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Interlude II: Profound Reunion

June 6 – 17:10

Helios Academy, Professor Angelica’s Residence, Eldoria

The weariness of the day’s events weighed heavily on me, evident in my tired voice. “I’m so tired,” I confessed, feeling the exhaustion from our recent arrival at Helios Academy from Hospital.

“Already tired, Loid? We’ve just arrived,” Professor Angelica remarked playfully. “I think you should start doing some exercise. I’ll assign you someone who is good with that later~”

I let out a halfhearted sigh. “Hah… Do whatever,” I replied, my weariness evident in my tone.

“How about you go ahead? I’ll put up my things in my room and see you later,” I suggested, hoping to get a moment to rest.

“Is that so? Do as you see fit then,” she agreed, allowing me the freedom to choose.

As I turned to head upstairs, her voice halted me. “By the way… Do you have any preferences for dinner?”

I paused and turned back to face her, surprised by the question. “You can cook?” I asked, genuinely curious about her culinary skills.

“Yes! I’m very confident in my cooking,” she responded proudly, placing a hand over her heart.

“O-Okay, sure then. I’ll leave that to you. And as for preferences… I like potatoes. Do you have those?” I asked, not entirely sure what to expect in this new world.

“Oh, potatoes? We sure do! Don’t you worry; I’ll make something special,” she assured me with confidence.

“Thanks… I’ll have to cook for you next time,” I said with a smile, already feeling a bit more at ease with her hospitality.

“Fine… now shoo away~ I have to cook,” she playfully waved me off, her attention turning to the impending meal.

“Alright,” I agreed, giving her the space she needed. I turned and headed upstairs.


The ascent of the stairs felt deliberate, each step giving me a moment to reflect. I finally reached the door that would serve as my temporary room.

‘After all, I can’t keep relying on Professor Angelica’s kindness every time, right?’ I thought, reminding myself of the need for independence.

With that in mind, I opened the door.


The door’s creaking marked my entrance. I closed it behind me, setting my bag down near the desk by the window. It was a simple room, but it would serve its purpose.

As I threw myself onto the bed, a sigh escaped me. I found myself reminiscing about the events of six months ago and beyond. The attempt on my life by Steve Reeds, the journey into the Miasma Realm, and the mysterious curse that had left me drained of energy and mana. The once-golden hue of my eyes had transformed into an unsettling shade of red, a visual reminder of the changes I’d undergone.


A yawn escaped my lips, a signal of my body’s fatigue. “And now, let’s see this,” I muttered to myself, retrieving a bracelet from my pocket. This was no ordinary bracelet; it emitted a soft blue light, indicating its activation. Slipping it onto my wrist, I chuckled softly and tapped it, conjuring a holographic display.

[Congratulations user! You have became an Ascended]

[All stats have been reset and have been corresponded to your rank]

[Skill Applications tab is now available!]


Name: Loid Kage

DOB: 5 November 1766

Affiliation:  Helios Academy 3rd year ???

                      Last Member of the Fallen Kage Clan


>QUESTS(?) (Unavailable)

>NAVIGATE (Unavailable)

>ACHIEVEMENTS (Unavailable)

STATS: [Tired (DEX & AGI slightly lowered)]

STR: D- ↑

DEF: D+ ↑

AGI: C- ↓

DEX: D- ↓

MP:  D+ ↑

???:  ?̶̙̟͉̣̒?̶̢̛̤͎̙̰̈̎́̊͋͜?̴̢̲̲͎̟͋̒̍

Overall Evaluation: Low Tier Ascended


Psychokinesis(Rank S) (CD NA): Upon consuming mana, the user gains the ability to move objects by mental effort alone

[Applications unlocked!]

  1. Psychokinetic shield: The user can create a barrier using mental prowess
  • If any hostile or Ill intent is found, the shield is activated automatically (once per day)

Sword mastery(Rank B-) (PASSIVE) : increases proficiency with swords

Umbrakinesis(Rank C+) (CD NA): Upon consuming mana, the user can manipulate shadows to blend in the darkness

[Applications unlocked!]

