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The Frozen Resolve

Selena Frostbane stood firm, her eyes locked on the formidable figure before her. She knew the odds were stacked against her, but she refused to back down. Memories of her past hardships and her indebtedness to Loid fueled her determination.

As she conjured icy shards, her mind raced, reflecting on the moment she first encountered Loid and how he had become her ally and savior. The memories of her struggles, abandonment, and eventual rediscovery of purpose at Helios Academy surged through her thoughts. She couldn’t let Loid’s sacrifice be in vain.

With a fierce resolve, Selena unleashed her

<Ice shards>

propelling them toward the figure. The shards shimmered in the air, reflecting the dim light of the chamber. However, just as before, the figure effortlessly maneuvered through the shadows, evading the icy assault.

Selena’s heart pounded in her chest as she assessed the situation. She needed to find a way to turn the tide in her favor. Drawing upon her training and instincts, she formulated a risky plan.

‘If direct attacks won’t work, then maybe I can exploit their overconfidence,’ Selena pondered, her mind racing.

She took a deep breath, focusing her thoughts and channeling her mana. The air around her grew colder, crystalline frost forming on her skin. With a surge of determination, Selena unleashed her most potent ability,

<Absolute Zero>

In an instant, a wave of freezing cold erupted from Selena, engulfing the entire chamber. Ice spread across the walls, floor, and ceiling, encasing everything in a frozen prison. The figure found themselves trapped within Selena’s icy domain, their movements hindered by the intense cold.

“Now, it’s my turn,” Selena proclaimed, her voice resolute.

With precise control, she formed intricate ice constructs, sharp and deadly, each one aimed directly at the figure. The frozen projectiles pierced through the icy prison, closing in on their target with deadly precision.


The constructs shattered upon impact, their force dispersing the frozen shell that encased the figure. But to Selena’s surprise, they emerged from the ice unscathed, their dark aura seemingly unfazed.

“Impressive, but not enough,” the figure hissed, their voice dripping with disdain.

Selena’s heart sank. Her most potent ability had failed to incapacitate the figure, leaving her back at square one. She could feel her mana reserves dwindling, the strain of the battle taking its toll on her.

In the midst of her frustration, a flicker of movement caught Selena’s attention. Loid, still restrained by the shadowy hands, struggled against his bonds, his eyes filled with determination. Their gazes locked, and in that moment, Selena understood.

‘I can’t do this alone,’ she realized. ‘I need to find a way to free Loid and tap into his power.’

With renewed resolve, Selena focused her attention on Loid, seeking any opportunity to break his restraints. She searched for weak points in the shadowy grip, hoping to exploit them and set him free.

As the battle raged on, Selena’s determination burned brighter than ever. She knew that saving Loid and defeating this formidable figure would require every ounce of her strength and wit. With her icy powers at her disposal and Loid as her ally, she refused to let despair overcome her.

The stage was set for a desperate struggle, where Selena’s icy resolve would clash against the figure’s overwhelming power. The outcome remained uncertain, but Selena was prepared to fight until the very end, for the sake of her friend and her own unwavering determination.

As Selena Frostbane stood before the formidable entity, her mind was flooded with memories of her past and the debt she owed to Loid. She couldn’t help but reflect on the fateful meeting that had changed her life.

In a flashback, Selena found herself back in the early days when she was on the brink of despair. Her body weakened, her spirit shattered, and her hope waning, she was left with nothing. It was in that darkest moment that Loid, a freshman at Helios Academy, appeared as a beacon of light in her life.

With a grateful smile, Selena remembered how Loid had offered her a helping hand, providing food, comfort, and the friendship she desperately needed. He had become her ally, her anchor, in a world that had abandoned her.

Filled with gratitude and a newfound purpose, Selena had bid farewell to Loid and embarked on a journey to find her distant relatives at the guild. She believed it was no mere coincidence that they were connected in this way, sensing that someone or something had guided her toward this path.

Time passed, and after a year and a half, Selena finally had the opportunity to join Helios Academy. She saw it as a chance to repay Loid for his kindness and to stand beside him as an equal, fighting to protect what was dear to them both.

However, tragedy struck when Loid lost his memories. Selena’s heart ached for her friend, knowing that he had forgotten all they had shared. Determined to help him regain what was lost, she began her search for clues.

It was during her investigation that Selena stumbled upon the building’s basement, unknowingly stepping into a battle she never anticipated. Now, with her icy cool aura surrounding her, Selena faced an adversary who had proven their strength by overpowering Loid and Angela, even though they were her seniors.

Selena’s thoughts raced, searching for a strategy that would turn the tide. She knew deep down that she couldn’t win this fight alone, but her determination to save Loid and protect others burned fiercely within her.

