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Recovered yet Amiss

The man’s enigmatic smile returned as he replied, “Consider it a parting gift, a token to remember this encounter by.”

After a brief time, both of us started walking through the dimly lit hallway where each step echoed throughout the hall with a sound of


The flickering candles on the walls cast eerie shadows, adding to the mysterious atmosphere surrounding us.

“Thank you for helping me, or that Ghost should’ve killed me off in another second with her icy spears if you weren’t there,” I said, still feeling shivers down my spine as I recalled the haunting encounter.

“Ah… about that… nevermind as I was also finding something there, but coincidentally found you,” the man replied, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

“A-Anyways… Who are you?” I asked hesitantly.

He stopped walking, turned to face me, and chuckled before saying, “Are you for real?! You don’t know me?” He pointed to his chest, seemingly in disbelief.

“Yes… for real,” I responded, maintaining a poker face, even though I felt a bead of sweat on my back due to his intimidating presence.

“Alistair… Professor Alistair…The one and only Alistair in this world you may find who teaches people about history, supernaturals, magic manipulation, and so on…” he introduced himself with a hint of pride.

“Don’t you dare forget, okay,” he pointed his fingers menacingly, and I nodded in agreement, trying to hide my unease.

“How is it possible that someone didn’t know me! And he’s a third year at that,” Prof Alistair muttered to himself, clearly irked.

As we continued walking, I remained silent, fully unaware of his reputation and expertise.

‘Damn it!’ I silently cursed my ignorance.

Finally, we reached my hospital room where I had been admitted earlier. As I opened the door,

The room had a faint scent of antiseptic, and the soft hum of machines provided an oddly comforting backdrop to our conversation. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to Prof Alistair than met the eye. The way he carried himself and the aura of mystery that surrounded him made me wonder about the secrets he might hold.

The room was dimly lit, and a soft glow from the streetlights outside filtered through the curtains, casting a pale shadow on the floor. As they entered the room, the sound of their footsteps echoed through the confined space.

Prof Alistair reached out and said, “So you were the one… Loid Kage, isn’t it?”

I still kept my silence, unsure of how much he knew about me.

“I heard all about you from my students like…” he trailed off, leaving me curious about what they might have told him about me.

I turned to Prof Alistair, still curious about the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic man. Yet, he held back his inquiries, realizing that there was much more to learn about his unexpected companion.

As I was about to say something, the doctor came back and interrupted our conversation. “Ahh! Mr. Kage, how are you doing?” he asked.

“Fine, I guess, as you can see,” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

The doctor seemed to be pondering something and quickly scribbled on his notepad. He tore off the paper and handed it to me. “Here, take this. I’ve written down some medicines that you have to take and when.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking the paper and nodding in gratitude as the doctor and nurse left the room.

As the door closed, I turned back to Professor Alistair, intending to resume our conversation.

I turned to Prof Alistair and asked “what were we talking about?” I asked as I forgot what i was about to say

“Well…” Prof Alistair also thought but

However, both of us seemed to draw a blank on what we were discussing before the interruption.

“I don’t know… tch, it’s because the doctor came when I was about to ask,” Prof Alistair clicked his tongue in annoyance.

I noticed some letters on the table, which must have been sent to me while I was in a coma. I picked one up and examined it closely. The letter had a delicate scent, and the handwriting was elegant, written in black ink.

{Dear Loid

I hope you are doing well… I suppose…it’s been a long time since you were in a coma…

So I hope you might get better…

This is the 7th letter I am writing to you… or is it the 8th one?

I don’t know… but anyways I hope for the better

If you have already woken up, please do let everyone know and pass along my regards. I can’t express how glad I would be to hear about your recovery.

By the way If you want to meet me then I am at my family’s manor for rehab, if you find yourself with some free time, I would be delighted if you could visit me.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your friend, Angela}

As I read the heartfelt words, a sense of nostalgia washed over me, and I almost teared up. I quickly wiped away any hint of emotion from my eyes. Crying wasn’t an option, not in front of Prof Alistair.

“Hey! Kid, what are you looking at?” Prof Alistair curiously asked.

I hastily hid the letter behind my back and faced him. “N-Nothing, Professor,” I stammered, trying to keep my composure.

“You’re hiding something, kid. Lemme see,” he inquired, clearly amused.

“N-No, you can’t! This is a breach of privacy!” I protested, feeling my face flush with embarrassment.

“Is that a letter your girlfriend sent?” he teased.

“N-N-No, what a girlfriend! She’s my friend,” I blurted out, feeling even more embarrassed.