  1. Shadow Swiftness: Increases user’s speed drastically for a certain period of time

Intimidate(Rank B) (ACTIVE): Hostiles will feel slightly fearful towards you.

Doesn’t works on opponents stronger than you

Psychometry(Rank A) (ACTIVE): Upon consuming mana, the user gains the power to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person.

Doesn’t works on opponents stronger than you

[RESONATES WITH <Possession>]

Counter(Rank C+) (ACTIVE) (CD 3 min): Reflects 20% of damage received back to the target

Possession(Rank B+) (ACTIVE) (CD 20 min): The power to inhabit the bodies of other beings/entities. The user cannot possess beings stronger willed than himself

[RESONATES WITH <Psychometry>]

Calm Mind(Rank A) (ACTIVE) (CD 2MIN): The user can enter into or is always calm, serene and relaxed regardless of the situation(s) or what happens to themselves or to others around them.

Additional effects: Slightly recovers fatigue

Intuition(Rank EX)(PASSIVE): The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

Comprehension(Rank EX)(ACTIVE)(CD 5 min): Increases capacity to understand something and reduces the mental stress from it

Red Eye(Rank ???) : ???

???: A Fallen Divinity resides into your body

‘Oh, applications of skills have unlocked and I have become an Ascended? Huh… I don’t know how to feel about this, to be honest,’ I thought, a mixture of surprise and uncertainty swirling within me.


My weariness seemed to intensify, my body yearning for rest. “I guess let’s first sleep,” I mumbled to myself, realizing that a good night’s rest was perhaps the best way to clear my thoughts and make sense of this new reality.

I shifted on the bed, adjusting myself for comfort. The weight of recent events still lingered, but for now, I would allow sleep to wash over me, temporarily easing the concerns of this unfamiliar journey.


After 2 hours


*Knock *Knock

The sound of the knocks on my door startled me awake. “Loid, are you awake? If so, please come downstairs,” Professor Angelica’s voice called out.

I rubbed my eyes, still feeling the remnants of sleep clouding my mind. “I’ll be coming in a bit,” I responded loudly, ensuring she could hear me.

“Alright, but be fast,” she urged, her voice faintly audible through the door.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, feeling a sense of grogginess as I sat up. “Okay… I think I should wash my face at least,” I mumbled to myself, realizing the need to freshen up before facing the day.

I stood up and made my way to the washbasin, the cool touch of water awakening my senses. I lathered soap onto my hands and splashed water onto my face, cleansing away the remnants of sleep. With a sigh, I reached for a towel and gently patted my face dry.

‘Alright, I guess that’s all done. Now, let’s head downstairs,’ I thought to myself

As I descended the stairs, I couldn’t help but hear a familiar voice engaging in conversation.

“Oh, so that happened?”

“Yes, that’s what I was saying.”

“You’re talking a lot, huh, Angela?”

I reached the bottom of the staircase to find Angela and Professor Angelica engrossed in a discussion.

‘So they’re on friendly terms, huh? My intuition was right on the mark,’ I thought, observing their interaction.

“Oh!? Loid? When did you come here?” Angela’s voice suddenly broke through their conversation.

“Just a few seconds ago, I guess,” I replied with a casual shrug.

“Take a seat, Loid,” Professor Angelica urged, motioning toward a nearby chair.

“Alright,” I complied, settling into the seat indicated.

“Here’s your favorite—potatoes, Loid!” Professor Angelica announced with enthusiasm, presenting me with a plate of potatoes.

A genuine smile formed on my face. “Thanks, Professor Angelica,” I expressed my gratitude as she served me.

As I began to receive the plate, Angela’s voice interjected, curious about something. “Oh, Loid, what happened to your—”

“No talking while eating,” Professor Angelica interrupted with a slightly menacing tone.

A brief silence followed, broken only by the sound of us beginning to enjoy our meal.

Once we had all finished our meal, Angela picked up the thread of her previous question. “So… what happened to your eyes?”

“That’s rather rude, Angela. Isn’t that right, Loid?” Professor Angelica intervened on my behalf.