Taking a deep breath, Selena focused her energy and summoned her <Ice shards> once again. The shards shimmered and crackled in the air as she hurled them towards her opponent, aiming to create an opening.


The icy shards collided with an invisible barrier, causing ripples of cold energy to spread. Selena’s eyes widened in surprise, realizing that her opponent possessed not only immense strength but also powerful defensive abilities.

“So, you’re determined to face me, little Frostbane,” the entity sneered, their voice laced with arrogance.

Selena gritted her teeth, refusing to be intimidated. She couldn’t let doubt consume her now. She glanced at Loid, who was still held captive by shadowy restraints, and made a silent promise to herself.

“I won’t back down!,”Selena declared, her voice tinged with defiance.

With each passing moment, the chamber’s temperature dropped further, the frost in the air thickening. Selena’s icy cool aura expanded, engulfing the surroundings in a glacial haze.

The entity’s movements became sluggish as the cold intensified, their arrogance giving way to apprehension. Sensing an opportunity, Selena mustered her strength and unleashed her most powerful technique yet, <Frozen Chains>.

In an instant, tendrils of ice shot forth from Selena’s outstretched hand, snaking around her adversary’s limbs. The chains tightened, binding the entity and restricting their movements.

But the entity was not so easily defeated. With a surge of dark energy, they shattered the chains, breaking free from Selena’s icy grip. The force of their

escape sent shockwaves through the chamber, causing the walls to tremble.

Angela, who had been observing the battle from the sidelines, sprang into action, using her own abilities to create a protective barrier around Selena. The barrier absorbed the shock, preventing any harm from reaching them.

Selena glanced at Angela with gratitude, their eyes briefly connecting in a moment of unspoken understanding.

Angela, severely weakened and unable to engage in battle, summoned her last remnants of magic to cast a protective barrier around Selena.

As she struggled to maintain consciousness, Angela muttered faintly, her words barely audible to anyone, “Don’t… give… up… Junior…”


As the battle raged on, Selena’s determination grew fiercer. She refused to let Loid die and was prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect him.

With each clash of powers, each surge of mana, Selena fought with unwavering resolve. The outcome of this battle remained uncertain.

The chamber crackled with an intense aura as Selena and the entity engaged in a fierce battle. The sound of clashing powers echoed through the air, each strike resonating with the weight of their determination.

Selena’s icy cool aura enveloped her, empowering her abilities. She summoned a <swirling blizzard>, its biting winds and freezing temperatures adding an element of surprise to her attacks.<Ice shards>, propelled by her will, flew towards her adversary with deadly precision.

The entity, however, proved to be a formidable opponent. They countered Selena’s onslaught with dark energy, creating a shield that deflected the ice shards effortlessly. Their powers seemed boundless, as if drawing strength from the shadows themselves.

Selena’s heart raced as she assessed the situation. She couldn’t allow herself to falter; Loid and Angela’s life were at stake. Drawing upon her resolve, she pushed herself to the limit, delving deeper into her powers.

A surge of energy coursed through Selena’s veins as she tapped into a hidden wellspring of strength. Frostbane’s lineage of ancient ice magic manifested within her, granting her access to an ability she had yet to fully explore—the power of <absolute zero>.

With a focused mind, Selena channeled her energy, freezing the moisture in the air. A thick layer of frost began to form on the ground, spreading rapidly towards her adversary. The entity’s movements slowed, their powers hindered by the encroaching ice.

“Now, let’s see how you handle this!” Selena exclaimed, her voice laced with determination.

With a swift motion of her hand, Selena unleashed a wave of freezing energy. The icy blast surged forward, enveloping the entity in a cocoon of ice.

They struggled against the frost’s grip, but it held them tightly, rendering them immobile.

For a brief moment, Selena believed she had gained the upper hand. But just as she began to breathe a sigh of relief, cracks appeared on the ice, spider webbing across its surface. With a tremendous burst of energy, the entity shattered the icy prison, breaking free once more.

Selena’s heart sank, realizing that her opponent’s power surpassed her own expectations. She couldn’t afford to lose hope, though. Loid’s memories were still within reach, and she would fight until the very end to protect them.

Gathering her resolve, Selena focused her energy anew. Ice crystals swirled around her, forming a protective barrier. She had to find a way to break through the entity’s defenses, to strike a blow that would weaken their hold on Loid’s memories.

Drawing upon her inner strength, Selena mustered all her power and channeled it into a single, concentrated attack. Her hands glowed with an icy-blue light as she unleashed her ultimate technique,

<Glacial Nova>

A massive sphere of frozen energy materialized before Selena. With a forceful push, she sent it hurtling towards the entity. The Glacial Nova exploded upon impact, unleashing a blizzard of icy shards and frigid gusts.

