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Disappointment hit prateek

Disappointment hit prateek
  • Here atiksha was planning to somehow get a chance to go to delhi, she used prateek aa a chance. She told everyone that they are going to delhi afterall they had met after a long time. And they were allowed to go. Atiksha had not told prateek what she is going to do and why she planned to visit delhi only. They both reached delhi in evening and prateek booked room for themselves but atiksha denied to live in hotel. She said in a harsh tone”I can’t stay here!! I’ll go to my friend’s house “prateek had not expected this tone from her. He was very disappointed. Atiksha moved to her friend’s house and started palnning to meet shivin.
    Prateek called atiksha hundred times to know where she is how she is doing but she had not answered a single call.
    Prateek don’t know where atiksha was ,he don’t know the address. So many thoughts were running over his mind . He thought that he had came to spend some time with her but she left him all alone in Delhi where he knows no one. He locked his room and went out for walk. He suddenly noticed atiksha inside a cafe. She was sitting alone.

To be continued……

First love

First love

Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: English
  1. Atiksha, a simple girl make her life complicated with her descisions. The dream of flying like a bird now made her to choose between her life and her emotions, good and best. Let's see what will be her descision.....


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