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A New Start [ACT II]



Tuesday, 22 November 1789 9:20am

Country: Eldoria 

Location: Helios Academy, Infirmary 


The door creaked open and slammed shut. A nurse entered the room and asked, “Mr. Kage, are your injuries alright now?”

“I think so,” I replied. “Can I be discharged?”

“Hmm… I guess so. Can you sign here?” She handed me a clipboard with a form attached.

I signed the form and stood up. “Thank you,” I said.

I left the room and walked down the hallway. The sun was shining brightly outside, and I took a deep breath of fresh air. I was finally free.

I walked out of the room and took a deep breath of fresh air. The hallway was clean and modern, with white walls and a polished floor. I walked towards the end of the hallway, but I stopped when I saw a window. I was curious to see what was outside, so I looked out the window.

I was amazed by what I saw. There was a beautiful landscape outside, with a small pond surrounded by trees. In the distance, I could see another building with the word “HELIOS” written on it. I stood there for a few minutes, just taking it all in.

After a while, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Angela, She was wearing a white military-style uniform like I saw her recently

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” she said.

I nodded. “It is,” I said.

“Congratulations on your recovery,” she said. “But shouldn’t you rest more?”

I sighed. “I know,” I said. “But I just wanted to see this.”

“I understand,” she said. “But you should still rest. You’ve been through a lot.”

I nodded. “I will,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “Now, come with me. I’ll show you where you’re staying.”

She turned and walked away, and I followed her. Her footsteps made a tip tap sound on the polished floor. I walked quickly so that I wouldn’t fall behind.

We walked down the hallway and turned a corner. Angela stopped in front of a door and opened it. “This is it,” she said.

I looked inside the room. It was small, but it was clean and comfortable. There was a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. A window looked out onto the same landscape that I had seen from the hallway.

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome,” she said. “I’ll be back later to check on you.”

She turned and walked away, and I closed the door behind her. I took a deep breath and looked around the room. I was finally home.

“So…? This is Loid’s room huh?”

“Didn’t expected it to be any flashy… but still it looks like he hasn’t visited his own room for many days”

Loid couldn’t help but be taken aback by the state of the room. He had expected simplicity, but the neglected appearance suggested that it had been left untouched for a significant period. As his eyes roamed the surroundings, they were inevitably drawn to the calendar hanging on the wall. The date displayed was 1789, a revelation that left him dumbfounded. The presence of steampunk contraptions and magical artifacts only added to the incredulity of the situation.


“How on earth…?” Loid’s mind raced as he grappled with the perplexing circumstances. He silently questioned the plausibility of it all, his thoughts filled with disbelief. “1789? It’s beyond comprehension. The coexistence of steampunk aesthetics and magic in the 18th century defies all logical explanations. Could this be some kind of elaborate illusion or an extraordinary twist of fate?”


Loid’s rationality kicked into overdrive as he attempted to find a reasonable explanation for the incongruities before him. He contemplated the possibility of being transported to an alternate dimension or ensnared in a complex ruse. The concept of time travel or parallel realities seemed far-fetched, yet the undeniable evidence in the room compelled him to consider them.


With his gaze fixed on the calendar, Loid’s curiosity swelled. Determined to uncover the truth behind this inexplicable situation, he felt an insatiable urge to delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the room and the peculiar time period it seemingly represented. 


Overwhelmed by the perplexing circumstances and the weight of exhaustion, Loid reluctantly set aside the enigma for the time being. Fatigue tugged at his weary limbs, reminding him of the need for rest. Suppressing his burning curiosity, he decided it was best to temporarily suspend his quest for answers and surrender to the embrace of sleep.


With a sigh, Loid moved towards the bed, its disheveled state mirroring the neglected condition of the room. He sank onto the mattress, his body yearning for the comfort it offered. As his eyes closed, the thoughts of the mysterious room and its anachronistic contents faded into the background, replaced by the allure of much-needed rest.


The mysteries of the room would have to wait until morning. With a deep breath and a sense of determination lingering in his mind, Loid allowed himself to succumb to the embrace of sleep, hopeful that the dawn would bring new clarity and the opportunity to unravel the inexplicable events that had brought him to this extraordinary time and place.



