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A Glimpse of Feelings

A Glimpse of Feelings

SILLY me still remembering this. —one that had long been buried beneath the sands of time.

It was a warm spring afternoon, and the campus was abuzz with activity. i had just finished my culinary class, my apron still splattered with flour as i headed towards the garden to catch a breath of fresh air. Unbeknownst to me, maybe he had left his business lecture early, seeking solace amidst the beauty of the same garden. i sat carelessly with my legs open sighing loudly

our paths crossed unexpectedly near a bed of blooming roses. i was engrossed in adjusting the strap of her bag , and my old bad habit walking without seeing forward, almost bumped into Eun Woo, who was engrossed in his thoughts.

“Sorry,” i was muttering slowly looking up and my tongue got stuck when my eyes meeting his. i still remember how his grey eyes was shining as light was from side falling upon his face . his demeanor was full definition of glamour.

his lips curved into a smile, his gaze holding mine for a moment longer than was customary.  “No worries. ” in a heavy manner yet like velvet .his eyes scanning me from up and down i felt somewhat tickling in my stomach then again with his god like voice” you look like you are in hurry pointing to my flour filled apron”

“yeah , something came up” i was so embarrassed like i have never before______ wish i could hide.

As they parted ways, something shifted within both of them. The connection was fleeting, but it left an impression—an impression that would echo through their memories for years to come.

Over time, our paths crossed again in the library, at college events, and even during random encounters in the city. Each time, our conversations were brief yet filled with an underlying tension, between these he introduced himself “eunwoo”—an unspoken understanding that went beyond casual acquaintances. he also helped me having connection with senior to ease my work during events.

One evening, as the sun began to set, i was studying alone in the library like i always do. i was poring over mine notes, unaware that Eun Woo had taken a seat a few tables away. Glancing up, our eyes met again, and this time, it wasn’t a passing glance but a lingering connection that left them both breathless. he was already staring at me when i looked up.

Feeling a surge of courage,i could see his expression he rose from his seat and approached my table. “Hanuel, right?”

i looked up, with a surprised to myself i was smiling tugging at my lips. “Yes, that’s me.”

Eun Woo gestured towards the empty seat across from me. “Do you mind if I join you?”

my heart was  racing,  stomach fluttering with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. “Not at all.” now i noticed he piercing_________one of my fav<<

As we sat there, surrounded by the hushed ambiance of the library, we engaged in a conversation that flowed effortlessly. i was feeling something yet comfortable too. we talked about our aspirations, our favorite books, and even shared a few childhood anecdotes that made us laugh.

As the library’s closing time neared, Eun Woo reluctantly rose from his seat. “I should probably let you get back to your studies.”

i nodded with a warmth my eyes. “Thank you for the company. It’s been a nice break.”

Eun Woo’s voice held a touch of sincerity. “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

we even exchanged contact information, our smiles lingering as we parted ways.


hanuel muttering to herself with little in her eyes “I am curious if he still know that anecdotes”

In the past days that followed, their interactions remained friendly yet charged with an unspoken energy—a connection that had ignited between them, waiting to be explored.

As Hanuel reminisced about those college days, she realized that the bond they were building now had roots that went deeper than the contract that bound them. There had been a time when their hearts had fluttered in each other’s presence, and that spark of emotion was now rekindling, stronger than ever.

Little did they know that the memories of those fleeting moments would resurface in the days ahead, becoming a catalyst for the emotions they were beginning to feel for each other.

Betrothed to A Devil

Betrothed to A Devil

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
"BETROTHED to A DEVIL " KIM HANEUL, a compassionate young woman, faces the impending collapse of her family's bakery, a cherished establishment steeped in generations of tradition. Desperate to save her parents' legacy, HANEUL finds herself at a charity gala, where a chance encounter with the billionaire, KANG EUN WOO, sets in motion a series of events that will forever alter the course of their lives. EUN WOO, is known in the business world as a ruthless "devil," proposes a contract marriage to HANEUL. He promises to invest in her family's bakery and secure its future in exchange for her hand in marriage—strictly a business arrangement, he insists. Despite reservations, HANEUL's sense of duty to her family drives her to accept EUN WOO's proposition. But why was he interested in her in the first place? she couldn't understand. Amidst a backdrop of opulence and deceit, HANUEL and EUNWOO find themselves drawn to one another, their connection growing stronger with each passing day. she discovers EUN WOO 's vulnerable side, learning about the traumas that transformed him into the man he is. The walls he built around his heart slowly crumble as he confronts his past and seeks redemption. However, as she becomes entangled in his world, she uncovers hidden clauses in their contract that grant him more power than she initially realized. she got to know his secret what he actually is Hurt and betrayed, she confronts him, leading to heated arguments and moments of passion. they confront their own demons and insecurities, battling against the expectations of society, their families, and the consequences of their contract.


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