I found myself at a loss for words in this situation, caught between their exchange.

Seeing my hesitation, Professor Angelica chimed in with a teasing tone. “Is that the first thing you say to someone you’ve met for the first time in six months? No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend yet.”

“I-I don’t need a boyfriend. I can take care of myself,” Angela retorted, flustered by the implication.

Amidst their banter, Professor Angelica took a playful jab. “I see, I see. Then just be a virgin forever.”

Angela’s embarrassment reached its peak as she shot back, pointing her finger at Professor Angelica. “What the hell are you saying?! Aren’t you also a virgin? You haven’t had a boyfriend either.”

The unexpected counterattack left Professor Angelica momentarily speechless, granting Angela a victory in this particular verbal exchange.

“I won this match, Professor. Remember this day!” Angela chuckled victoriously.

“Okay, my bad—” Professor Angelica began apologizing, but Angela quickly interrupted her, redirecting her attention toward me.

Angela approached me, tilting her head to get a closer look at my eyes. “As I was saying… What happened to your eyes? They look so cool! I actually like red eyes, to be honest.”

Her scent seemed to envelop me again, and I instinctively backed away, unsettled by the sensation.

“W-What the hell are you doing?” I questioned, my voice tinged with a mix of confusion and flustered.

“I’m just curious. I wanted to see how your eyes look up close,” she explained, her tone slightly annoyed.

“Be a good boy and let me take a look,” she teased, her words accompanied by a chuckle.

“Get away from me!” I shouted, taking another step back in my unease.

“Whoa~ calm down~ You’re quite jumpy, like a cat,” she teased further.


A faint cough broke the tension, prompting both Angela and me to turn our attention toward the source.

“You know… you should stop flirting in front of me,” Professor Angelica interjected, her voice carrying a hint of annoyance. “For some reason, I’m finding it annoying too.”

“For some reason? Professor, do you—” Angela began to tease, but she abruptly halted as if sensing something ominous from Professor Angelica.


“Okay, I’ll stop now. Are you happy?” Angela clapped her hands in a resigned manner.


Professor Angelica let out a sigh and then addressed Angela, offering guidance. “Didn’t you want to catch up with Loid? Start with the important questions and save the rest for later.”

“R-Right? How could I forget that?” Angela admitted, turning her attention to me.

With their little exchange concluded, I realized it was time to share with Angela the events that had transpired in my life.

“Okay… Here’s what has happened so far.” I proceeded to recount the events, leaving out the details of the Miasma Realm intentionally, as I wasn’t well-versed in them yet. I would share those details once I had a better understanding.

As I narrated the events that had unfolded recently so far, a fleeting thought crossed my mind.

‘Speaking of the past… I wonder how Vale, Katherine, and Erica are doing? I hope they’re at least doing better than me,’ I mused inwardly, a faint chuckle escaping my lips.

Epitome of Imagination

Epitome of Imagination

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: English
[PLAYING RECORD A62] After approximately five minutes... [END] [WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY THE NEXT RECORD? Y/N] "Yes" *Sigh* "It appears that both idiots have already departed," replied an enchanting woman with crimson hair. "But where is Grey?" *LICK She moistens her lips in anticipation. "It seems I must locate you," she said alluringly. "Miss Katherine, we have discovered Mister Silverstein in this particular record. Take a look," the secretary remarked. [PLAYING RECORD A63] While she was deep in thought, her gaze fell upon the playing record. "Oh, my." "Heheheh~" "I've found you," she said as her eyes gleamed with intense crimson. Displayed on the screen was a man with distinctive yet unremarkable features—lustrous gray hair complemented by his gray eyes—manipulating a vase without any visible means, as if possessing extraordinary abilities. His name was Grey. ------------------------- This story incorporates elements such as a system, statistics, skills, litrpg, swordplay, and magic in a world that combines medieval aesthetics with advanced technology. Author's Note: This marks my first foray into writing, so I kindly request your understanding and support. This novel is also available on 'Webnovel' & Scribblehub. Note: The artwork featured here does not belong to me. If it is your creation, please inform me so proper credit can be given.


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