“Oho, lemme see if it’s your girlfriend or not,”

Prof Alistair playfully teased as he snatched the letter from my hand and attempted to read it.

I couldn’t let him invade my privacy like this, so I used my <Psychokinesis > to pull the letter back before he could uncover its contents.

In the process, the letter flew up into the air, causing a small commotion.

Before the situation could escalate further,


The door opened up with a sound

Just then, another stunning faculty member walked in. Her platinum hair flowed gracefully down her waist, and her glasses added to her mature appearance. She looked like a goddess among mortals, and I couldn’t help but admire her beauty.

It was Professor Angelica

‘Oh sh*t I nearly got a nosebleed’ I thought

I controlled myself or else I would’ve fainted

As I stared at Angelica, mesmerized, she stared back at me. A minute passed, which felt like an eternity as we stood in silence.



Then, she suddenly teleported in front of me and hugged me tightly. It was unexpected, and I could feel my bones almost crushing under her embrace.


Angelica and I turned towards the source of the sound and saw Prof Alistair standing there.

“You should know that I am also here,” he said with a hint of mischief in his voice.

We both blushed at being caught in such an intimate moment, and Angelica coughed to hide her embarrassment.

Prof Alistair took the opportunity to tease us further. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not like I can say something, can I?” he said sarcastically, which only made Angelica’s face turn redder.

As Angelica was lost in her thoughts, Prof Alistair made a quick escape. “Well, you guys can cuddle. I’ll be off,” he said with a smile.

Angelica’s gaze turned cold, and she said, “Well, why did I come here? Oh yes, Alistair, you have class to attend, and I don’t want to be your substitute, you know.”

Prof Alistair shivered at the sudden change in temperature and quickly turned around. “What do you mean? I was going to attend my class, you know. You know I like to teach my students very well,” he said in a rush before leaving the room.


As he made a swift exit, Angelica and I shared an awkward moment before she cleared her throat to regain her composure.

“H-Hey, Loid , how are you?” She awkwardly asked

“Fine as you can see” I said I showed up my hands which were still warped in bandages

And as I tried removing the bandages one by one

First the left one which was already in good condition

‘The one I fear is about my right hand’ I thought as I recalled what had happened back then

I couldn’t help but feel a mix of anxiety and hope. My right hand was the one that had suffered the most severe injuries

I shook my head

And started removing bandages from my right arm

As I removed it

braced myself for the worst as the bandages came off, but to my amazement, my hand looked almost as good as new. It was a miraculous recovery that left me in awe.


“Oh! Loid, your hand has finally gotten better, huh?” Prof Angelica cheerfully commented, her enthusiasm matching my sense of relief.

With newfound confidence, I proceeded to remove the bandages from my eye. However, my hands trembled slightly, causing me to hesitate. Understanding my apprehension, Prof Angelica offered to help, and I gratefully accepted.

She gently peeled away each layer of the bandage,

My heart pounded in my chest as the last bandage fell to the floor. I knew I had to face the reality of my injury, but a part of me was afraid of what I might see.

But I didn’t opened my eye yet and slowly approached the mirror, taking a deep breath to steady myself to get a clear look

With trembling hands, I opened my right eye, and as I gazed at my reflection, and…

The world turned Red

Epitome of Imagination

Epitome of Imagination

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: English
[PLAYING RECORD A62] After approximately five minutes... [END] [WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY THE NEXT RECORD? Y/N] "Yes" *Sigh* "It appears that both idiots have already departed," replied an enchanting woman with crimson hair. "But where is Grey?" *LICK She moistens her lips in anticipation. "It seems I must locate you," she said alluringly. "Miss Katherine, we have discovered Mister Silverstein in this particular record. Take a look," the secretary remarked. [PLAYING RECORD A63] While she was deep in thought, her gaze fell upon the playing record. "Oh, my." "Heheheh~" "I've found you," she said as her eyes gleamed with intense crimson. Displayed on the screen was a man with distinctive yet unremarkable features—lustrous gray hair complemented by his gray eyes—manipulating a vase without any visible means, as if possessing extraordinary abilities. His name was Grey. ------------------------- This story incorporates elements such as a system, statistics, skills, litrpg, swordplay, and magic in a world that combines medieval aesthetics with advanced technology. Author's Note: This marks my first foray into writing, so I kindly request your understanding and support. This novel is also available on 'Webnovel' & Scribblehub. Note: The artwork featured here does not belong to me. If it is your creation, please inform me so proper credit can be given.


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