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Chapter 6: The Cursed Diary

Chapter 6: The Cursed Diary


“Where are we running to now?” Gao Yifei asked as he ran, already starting to write a farewell note on his phone.

Li Yan stayed silent, and Cheng Jie had let go of Chu Jiang’s hand a while ago.

At the moment, Chu Jiang jogged ahead, using the flashlight on his phone to light the way. He pursed his lips and before he had a chance to reply, he suddenly saw a figure approaching from the front.

At first, he was startled, but then he realized that the person on the other side seemed just as startled. Both sides hesitated for a moment.

“Are they other people from the school?” Li Yan nervously asked.

Soon, the people on the other side also realized and cautiously moved forward. Once they saw that it was a group of students, they relaxed and continued rushing toward the back entrance of the school.

They were all students from the school, with a few teachers mixed in. They passed Chu Jiang and his friends with a look of fear on their faces.

Of course, many of them had already realized that something was wrong. If they could escape through the back entrance, why would Chu Jiang and his friends be running back? However, without seeing it with their own eyes, they still held on to a glimmer of hope.

Just as the two sides passed each other closely, some of the people in the large crowd slowed down their steps.

Chu Jiang didn’t want to pay attention to them, and couldn’t be bothered to remind them. These people knew very well that the back door was dangerous, but they were just deceiving themselves. They had no way out.

However, unexpectedly, the group of students who slowed down suddenly surrounded Chu Jiang and his group, blocking their way.

Among the few people leading them, there was a student with a shaved head who wore his uniform in a deliberately rebellious way.

Chu Jiang recognized this guy, he was his classmate Liu Shenglong, who had recently been forced to shave his head by the school for growing long hair.

However, what was strange was that apart from Liu Shenglong, who was from Class 3, all the others in this group were unfamiliar students from other classes.

“What do you guys want?!” Gao Yifei, who was tall and imposing, stepped forward aggressively.

However, facing a large group on the other side, they didn’t back down. Liu Shenglong and a few of his buddies also stepped forward.

Mr. Liu stared at Chu Jiang intently and said, “Don’t worry, we’re all classmates. I just want to ask you something. Is the back door really blocked?”

Chu Jiang was staring at the other person intently. They had little interaction before in class and there was no grudge between them, but it was obvious that the other person had some ill intentions now.

“It’s not going to work! Why are you blocking us? Move out of the way,” Li Yan said angrily. They had already lost one person and they didn’t have time to waste with these troublemakers on campus.

“Okay, hand over that thing,” Liu Shenglong reached out towards Chu Jiang.

“Don’t play dumb. I saw it before. You were frequently fidgeting in the classroom, seemingly reading a book. You must have realized that the school was haunted at that time, right?”

“You knew there was a haunting, yet you still had the mood to collect your books, pack your backpack, and leave. Isn’t that just adding unnecessary burden? And there’s one strange thing you didn’t even notice. When you stuffed the book into your backpack, a drop of blood fell onto the floor.”

“What on earth is that book? Take it out and let us see. Don’t force us to take action.”

Chu Jiang furrowed his brows tightly. He didn’t pay attention to this matter in his rushed departure earlier.

“You’re shameless! Liu Shenglong, if it wasn’t for Chu Jiang reminding you, could you have run out of the classroom and the building so quickly? And now you want to snatch his belongings.”

Cheng Jie was also a bit upset at the moment. When she fell earlier, she scraped her knee and got a wound, but she didn’t say a word. She was very strong.

“Let’s go!” Liu Shenglong was upset and didn’t have time, he had no mood to talk nonsense.

Chu Jiang tightly clenched his fist, the reason he didn’t speak was actually because he was waiting for the other party to show a weakness, hoping to break free.

But Liu Shenglong, maybe he had unleashed his potential at a crucial moment? Chu Jiang never thought that he would be such a difficult character to deal with.

Liu Shenglong not only didn’t waste words, but also gathered more than ten students together.

Chu Jiang had no choice but to rally the people around him and try to break free.

However, the difference in numbers was obvious, the other side had fifteen or sixteen people, and even separated a few female students to catch Cheng Jie.

Even though Gao Yifei fought against two people, Chu Jiang and Li Yan each punched and knocked down a male student, they were quickly pressed down by others.

Liu Shenglong didn’t even have time to mock Chu Jiang and his friends, he hurriedly searched Chu Jiang’s backpack and found that black diary.

When he took out the diary, there was still a lot of blood flowing on the cover, dripping onto Chu Jiang’s backpack and staining a large area red.

Liu Shenglong felt a bit nauseous, and the people around him were also a bit scared.

This person, why did he bring such a mysterious thing with him? Some people even suspected that this ghost was released by Chu Jiang. For a while, everyone looked at him with unfriendly eyes.

“How do you use this thing?” Liu Shenglong carefully wiped a little bit of bloodstains from the cover with his index finger. He wanted to see if this was the artificial blood plasma commonly used in haunted houses or real blood.

However, what surprised everyone, including Chu Jiang, was that Liu Shenglong only lightly touched it, and his face quickly turned pale, and his eyes lost their brightness rapidly.

“Plop~” Liu Shenglong’s body fell to the ground, he died.

“Ah!” A chorus of screams erupted around, and even some of the men shouted along with the girls.

In an instant, everyone moved away from Chu Jiang and his companions, because Liu Shenglong’s body fell right next to Chu Jiang, and the diary fell right in front of him.

“Ghost, it’s a ghost!”

“That diary is a ghost, run!”

In just a few seconds, the students who surrounded Chu Jiang and his friends scattered like birds and beasts. Some of them fled through the back door, while others escaped in different directions.

Not to mention them, even Li Yan and the others looked at the diary in horror. When they saw it before, they never expected it to be so terrifying.

Just a touch and they were dead. What on earth is this creature?

Chu Jiang calmly stood up and reached out to feel Liu Shenglong’s neck. There was no pulse; this guy was definitely dead.

Then Chu Jiang silently picked up the diary, making sure to avoid the blood continuously flowing from the cover.

At this moment, the Blood Handprint on the diary became even more eye-catching. It seemed to come alive, gradually coming alive…

Chu Jiang was now very grateful that he had only touched the blood on a few lines of the diary, and not the cover. Otherwise, his fate would be the same as Liu Shenglong’s now.

And this also revealed something: the blood used to write the diary didn’t come from the cover.

It was possible that the blood came from Chu Jiang himself…

But Chu Jiang is not injured now, at most he just got hit earlier and has a bruise on his face.

If the words in this diary were really written with his own blood, then it implies that Chu Jiang might encounter trouble next…

I Have a Ghost Dairy

I Have a Ghost Dairy

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
If you had a diary that could predict the future.

How would you use it?

These words are written on the first page.

[Do not open this diary.]

[Unless you are mentally prepared for a terrible ending.]

These words are written on the second page.

At this moment, the black diary with two pages stuck to it is in Chu Jiang's hand. After careful consideration, he finally slowly opened the cover.


The world is experiencing a mysterious revival, with strange things and mysterious events happening everywhere. This is a story about a deceased person, it all begins with him obtaining a strange diary.


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