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Unveiling Truths

Unveiling Truths

Still there was no betterment  in her mother condition. ” yoojin and joon- ah , i am going to buy some fruits take care of everything here”Hanuel stepped out to buy some fresh fruits for her mother. The weight of recent events hung in the air, and she welcomed the opportunity for a moment of solitude.

When she returned with a bag of fruits in hand, her steps faltered as she saw a familiar figure standing by her family in the hospital room. Kang Eun Woo was there, his presence a surprising twist in the day’s unfolding narrative. She exchanged a glance with Yoojin, who raised an eyebrow in silent question.

Hanuel approached, a mix of curiosity and confusion swirling within her. “Eun Woo, when did you arrive?”

Yoojin, who had been chatting with Eun Woo, answered with a playful grin, “Right after you left. Perfect timing, huh?”

Hanuel’s gaze shifted to Eun Woo, her curiosity piqued. “And why are you here?”

Eun Woo’s gaze held a mix of sincerity and determination. “You didn’t tell me anything, Hanuel. I had to come and see for myself. give me the reports”

Hanuel’s eyes widened, realizing what he was referring to. “The medical report? It’s not here yet.”

Eun Woo’s expression remained composed. He turned to his secretary, Min Jung, and said, “Get the report, Min Jung.”

As Min Jung nodded and left the room, Hanuel’s parents and younger brother exchanged puzzled glances. Her mother’s condition had brought them together in a time of uncertainty, and the unexpected presence of a stranger only deepened the mystery.

Minho Kim finally spoke up, his voice cautious. “And who might you be?”

Eun Woo extended his hand with a warm smile. “I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I’m Kang Eun Woo. Hanuel’s boyfriend.”

Silence settled over the room like a heavy cloud. Hanuel’s eyes widened, and she exchanged a shocked glance with Yoojin. Her parents and Joon-Ho her brother were equally taken aback by the revelation.

Eun Woo’s words hung in the air, and Hanuel felt a mixture of astonishment and disbelief. ” eunwoo , can you come here for a bit?”She led him outside the room, her heart racing.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, her voice a mix of confusion and urgency.

Eun Woo met her gaze, his eyes steady. “I realized that the truth needs to come out sooner or later. It’s time they knew about us.”

Hanuel hesitated, her mind racing to catch up with the rapid turn of events. “But why now?”

Eun Woo’s voice held a touch of sincerity. “Because you didn’t tell me about the report, Hanuel. I needed to understand the gravity of the situation.”

Just then, Min Jung returned with the medical report in hand. Eun Woo took it and reviewed it briefly before nodding to Hanuel. “It’s serious.”

Hanuel’s heart clenched, the weight of reality settling over her. She returned to the room with Eun Woo, who handed the report to her parents. As they read it, their expressions shifted from concern to realization.

Hanuel’s mother spoke up, her voice filled with gratitude. “Thank you for being here, Mr. Kang.”

Eun Woo’s response was heartfelt. “Please, call me Eun Woo. And it’s not necessary to thank me.”

As the room filled with a sense of unity, Hanuel’s gaze met Yoojin’s. There was a silent understanding between them, a bond that went beyond words. While everyone’s attention was focused on Eun Woo, Hanuel and Yoojin slipped away to a corner of the room.

“What do we do now?” Yoojin whispered.

Hanuel hesitated, her heart torn between the truth and the complexities of the situation. “I think… it might be best if they know we’re getting married for real.”

Yoojin’s eyes widened, her surprise evident. “But… you’re just agreeing to a contract, right?”

Hanuel nodded, her gaze steady. “Yes, but considering my mother’s condition and the support Eun Woo is offering, it might make things easier for them.”

minjung who was listening to them setting his glasses with his hand. yoojin glared at him” so you also know?”

” ahem everything” min jung saying it like it is a proud thing.

As Hanuel and Yoojin returned to the group, Eun Woo “this place is so noisy we need to further conversation” addressed the staff, instructing them ” shift this patient to a VIP ward”. Everyone was shocked by his generosity, and Hanuel felt a mixture of gratitude and humility.

yoojin while taking bite of apple ” why he is doing so much”

min jung” tell me also , why?”

Eun Woo turned to Hanuel’s parents, his tone sincere. “Mom and Dad, there’s something I’d like to tell you. Hanuel and I are thinking of getting married.”

A stunned silence settled over the room, and Hanuel exchanged a wide-eyed glance with Yoojin. yoojin hit the minjung’s back in shock. She hadn’t expected Eun Woo to reveal their plan in this manner. Her parents, Joon-Ho, and Yoojin were all taken aback, their expressions a mix of shock and surprise.

Her mother’s eyes welled with tears, and her father managed a weak smile. “Thank you, Eun Woo. But this suddenly.”

hanuel” why are you doing this?”

Eun Woo’s gaze held a depth of sincerity. He took Hanuel’s mother’s hand gently, his touch a blend of comfort and compassion. “It’s not just about doing something. She’s my mother too. We’re in this together. now you all are in problem, how can i left you alone”.

he stand up and explained further” we will not held a ceremony now, just seeing the situation right now its best we will settle it first. for now we will get marriage certificate”

Tears streamed down Hanuel’s mother’s face, and she exchanged a tearful glance with her husband. The weight of the moment was heavy, and Hanuel felt a mixture of emotions swirling within her.

As the room buzzed with conversation and emotions, Hanuel’s gaze met Yoojin’s again. There was a shared understanding between them, a realization that the journey ahead would be full of surprises and challenges.

minjung suggest ” i think we all first talk about shop condition”

eunwoo ” yeah i would like to talk about some sugesstion”

Meanwhile, as the Kims absorbed the revelation, a subtle chemistry began to unfold between Yoojin and Min Jung. Their glances lingered a little longer, their smiles a bit warmer. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, a new connection was forming, one that held the promise of its own unexpected twists and turns.

after that all male party went outside to talk about buisness.

Betrothed to A Devil

Betrothed to A Devil

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
"BETROTHED to A DEVIL " KIM HANEUL, a compassionate young woman, faces the impending collapse of her family's bakery, a cherished establishment steeped in generations of tradition. Desperate to save her parents' legacy, HANEUL finds herself at a charity gala, where a chance encounter with the billionaire, KANG EUN WOO, sets in motion a series of events that will forever alter the course of their lives. EUN WOO, is known in the business world as a ruthless "devil," proposes a contract marriage to HANEUL. He promises to invest in her family's bakery and secure its future in exchange for her hand in marriage—strictly a business arrangement, he insists. Despite reservations, HANEUL's sense of duty to her family drives her to accept EUN WOO's proposition. But why was he interested in her in the first place? she couldn't understand. Amidst a backdrop of opulence and deceit, HANUEL and EUNWOO find themselves drawn to one another, their connection growing stronger with each passing day. she discovers EUN WOO 's vulnerable side, learning about the traumas that transformed him into the man he is. The walls he built around his heart slowly crumble as he confronts his past and seeks redemption. However, as she becomes entangled in his world, she uncovers hidden clauses in their contract that grant him more power than she initially realized. she got to know his secret what he actually is Hurt and betrayed, she confronts him, leading to heated arguments and moments of passion. they confront their own demons and insecurities, battling against the expectations of society, their families, and the consequences of their contract.


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