Heng needed to think about.
What he is thinking about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls.
Besides, he actually does not want to be this God anymore...
PS: If you are an aggregate site, you can copy and paste chapters from this site. I will turn a blind eye to it. But don't remove my postscripts in the chapters for it's way too offensive.


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