“What’s this?”




Name: Loid Kage

DOB: 26 December 1766

Affiliation:  ???

                   Helios Academy 





STR – E+ 

DEF – F+  

AGI – E+   

DEX – E+  

MP  – F+           



Psychokinesis(Rank S) (CD NA): Upon consuming mana, the user gains the ability to move objects by mental effort alone

Sword mastery(Rank C) (PASSIVE): 

increases proficiency with swords slightly

Umbrakinesis(Rank C+) (CD NA): Upon consuming mana, the user can slightly manipulate shadows to blend in the darkness 

Stealth(Rank C)(CD 5 min) (New!): An application of Umbrakinesis which will allows user to avoid detection 

Additional Effect: Slightly increases <AGI> stat upon activation

Intimidate(Rank B) (ACTIVE): Hostiles will feel slightly fearful towards you

Doesn’t works on opponents stronger than you  

Psychometry(Rank A) (ACTIVE): Upon consuming mana, the user gains the power to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person.

Counter(Rank C) (ACTIVE) (CD 10 min): Reflects 20% of damage received back to the target

Possession(Rank B+) (ACTIVE) (CD ???): The power to inhabit the bodies of other beings/entities.

The user cannot possess beings stronger willed than himself

CALM MIND(RANK A) (ACTIVE) (CD 2MIN): The user can enter into or is always calm, serene and relaxed regardless of the situation(s) or what happens to themselves or to others around them. 

ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: Slightly recovers fatigue 

INTUITION(RANK EX): The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning


‘Stats are the same as they are and there’s new skill..? And it’s stealth?’



“Well not now obviously as I’m gonna sleep”




Tuesday, 22 November 1789 5:00pm

Country: Eldoria 

Location: Helios Academy, Loid’s room



As I laid there in deep slumber, I was suddenly jolted awake by a persistent knocking on the door. A voice called out, “Hey, Loid! Do you wanna join me? I’ll also tour you across the academy.” Still groggy, I didn’t respond, and the knocking continued. Frustrated, Angela, my mischievous friend, decided to use another key she had for my room and unlocked the door.

To my surprise, Angela stood before me, her hand emitting an intense heat as she placed it on my cheek. The sensation was so intense that I shot up in bed, filled with terror. Confusion and fear coursed through me as I tried to comprehend what was happening.

“W-What’s happening?” I managed to stammer, my heart pounding in my chest.

Angela giggled, withdrawing her hand, seemingly amused by my reaction. “Good morning, sleepyhead! I thought I’d wake you up in a unique way. Did I scare you?”

Taking a moment to gather my senses, I realized that Angela had used her magical abilities to heat up her hand. A mix of relief and annoyance washed over me. “Angela, that wasn’t funny! You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Undeterred by my reaction, Angela laughed playfully. “Well, it worked, didn’t it? Anyway, I came to see if you wanted to explore the academy with me. Since you were sleeping like a log, I decided to let myself in.”

Glancing at the clock on my bedside table, I realized I had overslept. I sighed and rubbed my temples, still shaken by the abrupt awakening. “Alright, alright. I suppose I could use a tour of the academy. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up.”

With a clap of her hands, Angela’s excitement was contagious. “Perfect! I’ll wait for you outside. Don’t take too long, though. The academy is a fascinating place, and I don’t want you to miss out on anything.”

I nodded and made my way to the bathroom, splashing water on my face in an attempt to shake off the remnants of the fright. 

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of curiosity about what awaited me within the academy’s halls. Angela’s infectious enthusiasm had ignited a spark of anticipation within me, compelling me to embark on this adventure.

Once I was ready, I stepped out of my room to find Angela eagerly waiting, her smile radiating excitement. “Finally, you’re awake! Come on, let’s start our grand adventure.”

Together, we began our journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the academy.

Angela led the way, her familiarity with the place evident in her confident stride. As we passed classrooms filled with students absorbed in their studies, art galleries showcasing awe-inspiring masterpieces, and laboratories brimming with scientific marvels, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe.

