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Not again

not again

Whole time she was thinking only one thing if he was not shivin, who messaged her then, “I always got messages when shivin was with me”she said to herself. Whole day she thought of same thing. She was very tensed. She thought that her single misunderstanding created alot of drama. A week passed but the same thing was running over her mind.

Everyone in the family noticed her  and tried to know the reason but she hadn’t responded to anyone. And like this 12 days passed and finally she decided to confess her feelings to shivin. She thought that this would be right as she think that shivin also likes her.

Here prateek always waited for her single message. But no response!! When prateek was in his office he got a call and he replied with an excitement “yeah yeah I’ll be there….” He was very excited and informed her mom that he is going to varanasi. He thought that he’ll meet atiksha and confess his feelings to her.

They both thought that their beloved was having the same feeling for them, but is it true! Does the situation was same as they think??

It is clear that atiksha don’t have any feelings for prateek but what about shivin ,what  does he thinks of her??

Next day when atiksha came from her college he saw someone with his father talking so comfortably. She went to kitchen and asked her mom “who’s that”.and her mother told her that he’s prateek. Atiksha thought that he had come  here because she was not replying to his texts. She called him on the terrrace and just started questioning him. When they both were talking her mother saw both of them and she thought that they like each other but just want everything to be private that’s why atiksha had not told this to her mother.

First love

First love

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  1. Atiksha, a simple girl make her life complicated with her descisions. The dream of flying like a bird now made her to choose between her life and her emotions, good and best. Let's see what will be her descision.....


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