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Who’s this!!!

Unexprienced excitement

Being in love is hard but seems exciting. When you are in love you feel something new in yourself, you are ready to make sacrifices and taking risks.
Meet Atiksha, a simple girl from a middle class family of varanasi. Her eyes are full of dreams, her face has the glory of moon. A great smile on her face with confidence makes her look more elegant. She is magnetic, totally a charm……
She was very down to earth and kind towards everyone. She was the precious gem of her family, she was loved by everyone. Today there’s a awkward silence in the house, everyone seems quiet!!! “I’ll be here in a week maa… Don’t worry” She said while packing her bag.
She has never been out of varanasi and for the first time she is going to delhi at her best friend’s wedding. Atiksha has never been away from her parents they were tensed about her first journey but atiksha was very excited. When she boarded the train a message popped up…. Hey! How are you?? The profile seems unrelevant, she ignored the message.
The journey was quite successful but very lethargic. She was fond of reading, while reading her favorite novel she heard some unusual noise coming from garden. When she looked out of window , she sawa group of people enjoying themselves. Suddenly she noticed a young, handsome and charming man in the group. She was attracted towards him. She started to moon over him. The message again popped up…. Hey! How are you??

First love

First love

Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: English
  1. Atiksha, a simple girl make her life complicated with her descisions. The dream of flying like a bird now made her to choose between her life and her emotions, good and best. Let's see what will be her descision.....


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Anushka Jadon
Anushka Jadon
11 months ago

Osm 🫶🏻

11 months ago

Loved the way u articulated this…. Nice one

11 months ago


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