Listening intently to Angela’s stories about legendary professors and the academy’s rich history, I absorbed every word, cherishing the magical world unfolding before me. Each step felt like a revelation, as if I were uncovering the secrets of an enchanting realm that had long been hidden from my sight.

We ventured into a grand library, where shelves stretched toward the heavens, housing a vast collection of books. Angela’s eyes glittered with excitement as she pointed out sections dedicated to ancient spells, mythical creatures, and enchanted artifacts. The sheer magnitude of knowledge contained within those pages astounded me, and I felt a thirst for understanding awaken within me.

I took some books with me which were some history books as I didn’t know anything about this world 

As we continued our exploration, Angela’s infectious enthusiasm kept my spirits high. The academy had become a tapestry of wonder, waiting to be.

After our exploration had come to an end, we sat down on a nearby bench. Angela then stood up and pulled out a coin from her pocket. She began walking towards a machine that appeared to be a vending machine.

My thoughts raced as I realized that this world possessed modern elements such as firearms, syringes, and medications that I had previously witnessed.

“Do you need one?” She said as she bought another can of juice for me and sat on the bench 


I quickly consumed the drink and found that its taste was quite unfamiliar to me, similar to trying a new type of fruit. Fueled by curiosity, I inquired about the contents of the beverage.

“What kind of juice is this?” I asked Angela.

She responded with “Fairy’s Fuzz.”

The name caught me off guard, causing me to furrow my eyebrows in confusion. A fairy? It seemed too surreal to believe.

Feeling at a loss for words, I opted to remain silent and took a moment to catch my breath after finishing the drink.

After drinking that…

I noticed a woman approaching us. 

Like Angela and Prof Angelica, she was strikingly beautiful, adorned in a shimmering white uniform that accentuated her silver hair and red eyes. 

As I shifted my gaze towards her waist, I couldn’t help but notice the elegant rapier at her side which was also adorned with silver color with a striking red gem on its guard

As I observed the situation, Angela nudged me, and I realized that my behavior had been rude.

I apologized by saying, “I’m sorry.”

The woman opened her eyes but stayed silent and turned towards Angela.

She asked, “Hey, Angela, can you take a walk with me for a moment?” 

“Sure but I’m with him now, I guess we can walk later” she said as she gestured towards me with the thumb 

The silver-haired woman’s expression suddenly turned cold, and she exclaimed, “It’s urgent.”

Angela reluctantly agreed, turning towards me and saying, 

“I’m sorry, Loid, but I think we have to part ways now. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!” I waved goodbye, feeling a bit disappointed.

So, I decided to explore the bookstore on my own. As I stood up with my pile of books, I accidentally bumped into someone, causing both of us to say, “Ouch.” The person offered their hand, asking if I was okay, and helped me stand up.

Upon looking at him closely, I realized that he bore a striking resemblance to Edward.


Epitome of Imagination

Epitome of Imagination

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: English
[PLAYING RECORD A62] After approximately five minutes... [END] [WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY THE NEXT RECORD? Y/N] "Yes" *Sigh* "It appears that both idiots have already departed," replied an enchanting woman with crimson hair. "But where is Grey?" *LICK She moistens her lips in anticipation. "It seems I must locate you," she said alluringly. "Miss Katherine, we have discovered Mister Silverstein in this particular record. Take a look," the secretary remarked. [PLAYING RECORD A63] While she was deep in thought, her gaze fell upon the playing record. "Oh, my." "Heheheh~" "I've found you," she said as her eyes gleamed with intense crimson. Displayed on the screen was a man with distinctive yet unremarkable features—lustrous gray hair complemented by his gray eyes—manipulating a vase without any visible means, as if possessing extraordinary abilities. His name was Grey. ------------------------- This story incorporates elements such as a system, statistics, skills, litrpg, swordplay, and magic in a world that combines medieval aesthetics with advanced technology. Author's Note: This marks my first foray into writing, so I kindly request your understanding and support. This novel is also available on 'Webnovel' & Scribblehub. Note: The artwork featured here does not belong to me. If it is your creation, please inform me so proper credit can be given.


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