As the dust settled, Selena anxiously scanned the battlefield. The entity stood, seemingly unaffected by the assault. Their eyes gleamed with a mix of arrogance and fury, determined to crush any hope Selena held.

Selena’s heart pounded in her chest, her breathing labored. The battle was far from over, but she couldn’t afford to waver. She had come too far, fought too hard, to give up now. Loid and Angela’s lives depended on her, and she would find a way to protect them, no matter the cost.

The battle raged on within the chamber, and Selena Frostbane, with her icy cool aura and determined spirit, faced off against the formidable entity. As the clash of powers intensified, Selena seized a momentary respite to gather her thoughts.

A glimmer of mischief danced in Selena’s eyes as she carefully observed her opponent. With a hint of a smile, she decided it was time to reveal a secret that had remained hidden until now. She knew it might give her an advantage, even if it was a slight one.

As Selena prepared for her next move, she subtly allowed her appearance to take on a more ethereal quality—a delicate yet radiant beauty that mirrored the grace of the elven kind. Her long, flowing silver hair cascaded around her, and her eyes shimmered with an otherworldly glow. Though she was a half-elf, her elven heritage was unmistakable.

Loid, who had been watching the battle unfold with a mix of worry and awe, couldn’t help but be captivated by Selena’s transformed appearance. There was something undeniably enchanting about her, a mystique that he had never noticed before.

The entity, momentarily distracted by the sudden change in Selena’s aura, hesitated for a fraction of a second. It was all the opening Selena needed. With a flick of her wrist, she conjured a powerful blizzard that swirled around her adversary, freezing the very air they breathed.

“Your power is formidable, but you underestimate the strength that lies within me,” Selena stated calmly, her voice carrying a melodic quality that sent shivers down Loid’s spine.

The entity, trapped within the icy vortex, struggled to break free, their movements slowing down under the weight of the blizzard. Selena pressed her advantage, summoning icicles that descended upon her foe like a relentless storm.

With each strike, the entity’s defenses weakened, their powers gradually diminishing. Selena’s elven heritage had granted her an affinity for ice and a deep connection to the elemental forces, enabling her to channel her magic with precision and finesse.

But the entity, refusing to be defeated, summoned their own dark powers, creating a shield of shadows to ward off Selena’s icy onslaught. The clash of opposing forces created an electric atmosphere within the chamber, crackling with raw energy.

As the battle reached its peak, Selena’s thoughts remained focused on Loid. She couldn’t let him down; she couldn’t let his memories fade into oblivion. The strength of her resolve surged through her veins, empowering her with an unwavering determination.

With renewed determination, Selena channeled her magic into one final assault. She gathered all her mana, summoning a blinding blizzard that engulfed the entire chamber, freezing everything in its path.

As the blizzard settled, Selena stood amidst a frozen tableau, her opponent encased in a pillar of ice. The entity’s powers had been extinguished, their threat nullified.

The ice shattered, releasing the defeated foe. Selena stood tall, her icy cool aura still emanating from her, as she surveyed the aftermath of the battle. The entity lay defeated, their powers extinguished, and Loid, unconscious but unharmed, rested nearby.

As Selena turned her attention to Loid, a soft smile graced her lips.

Epitome of Imagination

Epitome of Imagination

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: English
[PLAYING RECORD A62] After approximately five minutes... [END] [WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY THE NEXT RECORD? Y/N] "Yes" *Sigh* "It appears that both idiots have already departed," replied an enchanting woman with crimson hair. "But where is Grey?" *LICK She moistens her lips in anticipation. "It seems I must locate you," she said alluringly. "Miss Katherine, we have discovered Mister Silverstein in this particular record. Take a look," the secretary remarked. [PLAYING RECORD A63] While she was deep in thought, her gaze fell upon the playing record. "Oh, my." "Heheheh~" "I've found you," she said as her eyes gleamed with intense crimson. Displayed on the screen was a man with distinctive yet unremarkable features—lustrous gray hair complemented by his gray eyes—manipulating a vase without any visible means, as if possessing extraordinary abilities. His name was Grey. ------------------------- This story incorporates elements such as a system, statistics, skills, litrpg, swordplay, and magic in a world that combines medieval aesthetics with advanced technology. Author's Note: This marks my first foray into writing, so I kindly request your understanding and support. This novel is also available on 'Webnovel' & Scribblehub. Note: The artwork featured here does not belong to me. If it is your creation, please inform me so proper credit can be given.


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